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  1. blueeye

    The last first

    Nick, I'm so sorry. I understand...I was at my niece's 4th birthday party yesterday and just kept wishing my Mom and Dad were there. Your little girl is absolutely beautiful.
  2. Hey Judy! Glad to see you are having fun but taking it easy to recharge too! It's been a rainy yucky weekend here! I'm still working on my quilt. Maybe I'll post some pictures after I have the top together. Hope everyone has a good night!!
  3. blueeye


    WOW...that gave me chills. I am so glad that you got that message. Leslie
  4. Hey Y'all, what happened to the air?? It's COLD down here!! But I ain't complaining cause I know some of you guys would LOVE 21 degrees! And I also get to wear one of my sweatshirts that I rarely get to wear. Hope you all have a good day!
  5. Oh man! How can they do that!!??! You go get 'em girl! In our county, my Mom had to refile the property in only her name at the courthouse after my Dad died. Even though he left it "right of survivorship". We had to get a lawyer too.
  6. Thanks guys. I knew someone on here would "get it". I was actually shocked on Monday when I saw the date was 2/2...as if I felt it in my core what that day meant.
  7. Happy B-lated B-day Judy! I'm sorry I missed it yesterday. Yesterday would have been my Grandmother's b-day too! Hope you had a good day! Leslie
  8. blueeye

    Still waiting

    I get it too Dana and I'm sorry. I was going through the motions at first too and I thought I was doing OK. But I really wasn't. You do get better, and you stop trying to call her...but I still have tears. I teared up at my quilt class because Mom would have loved the long arm quilting machine. And I often tear up at Wal-Mart...she loved that store. Anytime I see a little white haired older lady I wonder what my Mom would have looked like if she had made it. Hugs to you, May we all find peace. Leslie
  9. Today was the two year anniversary of diagnosis day for my Mom. Why can't I forget those days? It was a bad day. And I was in a funk all day today thinking about what happened after our initial trip to the ER. Such painful memories.
  10. Hey Y'all! I didn't get to stay home from work...but my supervisor was off today. That's always nice! Hey Lynn, what's your boy doing coming up here to kill our deer? Where was he?
  11. Morning everyone! And Happy February to you all!! Denise, that sounds like it sure hurts!!! Good thing you had such a hard head! Hope you feel better today, but I somehow doubt it. I imagine a wound like that will hurt for a little while. Hope everyone has a good day!
  12. Morning Y'all. I'm gonna try to NOT load the couch! LOL! I have my quiltng class today and then I don't know what else. It's pretty cold here but certainly not -40....maybe about 32. Everyone stay warm and have a good day! Leslie
  13. Ah Judy the slug....are you dressed yet? I have been wondering about Sandra. Has anyone heard from her since her procedure?
  14. Morning everyone! IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! And I have the day off! Whoo Hooo! I just finished my quilting homework. I made a boo-boo and I'm just going with it. I am OK that it's not perfect...I really am. But the next one will be. LOL Am going to go putter outside today and then take some of Mom's pants to a consignment shop. Hope everyone has a good day! P.S. Judy--don't over do it loading up the coach!
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