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  1. Good evening all. We hit the 40's today I almost went for a swim in the lake. lol. It needs to be at least 85 before you catch me there. I need to catch up on the weekend posts. Just a quick post to say hi. Real busy monday home at 5:30 and leaving in ten minutes. Judy in KW a warm welcome back, I missed you and thank you for your post on my results page I bet you are real tired and did way too much while you were gone. Just take a few days to relax everything at home can wait. Trust me it will all be there for you. It will not have legs and walk away. Annette I will take some of your stress for you. I wish you did not have so much on your plate and then to have to go to work and act like everything is just wondersul, stinks.... I can relate to that. Work probably does help you keep you mind off things. Hey I want to watch stupid televsion too!! Hopefully I will find time one night. Survivor is on Wenesday that will be my night. Have a good night all. Liibby
  2. Stephanie, I am writing down the name or I will forget. LOL I can remember anything to do with numbers but not names. Your power of deductions was correct. Tax season does get trying although I only do it part-time out of my house I also work another job in the day. I lose a lot of personal time through April. Plus the stress of test time equals Linda MIA.
  3. Hi everyone it is another sizzling day here at 38 degrees. I just can't take this weather anymore. What am I doing here? I was thinking maybe the cookie monster ate Katie B. post Weird but it is not the first time this has happened. Technology has a mind of it's own. Annette you must have gotten a good stomach workout with all that laughing last night. Hopefully you had a couple of drinks so even if they were not that funny you still laughed Glad you kept you mind occupied for a little bit anyways. I was just watching all this crazy stuff in Japan, very frightening. Aso glad to hear that NED is ok. My daughter told me that several kids from her school are on a band trip in Tokoyo right now, but she did hear they are ok. Bud hope you have a good time fishing this weekend. My daughter has solo ensemble this weekend and is trying out for state with several different solo songs and a small group also. Hopefully she or they will make state. That is where my Saturday will be, in a school building waiting our turn (8 hours) what a long day it will be. I will need a nap after that or maybe a drink! Not doing much other then cleaning this weekend and thinking about somewhere warmer to visit... Judy in MI, sorry your not feeling so well today. But yet you just keep moving along. What an inspiration you are. As sick as you feel you are still there to help others. You are WONDERFUL... Well need to go to a clients and then run some errands. TGIF. Hey Bruce where are you????? Libby
  4. Good afternoon it is currently a sizzling 39 degrees!! I am at work, can you tell..lol. Becky I watch kitchen nigtmares also, I am not sure why, when I go out and eat I am constantly checking everything. If I could go in the kitchen and check that before I ordered I would, most of the time I would probably have to leave after seeig the kitchen. The show does not do much for the appetite, but it is entertaining for a laugh and a shrug of the shoulders. Judy in MI I am glad that you are starting to feel better. You need to get some more food in that tummy. Annette, yes sure is very quiet. I hope your Mom gets out of the hospital soon and you get her laundry done first..lol I may go to the gym today so I will do a work out for you today Well got to get back to work. Friday for me, yeah. Libby
  5. Annette it seems so lonely around here, where has everyone gone. Just recieved 6 inches of sleet/snow. I am hating winter right now..... Oh I love all the stories. Snowflake (Stephanie I think, although I try not to think too ofen) your car story is too funny. Bud it is difficult to work in a nursing home especially if you have a lot of compassion and are working with people who don't. Love the shower story and it is very true the men want a female to shower them. That is how my husband Dad was and his Uncle. Too Funny. You are going to remember that I can tell. Tell Rose good luck with her new career. Best wishes. My results came back today. YEAH NED. No changes and everything looks good. Oh thank god. Went I left work today to go to my appointmnet I felt like I was on my way to my own funeral. If was a horrible feeling. I am in much better spirits now. Well got to get back to finishing this tax return I am working on before I fall asleep. I will check in tomorrow morning. Libby
  6. Libby

    Tuesday's Air

    OMG Annette that post Bud manage to put up had me rolling. I just loved it. I needed a good laugh. Thank you Bud for all your efforts:) I have to figure out how to save it so I can send it to some friends. Good night all. Libby
  7. Good Morning, It is 31 degrees here in Green Bay. Suppose to get 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow. I am just sitting here at the hospital waiting for my CT scan. I am drinking my two drinks for the test and wishing to god they could just put some alcohol in them!! It would make the waiting so much easier plus there drinks taste awful. Drink number two is coming soon, ugghh. LOL Ann sorry to hear about your house problems, sounds like you have been very busy also. Annette and Stephanie I always enjoy reading your posts you both always put a smile on my face. I am still clearing out the cobwebs in my brain. I think my chemo brain is here to stay. Judy in MI how is the weather by you is it showing any signs of spring? We are getting days now that hit mid 30's so I think it will be here soon. Thank god. How is the cycling going Bud? Are you getting a lot of mile puts in again after this crazy winter? Well everyone keep their fingers and toes crossed for good results tomorrow. I am feeling very worried about it. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have something to worry about. Gosh I still think they need some alcohol in these CT scan drinks! Have a great day all. Libby
  8. Hi everyone, Annette I have my fingers crossed for your test and timely results thank god! I get my scan tomorrow and results Wed so I am freaking out. Hey what is life without some challenges. LOL. I am with you, if it is bad I would rather wait until the Summer is over. LOL No exercise today I am too lazy. Sorry Annette... Maybe you could do some walking for me or lift some empty potatoa sacks I feel like I have been gone forever. I don't really like that feeling. Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of weeks I tend to get very withdrawn when things become too much. Judy in MI I hope you are doing ok. Hugs. Yes Bud I do tax returns during the season. Sure wish I would have advertised some more. But maybe with all this going on in my life it is for the best. I am working late today and have a tax return tonight so being busy right now is good for me. I see Eric made the front page, you are a star again! Katie I hope your little girl gets better soon. Lots of hugs for her. Well got to go for now. Will check back when I get home. Libby
  9. Hi all temperature is 35 degrees, I am still alive and kicking. Can't say motivated, but trying to be. Sorry I have been gone. Going through a lot issues and not dealing with them well at all. Hubby and I have lose 30% of income between the two of us and don’t know if either of us will have jobs soon. My husband works for the State of WI and if everyone has been watching the news working as a union employee at a State University right now looks grim. I go for my scan on Tuesday and Dr. on Wednesday so hopefully I can get some comfort with good results. I sure hope we don't lose our health insurance; we can't afford the $1,800 Cobra payment through the State of WI. I may just have to take some risks. Been busy working my regular job and doing tax returns out of the house. I am seeing numbers in my sleep. How is the exercise team doing? Or how are we not doing? Got to go for now. I will try and catch up and read the last week of posts. Hope I can be a speed reader. Libby
  10. Good afternoon everyone, It is currently 7 degrees, yeah it is above -0-. Pretty sad when 7 degrees is warm. Bud so sorry we put you through two posts yesterday:( I usually go back on to make sure no one posted during or right after, but I didn't. Good luck to Rose and her new career. Just getting her foot in the door works well. Gives you the experience and reference to move on. Ann, we drove Bud nuts yesterday with two posts now today. LOL too funny. Sorry Bud! Happy Friday. Annette sure hope you mom is ok. Hope the attorney calls you back. Maybe you should get some legal note from the hospital to take to court verifying where she is. I think a couple of cocktails tonight will do the trick. I am going to the gym this afternoon after I finish up a client. I will do a couple of steps/sit ups for you:) I have no potatoe sacks. Eric I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that Sally will do well. Glad she did return to work. Got to go for now. Hi Judy in KW and Judy in MI. I will check back later:) Libby
  11. Libby

    Better late...

    Becky, This is late too "Congrats"
  12. So sorry to hear this. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Think positive and keep us posted. Libby
  13. Thank you Donna for the info. I will look for it on the Internet. I missed it on TV Libby
  14. Differences - How I feel about myself. I have somehow lost my self-confidence. Not sure if that is due to the fear of the unknown future. My relationships at home seem to be changing and I am finding out that I need to be happy and enjoy myself. Appreciate what I have, not what I could of had. I am learning to do things I enjoy. So there are some positives. Challenges - Always worrying about if the cancer comes back. I have a hard time dealing with the discrimination that comes along with lung cancer. Medical insurance is a big issue for most, I also feel career wise I am done and treated differently. I feel like people look at you as a liability instead of an asset. I have many years to work yet and feel like maybe my career is over. Another issue is my emotions/worrying run high and it does not take me much to stress out. Other than that everything is just wonderful. LOL Libby
  15. Good morning everyone, It has been a couple of days since I have been on, five to be exact. It is currently -10 degrees and I don’t think it is going to warm up any. I leave for work shortly so wanted to post something real quick. “We are Superbowl Champions.” Bud must have been very difficult for your area to deal with the temps. I didn’t even think it ever got that cold or even snowed a couple of inches. Good lord what is going on around here? LOL I reviewed posts since Saturday last nightly very briefly and laughed my butt off. Annette and Becky are throwing dollars at Bruce as he runs around pant less in his cage! Eric has offered to loan Bruce his tutu? Judy in MI has decided to us hormone cream as toothpaste. Judy in KW thinks she paid for her parking spot! Eric can’t find his car. And last but not least we are exercising with empty potatoes sacks. You guys had me rolling. Annette, yes the funny ring noise is the phone!!! LOL Judy in MI I am praying for NED results on the 18th. Very cold here today I hate even leaving the house but have no choice. I had enough of winter. Bud I bet you’re getting a little stir crazy not cycling into work. Judy in KW I am so glad that you had such a good time with your friend Gail. Eric can’t wait for you to visit glad you have your trip planned out. Forget getting any kind of medical coverage here in the U.S. if you are sick you are discriminated against, they will throw you to the wolves!!!!. Pretty pathetic! Hope everyone has a great day. Libby
  16. Good morning everyone, It is 17 degrees and sunny and I am very grateful that we just missed that storm that hit Judy in MI. Hope your ok and not stuck. Just 40 miles south of us they got 19 inches of snow and then Chicago received 24 inches. I can’t even imagine what that would be like. Ann, 80F, you got to be kidding!!! Sorry to hear about you computer at work crashing, this was not the time of year for that. Glad you got you 1099 out. Judy KW Happy Happy belated birthday. I did read you were going to eat at a Thai restaurant. What did you have and was it good. Don't ask about the exercise and how it is going! It’s not going and I am with Annette depending on Bud! Annette, sorry that they are expecting you to work at work, the nerve of them. LOL You and Ginny better pick out some colors for Bruce and his llama as our team mascot. I read you have a sinus infection, start taking the meds ASAP, that can really drag you down. I use to get them all the time non-stop, I finally had surgery and now I only get it once a year, thank god. Hope your tummy will be ok from the meds Bud, my boss arrived in Dallas yesterday for the Superbowl game and it is like they never left here, 17 degrees. They took a chartered jet directly from here so at least they were able to get there. How far are you from Dallas? They just got a couple of inches of snow yesterday. I just can’t believe it. Dallas is on our news everyday now, beings we are in the Superbowl all our reporters are there. I sure hope your weather improves I know you hate driving to work. Five miles an hour to get up a hill (OMG what are they thinking)! GO Packers GO. This town is going to be one big party Sunday, and then if they win our homecoming parade will be chaos. I think we even close schools, crazy isn't it? Trying to do green/gold colors, bet it didn’t work. Oh well, hopefully we are all colorblind! Everyone have a great afternoon I am going to get my nails done today and buy a Packers Jersey, not sure if I am brave enough to go to the pro shop at the stadium or just the mall. Please excuse my bad grammar. Thank you. Libby
  17. Good morning all, It is 17 degrees and we were spared the worse part of the storm. Only couple of inches, no freezing rain. Hope everyone got home ok yesterday and gets to work ok today. Didn’t exercise Monday or Tuesday and Bud is unable to. Who is going to step up to the plate? Count me out today will have another long day without any time:( I was reading yesterdays posts last night and was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. Well Annette I want to cast my vote about Team EVTB, I vote Bruce in his Jimmy Buffett shirt, shorts and flip flops riding his llama be our official team mascot. LOL Linda I could just picture that! I was reading the discussion about calling around and shopping I guess shopping for fishing gear in that way would be like us women shopping for clothing on the phone. Who would ever think!! I thought as long as the fishing pole had one of those spinning things on it, it was good enough. Judy in MI I hope you weathered the storm ok. I am glad to hear you can stay home nice and warm and not worry about going out anywhere. Stephanie I am thinking about you and praying you have no horrible side effects. Hope your feeling good. Judy in KW sure hope you are doing ok, sorry to hear about you work out set, oh well Bud better cycle further for the team! Hope you get more organized soon. That is like a life time project in my house and I never seem to get there! Bruce did you get those flip flops yet? Now don’t make that llama angry! Well got to get ready to leave for work. I pray I will be able to check back earlier. I am always on so late:( by the way working is way overrated...) Libby
  18. Cindy, I have been thinking about getting genetic testing done also. Mainly because my Father died on esophageal cancer at age 69 (non smoker, non drinker), his mother died of lung cancer in her your 60's I was only 2 years old and now I have lung cancer. I am deeply concerned for my daughter. So if there is a chance they could determine whether she has a hereditary gene and she could be watched closely then I feel for me it would be beneficial to have it done. I am going to talk to my Onc. when I go in March. It is a personal decision whether you get the testing done. I am the same as you and become unfunctional at times with the anxiety, so I can really relate to not wanting to go through that. Libby
  19. Congrats on 3 years NED That is something to celebrate. Libby
  20. Hi All, It is a warm 10F degrees today. Boy I am so excited about that Just lollygagging around doing nothing this morning. I need to get moving but having a hard time doing so. Going to try and head out for some exercise and food shopping, maybe that will help. Went to the movies last night with my daughter and seen "Rite" with Anthony Hopkins, scared the heck out of me. LOL. Missed a couple of days, so now trying to go back and read what I missed. I hate not knowing what is going on. Eric I hope you get the retirement package you want that is if you want to retire yet. You sound a little unsure. Annette I am glad you are starting to feel much better. It seems like us lung cancer patients have a harder time kicking these colds/flu. Bet you will not go north anytime soon. Thinking about going to New Jersey in March to visit family, hope all that snow will be over by then. Everyone enjoy whatever is left of your weekend. I can't even say the word of what tomorrow is!!! Libby
  21. Libby

    Five Years Out

    Great news. Celebrate. That is a big milestone. Libby
  22. Good afternoon all, Still a warm up here, 25 degrees right now. Suppose to get a couple of inches of snow tomorrow. Can hardly wait! Annette I sure hope you are ok, it is no fun falling on the ice. I have fallen twice this season; it couldn’t be the 5" heels I am running around in. I also drove through the shed this fall on the mower and backed into a pole around Christmas time, so I win the embarrassment award. LOL. Judy in Kw glad to here you were able to get on the web site. My computer is moving very slow right now and I feel like throwing it out the window. I am doing a copy just in case this gets lost. I set up my treadmill at home. Now I just have to use it. LOL Bud glad to here your weather warms up during the day. Eric yes the exercise is good, but the hardest part for me is getting off the chair and getting motivated to do the exercise. So lets's join the "hard to get off the chair club!!" Linda I am glad to here you made the drive with your son to school safely. Ann also glad to here you were spared with the crazy weather there. Tornadoes are very frightening. Yes Judy in MI, our temperatures mean just what you said “snow and more snow”. My sister lives in New Jersey I am going to call tonight. They got so much snow again. Have a good evening all, hope I didn’t forget anyone. Libby
  23. Oops forgot hi Katie B. Sounds like you have a lot going on. Maybe too much. Have a great day.
  24. Hi good morning all, Just a quick post for now, late for work. Right now it is 23 degrees which is a heat wave. They are calling for a high of 30 in a day or two. Did you hear that Judy in MI, Yeah Judy in KW hope you are feeling better and it does get frustrating when you have to keep running around because of medical needs. Hang in there. I did get to the gym yesterday and really needed it. It does relieve stress I can tell you that. Annette I don’t have a cold yet so please keep it there:( Sorry you are feeling so bad. That is what happens when you mix with those Midwest northerners. I have this constant cough again, makes me nervous. Scan in March so hopefully Dr. will ease some of my worries. Ann, your grandsons pictures made my day. What a little hoot in his woody outfit with the guitar. What a doll. He looked so proud. I hope I will be able to enjoy grandchildren one day. Well off to work I go. Oh yeah, hi Stephanie, Lily, Bud, Bruce, and Eric. Have a great day. I will check back later.
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