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  1. Stay strong, and positive for your Dad and you! This is a tricky disease and it throws lots of hard balls your way. Don't give up, keep positive, keep fighting forever! We are neighbors, I live in No Tx also and go to UTSW for about 5-6 years after about 24 years of treatment at big Baylor downtown.
  2. Katie B - how do I update my sign-off information?

  3. Hello Jg_Miller, I haven't got much more to add to the notes above, please know that there are several people on our group that have had very impressive results on Opdivo/Keytruda - they are 2 very similar immunotherapy drugs. Like Melissa Crouse, my reaction to Opdivo (I was on it for 5 months) is just like hers.... (some muscle and joint aches and pains and fatigue). Regrettably, Opdivo didn't work for me and when there was some progression of my LC, I was taken off Opdivo. There are many new, and different types of immunotherapy drugs in the pipeline, and like Katie B says, we just have to hang in there for the next best discovery. Good luck to you!
  4. Hello Linda, What you have told us is an incredible story. I think I will adopt you as my advocate! Amazing how a new doctor with a different outlook can change things so dramatically. How is your Mom doing these days? G-d's speed to your whole family, especially your Mom with whom I have much in common.
  5. Hi All, First, I want to tell the new listers ... I am celebrating my 15th, yup, 15th year following original diagnosis with LC in Aug. 1992. This is the list of survivors and I pray we all will be for many years to come! 2nd, After finding a new primary LC - (type = rare BAC) 8 years after the last one in '99... I've visited more doctors, gone through so many tests, more blood work / sticks than a human could imagine / endure - except all of you on this listserve - I have finally gotten "the word", it's now time to be moving forward! Case of the Month at Baylor / Dallas (2nd time) where all agreed "we can support surgery again for a 3rd and final time due to location of tumor". After a few tense minutes, hours and weeks, Thoracic Surgeon, Oncologist and Pulmonary Doc's have finally green lighted what they term "high risk" surgery. After they've consulted with several doctor's they all agree it is simply the best treatment for my 3rd BAC episode at stage 1B. My tumor is (was in July) 3.7 x 1.7; too large for Gamma / Cyber Knife and Chemo is not indicated at this time. If BAC has not mutated to another type of NSCLC, then surgery will be it for me. I won't receive radiation; can't afford to damage the leftover piddly 'lil old lungs I've got. Of course, as for all of us, Chemo may be indicated once they "type" the cancer with a frozen section during surgery. Further, there are a few other nodules in both lungs that didn't "light up" on PET, but were identified on CT Scan. I am having surgery finally, I'm glad something is happening in the treatment realm. Breathing pretty good at 45% capacity with 2 prior surgeries; predict I'll be at 33% after this operation. But, I'm like my Mom, feisty little thing (height, not girth!). Plus I am blessed with great family & friends. Did I mention I'm married to the actual, real, Prince Charming? Can't believe he hasn't run away screaming yet... So, I have many reasons and seasons to forge ahead. If you can, please think positive thoughts and affirmations for me early in the morning of 9-18-07. If you pray or have access to a a prayer list, please include me... and send all of them right on upstairs to the man above! For the Yid's on the list L'Shanna Tovah! G_d Bless you all.
  6. Hi, Think you have come to the right place! Listen to these people telling you how you can kick the heck out of IIIB Cancer... Me, I'm a miracle altogether...working on LC #3 right now, diagnosed originally in 1992 (15 year survivor); recurrence in 1999 and now in 2007. Stay positive, don't believe or internalize all you read / hear. Miracles happen every day - Doc's have no explanation for spontaneous healing... Welcome to the LC survivor group!
  7. Hello All, Newbie, Gail L here...joined a month ago +/-. I can not figure out where to post updates on what's going on with me and tests, docs, treatment plans, etc. I have BAC 2x previously, and new cancer in left lung; what board do you think would be best? Thanks! Bless you all, each and everyone of you who frequent this board; I've been reading like a crazy person, such strength, so much compassion....so many bad things happening to nice people...Oy Vey! Feel free to give me some direction!
  8. Lung Cancer survivor here in D/FW area of No. Texas. Originally dx with breast cancer July 1988, had lumpectomy and 12 weeks radiation. Next, broncoavenlor (sp??) dx in Aug. 1992, surgery on right lobe and maligancies found in top and middle lobe, area cut out on lower lobe was benign. Skip to 1999, when the same LC was dx in left lung; maligancies found in upper and lower lobes, surgically removed (as previously) on right lung. This cancer's nick-name is "Pop-Up" cancer..supposed to pop-up in 2 years, not 7! Now 2007 and this week diagnosed with LC left side stage 1b 3.7cm x 1.7cm. Noticed on lung x-ray, CT Scan and then it lights up on PET Scan this week. No longer a candidate for lung surgery but I am pushing for it. Some concern if I can survive the surgery and what QOF I will have and how I can breathe post-op. Think good thoughts and all the best to you out there in cyberspace.
  9. And yes, I had read that Lungevity originated in Texas...but now you are in Chicagoland ... There are so many good organizations out there to support, but I'm thinking we should do something locally or to a strictly LC organization ... although most LC survivor's wind up with some Asthma too... Just the same, I'm going to wait for others to weigh in and Thanks to you for your reply!!! Be well,
  10. Hello, Newbie here; just joined. Question for the group please: My friend's husband just passed from LC; she wants to point friends to a charity to make donations in his name. Any idea on what other's have done? Suggest those who wish to donate to 1. Am. Lung Assoc - National or local affiliate in name of deceased? 2. Am. Cancer Society (national or local) 3. Lung Cancer group??? Which one would you suggest? Where? Locally in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area where we live or to a National Headquarters? Thanks for your opinions...we are in need of a little assistance from you experts. PS: I'm a 2x LC survivor also. First diagnosed in 1992/surgery; reoccurance in 1999/2nd surgery but I'm still mentally strong and looking ahead with a great attitude. Also survived Breast Cancer in 1988! My hat's off to those of you who have gone through this one way or another and my heart just aches to see some of the posts. Bless you all and keep fighting the good fight!
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