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  1. I was a member approx 3 years ago and I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Lung Cancer and since have I had my upper left lung removed and that is doing well. I am 81 and a survivor of prostate cancer, two bypasses, Diabetis, Myodysplasia Anemia and now mild Heart Failure and Stage 4 Lung Cancer. PET Scan shows no cancer in lung or anywhere else other that in L4 bone, which gave me great back pain, but that is gone since I have been taking radiation. My problem appears to be that the anemia may stop me from taking any kind of Chemo as the Chem may affect the blood and I will be in much more difficulty. This is not a certainty, but at the moment I am still not certain what is the best way to go. May just wait to see where the cancer cells show up again and treat them with radiation if possible. This is where I am at. I know from all my past experience that it is important to stay positive, never, never give up, keep fighting and be your own advocate which I highly reommend to others, but this viscious disease has got me stumped. The outlook of 6 months to a year is glum, but I do not see an expiration date stamped anywhere on my body, so I hope to cope with this one day at a time. We are all living on borrowed time. Would appreciate any ideas that are out there and the support which is so necessary. I am a very lucky man to have made it this far and I am even luckier to have such a fantistic and loving wife, children, friends and family. Wish everyone the best of health. Do not give up.
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    Congratulations to you on your upcoming one year anniversary. Keep up the good work, and keep fighting. I have a little further experience with cancer, as I also celebrated my 5 year anniversary after being diagnosed with prostate cancer and my PSA is now 0.03. Much better than 12.5. You just have to keep looking forward. Have a great holiday.
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    Words seem so inadequate, but they are all we have, so Inez and I thankyou all again for your fantastic, sincere and heartfelt responses. Our love to you all. Keep fighting and never give up.
  4. Just a short note to say that the 7th of December was one year since I had the VAT procedure to remove the upper left portion of my lung and at this point I am doing extremely well. Still have a little cough at times but that seems to be getting better. Consider myself a very lucky man, particularly with the support I have received from my wife, Inez, family, friends and this wonderful support group. Inez and I want to wish all a very happy, healthy holiday and new year. There are a lot of problems out there to solve in this world, but if you do not give up, keep fighting and in particular, be your own advocate and share the good and the bad with others you will be just fine. Thankyou all for the love and support you have shown us.
  5. Please allow Inez and I to express our sincere condolences to you losing your wonderful dad. We have lost our parents and realize how tough this loss can be. Words are never enough, but we will keep you and him in our thoughts and prayers.
  6. Mary, I just found the PM and have sent you an email.
  7. Mary I had no problem with or after the surgery. Everything went really well. Stayed in hospital 4 or 5 days and other than the terrible food, was never really in any great pain or discomfort. Of course, they do make certain to give you a lot of pain pills if you need them. Gave me prescription for 60 percocet or percodan (Do not recall which) and I did use all but 2 or 3. Even then the pains were really more annoying than bad. I still feel a bite or a twinge now and then, but Dr Mican says this is normal. Think we are all different in how we handle the recuperation and I think a lot is due to your other health problems. I am also fighting anemia and heart disease, plus due to the prostate cancer treatement have very little tetesterone and I think when you put this all together, particularly with all the meds I take, it does affect your healing. The anemia probably does play a role in the problem of shortness of breath. Not certain about any of it really, so we just go along trying to be positive and make it through each day. Am fortunate to have Inez as she makes my life so much easier. Anyway, when you are able will be very happy to meet you both for lunch and talk about happy things. Talk to you again. Take care and do not give up and stay as positive as you can.
  8. Hi Mary....After I came home from the hospital, I did go back to see Dr Mican and never have gone back since. The same thing happened after I had a bypass. Surgeon said there was no need to see him again. Guess the same applys for Dr Mican. My new pulmnologist is accross the street from Lincoln Hospital. Everyone I have spoken to thinks very highly of him. After meeting him, he is very laid back, seems willing to listen and to answer any questions you may have. He gave me some inhalers and is scheduling me for a breathing test in a week or so which will give him more information. So far, so good. His name is Dr Stephen Nathan, 9100 N.2nd St, Ste 221, Phx. Tel: 602 943-9494. Will let you know more after the tests. If you and your husband would like to meet for lunch one day give us a call. * PM me for my phone number ** Since we are now back in the Antique business we work Wednesday through Saturday, 11AM-4PM. You can also reach me by email. Take care, keep fighting and never never give up.
  9. Hi Mary Glad you liked Dr Mican. Inez and I think she is great. Did you happen to mention my name? She did not really tell me how long it would be before I felt really great. I am feeling a lot better, but still get a little short of breath at times. Will talk to Dr Nathan Monday about taking some sort of pulmonary breathing therapy, which the other pulmonologist said she would set up, and, of course, her assistant never did. Mary, hope everything works out well. At this point in my life, every morning I wake up is a wonderful morning. Stay well and never, never give up.
  10. You are absolutely right Ned. Maybe Inez and I should come to Hawaii and lay out and rest. It may not help but it surely cannot hurt. Stay well friend and keep fighting.
  11. Hi everyone. Just had a stress test at my cardiologist and results were excellent. Heart doing well. The shortness of breath I have been experiencing along with a little swelling in ankles (am now on a diuretic daily) is not the cause of a heart problem which is actually a good thing. Going to pulmonologist next week and see what he has to say. Guess having my upper left lobe removed takes longer to heal than I thought. Well that is it for now. Everyone stay well and never never give up.
  12. Thankyou Christine for your best wishes to Inez and I. I think we will get to the bottom of this SOB as my cardiologist has me scheduled for a stress test next Monday and I will be seeing the pulmonologist May 4 and hopefully between them we might get an answer. Always nice to hear from you Christine. This support group is not only necessary, but is also a wonderful and thoughtful bunch.
  13. Mary this really is a small world. I also must add that this support group has been an exceptionally big help as has the support group that I attend for prostate cancer. There really are some wonderful people around who are there when you need them the most. Yes, Drs Rottering and Mican are excellent. I would recommend Dr Mican to anyone,and I do not recommend doctors easily. My oncologist is in Marina Del Rey, California, so you see, I go wherever I feel I get the best treatment. Will take you advice and go slow.Good luck to your husband, he is in good hands. Do pay Inez and I a visit at our store. We would love to talk. Have a good evening, never give up and always stay as positive as you can.
  14. Hi Mary...Nice to know we are neighbors. Stop by to see us. Inez and I own and operate an antique and collectible store called Second Debut, 59th Ave & Palmaire, 2 blocks north of Glendale Ave, across from the Spicery Tea Room. Open Wed - Sat 11-4. Anyway, thankyou for your input. Had to drop my pulmonologist Dr Rottering, as her assistant and office staff were negligent, rude and uncaring. They were supposed to set me up for Pulminary Rehab but never did. Will be seeing a new pulmonologist, Dr Steve Nathan in a few weeks and maybe he will do just that. You are right the air in Glendale and downtown Phoenix has not been too good and this is probably one of the reasons I have had difficulty breathing. Had my operation at Banner Thunderbird by Dr Camilla Mican who I would highly recommend. Thankyou again for your caring. Please do stop by and say hello.
  15. Hi Judy Even though it is supposed to be dry in Arizona there is still a certain amount of humidity, plus the night air, at least to me, seems heavier. Am going to my cardiologist tomorrow, and the pulmonologist in a few weeks. Am sure we will figure something out between all of us. Inez is taking great care of me, so am not too worried. Hope things are well with you. Thankyou for your concern. Keep fighting and never give up.
  16. Thankyou Snowflake for sharing your experiences. Sometimes you do feel it is only happening to you and this support group makes you feel that there are many out there to help you along. Will keep you informed as to my progress.
  17. Patti, no I am not on any chemo. The air during the day does not bother me as much as at night, in fact, hardly at all. Forgot about stairs, but I really never did too well walking up stairs, walking down was just fine. Have an appointment with new pulmonologist in a few weeks and will see what he says. Thanks for your concern.
  18. Good morning all. Have a question regarding shortness of breath. Since I had my upper left lobe removed 12/7/2007, I am still experiencing shortness of breath. I do have heart disease, but my blood test has been excellent with Cholesterol 118, Triglycerides 101, and HDL versus LDL is 2.4% which is really good, but perhaps the combination of both the lung operation and heart disease makes a difference. Anyway I just purchased a Nintendo Wii, which I highly recommend to anyone, and when I use that I have no problem and it is a good exercise tool. Also doing approx. 30 minutes at a 2.7 level on treadmill is also fine. I have felt it at times doing a little extra work around house and store but for a short period of time. It is the worst when Inez and I are out in the evening air and walking. It is almost impossible to walk any distance at all before this occurs. Wondering if anyone having the same operation as me, has had the same problem. Other than this Inez and I are doing fine. Please take care, keep fighting and never never give up. Have a wonderful day.
  19. I know how difficult this is as I am both a prostate and lung cancer survivor. I fully understand the initial shock, but by contacting this support group, as I did, is a good beginning. Do learn as much as you can about lung cancer, help your dad become his own advocate and as difficult as this may sound at the moment, try to take control of this cancer and not let the cancer control you. Please have your dad keep all medical records and do what you can to both stay as positive as you can. Do not give up, keep fighting as there really can be daylight ahead. The love and support that I have received from my wife, Inez and my family, and from this support group has gotten me through some very rough moments. This support group will do this for you if you allow them too. Also make certain that you dad always has someone with him at a doctor's visit as four ears are always better than two. Do not be afraid to ask the doctor any question you might have, and frankly, if he does not answer you to your satisfaction and you are not happy, get another doctor. A second opinion is always a good idea. It is difficult, but you will get through this. You are not alone. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  20. Carrie, my wife, Inez and I do understand, somewhat, what you are feeling as we went through this with Inez's mom, who passed on last month from Alzheimers. Really have no sage advice other than keep holding on and try to stay as positive as you can. Promise you it will get better down the road. It is never easy. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
  21. Hi Snowflake Good for you reaching 5 years. I fully understand how you feel as I am approaching 5 years as a prostate cancer survivor and now 2 months as a lung cancer survivor. Inez and I are both thankful for each day that we awake and look into each other's eyes. Keep fighting, keep positive and never, never give up. A positive attitude can help to find a positive result. Continue a wonderful life.
  22. Inez and I are so sorry that things did not go as you had hoped. We have you in our thoughts and prayers.
  23. Hi Kelly...In Sept 2007 I was diagnosed with lung cancer as a 1.0CM nodule was found in my upper left lung. After a PT Scan, seeing a pulmonologist who claimed that I was stage 1A and felt that by removing the upper left hand lobe,I had a wonderful chance to beat this disease. On Dec 7, a thoracic surgeon removed my upper left lobe of my lung. The surgeon also removed the lymph nodes and fortunately they were found to be cancer free, so I do not have to take further treatments of any kind. Might mention I am also a 5 year prostate cancer survivor, so do have a little experience. As of today, I am feeling excellent. I go to gym 3 to 4 mornings a week and do approx. 30 to 40 minutes on the treadmill. I still do not do any heavy lifting. I did have a lot of discomfort, but nothing that percocet or sometimes two tylenol could not take care of. I had an excellent surgeon who has done this VAT Laproscopic surgery many, many times. This is very important that you have an experienced surgeon. Also very important is that you maintain a positive attitude through it all. I know how difficult this can be, but you will get through a lot better with an attitude that says you can do this and you will be fine. I spent 5 days in the hospital recuperating. Decided quickly that if the food in the hospital did not kill me, than nothing the doctors could do would. Contacting the wonderful people on this site is a great beginning as their support and the support of my wife, children and friends was the best thing in the world. We will be thinking about and if there is anything else we can say or do that will be of help please let me know. My wife, Inez and I will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Stay positive, be your own advocate, keep good records and keep fighting and not give up.
  24. Hi Sonya. I live in Glendale Arizona and have just gone through lung cancer treatment. Years ago my brother-in-law was in the same position as you, and he was able to get on a medical program here in Arizona called AHCCCS,ARIZONA HEALTH CARE COST CONTAINMENT PROGRAM.Here is some information that I just found on GOOGLE. Below is the telephone number and once you contact them an AHCCCS eligibility specialist will review your application to find the program or programs that you and your family may qualify for. The eligibility specialist will send it to the right agency or AHCCCS department(s) which will decide your eligibility. You will receive a phone call or a letter if there is anything else you need to do or send. Most programs do not need a face-to-face interview if we can contact you by phone. You can get an application or get help filling it in between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call (602) 417-5010, then press 1, or call toll free 1-800-528-0142 then press 1. Where exactly do you live in Arizona? I really do want to add that now is a critical time for you to stay as positive as you can. I realize how difficult this is to do, but it really is important that you do so. Keep in touch with this site as this support group helped me get through the tight spots and will do so for you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  25. Inez and I thankyou Katie and Rick, as you and eveyone else has been an enormous support in getting us through the tough times. Am doing okay, but still have a dry cough that I cannot seem to get rid of. At least the pain pills are no longer necessary and that is a blessing. Thanks again to everyone and return hugs to all. Stay positive and keep fighting.
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