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  1. Things were going great, after 4 weeks of radiation, tumor shrank, hubby didn't lose any weight, blood counts were good, skin wasn't too bad. Then last week it all went downhill.....every day worse than the next. Skin very distressed, but that isn't the worst of it. Swallowing and esophagus pain excruiating, he couldn't eat or swallow barely anything. Resulting in: yesterday when reporting for morning treatment he couldn't even lie on the table, his chest hurt so badly. He lost 6 pounds and was pronounced dehydrated. Admitted immediately. He's on pretty heavy pain meds and he says it hardly helps. This morning he says he still doesn't feel much better. Doc says no more chemo, he finished 5 weeks but they were going to do six. How long til these symptoms go away? Very distressing.....
  2. Hello, I can't help with your prescription problem. But I just wanted to encourage you, my hubby just finished his fourth week of radiation ( 5x a week ) and has one more week to go. This past week his throat has been dreadfully sore. He got some kind of gargle from the doc, but he says it doesn't help much. He gargles with baking soda and warm water. He sips water and anything that goes down easy. It's a day by day thing, just getting through it. But today he found out his tumor shrank from 10 cm to 6 cm and next week the radiation will be aimed differently, not as near his throat. So the pain has been the pits, but he is making progress. Hang in there. Try different things and see what works for you. And get your pharmacy to help you out, they should be happy to do so. Best wishes to you.......
  3. Hi Andy, I have been a member here for about a month now, my husband was diagnosed with NSCLC adenocarcinoma Stage III a or b or whatever.......I decided not to get TOO focused on the staging, it helps to know where you stand but your Dad and my husband are individuals with their own fighting spirits and their walk through this will be unique. Everyone here is wonderfully helpful and supportive. Welcome.
  4. Hello all, I've been visiting here since my husband's diagnosis and truly value the warmth and compassion I have found. My name is Nancy, my hubby is Vern. I'm the manager of a community bank branch, my hubby is a truck driver. I am 58, he is 57 and we have a total of 8 children from our previous marriages, but none of our own. We just celebrated our 8th anniversary. We live in central New Jersey. It's great to find out more about everyone.
  5. I so appreciate all the helpful comments and encouragement! We are in high spirits and ready for battle with this thing. Will keep in touch with updates.........
  6. Hi! Our first day of radiation and chemo went very well. Chemo is a low dose of taxotere and carboplatin, doc says it shouldn't cause much of a problem because the radiation is the main attack right now. I was so fortunate to have off from work because it was Veteran's Day....I used up all of my paid time off going to biopsies and such. I wanted to go with him the first day. He's feeling good and can go on his own to radiation every day, at least for now. He is eating great and gained weight. So, for now we enjoying this "easy" time, I know the weeks ahead may be much more difficult. But, maybe not, we shall see. Greetings to your Mom and I again pray the days ahead for her and your family are blessed with God's grace. Sometimes you really do feel like God is carrying you along, it's a wonderful thing.
  7. Your Mom's diagnosis is almost exactly identical to my husband's....Stage III NSCLC except his 8cm tumor is in his upper left lung. His PET scan showed no spread as well. His treatments start on 11/12 also. He is getting a different regimen; 5 days a week of radiation for 5 weeks, plus he has chemo once a week as well. I will pray that your Mom tolerates her treatment well and that her tumor shrinks FAST....that is what we are hoping for for my hubby.
  8. I read your post and feel your pain coming through your words. I am a new member of this forum and am just beginning the adventure of supporting my husband through his treatments. I am counting on this place to come for comfort and support. I know I will need it. I pray and know God is there for us, but He manifests himself through others, and you need to know that someone will always be there to lean on. God bless you and your wife.
  9. We have had a quiet week, hubby has been to the radiologist to prepare for his treatments which begin on Monday. He has his little tattoo markings which is kind of funny because he has several tattoos already! He was told to get clear aloe gel and apply on his chest and back every day before the treatments, also to use only Dove unscented soap to avoid "further irritation." What an understatement, I am not looking forward to this part, I think I have more trepidation than he does about the radiation side effects. And he was warned that he can expect a difficult time with the swallowing/throat thing. We are prepared for all of this the best we know how, any suggestions for skin care or anything else is appreciated. And thanks again to all for the encouraging support so far, it means so much to me.
  10. Doc says hubby will start radiation 5x a week for 5 to 6 weeks and once a week chemo with Taxotere and carboplatin. After radiation, chemo will continue. Anybody have any comments on this??
  11. We just heard yesterday that my husband's PET scan and CT scan showed no further spread of malignancy....it is confined to the tumor in his left lung. We are thrilled! We meet with the Doc this afternoon to go over treatment; he says radiation will come first followed by chemo. And he said that surgery may be an option down the road if the treatment is successful. After a week of stressful waiting my hubby is elated and feels so much better. He got his port put in yesterday and is sore, but he is happy and sore! Thanks to all for your prayers.
  12. I will pray right now for Rose and Jeffrey....as you prepare and wait til surgery day and on that day for special blessings.
  13. Good morning all...Monday I had the pleasure of introducing myself as a new member and I so appreciate the warm welcome and responses. Yesterday I took my husband for his PET scan and CT scan of the abdomen so now we are awaiting the news..has it spread or not. Monday he gets a port for chemo. This is a difficult time of waiting. I am so glad to be here.
  14. Ned, the doc did not say anything about pleural effusion. Maybe this topic will come up when we see him again after the scans. If not I will be sure to ask him. Thanks.
  15. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I have many friends and family but few of them really understand how I feel and what we are going through. They love us but they don't know what to say. I truly am glad I found this place.
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