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  1. My 49 year old sister was dx with nsc lung cancer in May 2002. She has fought very bravely for the past two years with chemo, radiation, gamma knife treatment for brain mets, and even suffered a stroke as a result of all this. She has gone from 180 lbs. to 110 lbs. and is now in a hospice program. She lives alone, never married and has a dog. I think the hardest thing for our family is not the lung cancer, but the stroke, which has left her with aphasia. Sometimes, she is unable to communicate with us and to understand. I feel so bad for her. At least dying people who can still communic
  2. My sister (49) was dx with NSC Broncheoalveolar in May 2002. She has undergone several rounds of different chemo (gemzar, taxotere, Iressa) Brain mets (gamma knife & radiation) and is now on gemzar/Navolbine. She is very fatigued from it, and has lost a great deal of weight. No appetite and no ambition. Sometimes, we skip a treatment because of blood counts. She has had two rounds and we will now have a CT scan of lung to determine if this is doing any good or not. Navelbine is very strong and does cause fatigue, more so than Gemzar. My prayers go out for your Dad and you. Keep up
  3. I am hoping that someone out there can help me. My younger sis (48) has been battling nsc lung cancer since May 2002. This past summer it metastisized to her brain. Radiation and gamma knife boost given. Last week she had a two month followup with the neurosurgeon who did the gamma knife treatment. A good report that no new cancer and the lesions were either gone or shrunk. Scheduled to repeat in two months. Two days later she suffered a stroke and now has aphasia (difficulty understanding and communicating). No physical side effects. Has anyone else known of cancer and stroke inciden
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    Donna: Thanks for the web-site. It was very helpful. mamarama
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    Hi everyone: I am new to this message board. My younger sis (48) was diag. with NSC lung cancer last year. She had tried many chemo treatments including gemzar/carboplatin, iressa, an experimental drug and then it spread to her brain. She has had 14 rounds of rad. and is scheduled for a gamma knife boost on 8/20. Today the onc. saw her and wants her to start a new chemo regimen in two weeks of CPT-11. I don't know too much about this drug and am trying to find out any info I can for her. Thanks for all your help. I myself, am a breast cancer survivor (5 yrs in 2004). mamarama
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