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  1. After complaints of over 4 years, I found a doctor that listened to me and was sent to get a MRI and then a PET scan.The scan showed a mass or spot. Saw a thorasic dr. and he talked with me and I'm scheduled for a biopsy in two weeks. If the bio shows something I may have to get the lower part of the right lung removed, if it shows something else, I may be required to start treatment. I was in a daze and tried to take notes but could not comprehend all that was said. Will call monday for another appt. and take a friend with me that's a nurse to help me grasp what all is being said. That's why i posted as a new person. Also, I got my xrays for the past 4 yrs. from another dr. and hospital, and I was told that a small spot showed then but i was never told. But this site has given me hope. Thanks to all of you.
  2. Connie, There's one that always has his hand on your shoulder and travels with you at all times. He knows how much inspiration you give to others and He is pleased. You will be fine. Wilkeys
  3. New person looking for a phone buddy in the B'ham area. Thank you.wilkeys
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