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  1. Stay strong, and positive for your Dad and you! This is a tricky disease and it throws lots of hard balls your way. Don't give up, keep positive, keep fighting forever! We are neighbors, I live in No Tx also and go to UTSW for about 5-6 years after about 24 years of treatment at big Baylor downtown.
  2. Katie B - how do I update my sign-off information?

  3. Hello Jg_Miller, I haven't got much more to add to the notes above, please know that there are several people on our group that have had very impressive results on Opdivo/Keytruda - they are 2 very similar immunotherapy drugs. Like Melissa Crouse, my reaction to Opdivo (I was on it for 5 months) is just like hers.... (some muscle and joint aches and pains and fatigue). Regrettably, Opdivo didn't work for me and when there was some progression of my LC, I was taken off Opdivo. There are many new, and different types of immunotherapy drugs in the pipeline, and like Katie B says, we just have to hang in there for the next best discovery. Good luck to you!
  4. Hello Linda, What you have told us is an incredible story. I think I will adopt you as my advocate! Amazing how a new doctor with a different outlook can change things so dramatically. How is your Mom doing these days? G-d's speed to your whole family, especially your Mom with whom I have much in common.
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