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  1. In November 2007 I had a ULL and also had surgery on right side at the same time but nothing was found. In other words I was cut on both sides, full not VATS. I have started to experience soreness in my sternum area near the cartilage. Not real pain but tightness and pulling sensation. The cartilage in the middle of my chest is tender to the touch sometimes and seems to protrude. I thought maybe it was because both sides of ribs were spread. I walk on the treadmill daily for 30 minutes and no breathing problems. my scans have been clean. Anybody have ideas? Thanks
  2. rukool

    Another Surgery?

    Thanks to you who replied. I guess this is one of those things where I have to trust God's guidance, and my surgeons experience.
  3. Hi, I was here back in November after being diagnosed w/ a stage 1b in my left lung. On November 19th 2007, I had my upper left lobe removed. At the time of the surgery, the surgeon also attempted to find another nodule which was seen in the right lung, in the CT scan. I was told that the surgeon physically felt the entire area of the right lung with his fingers and could not find anything, so although I was opened on the right side , nothing was done. I went for my follow-up scan in March with no evidence of disease in the left lung Thank God! However, the surgeaon says he still sees somethi
  4. Hi all, Had the surgery on Nov. 19th, home on 22nd Thanksgiving! Full open, both sides, no VATS. They found nothing on right side at all! and nothing in lymph nodes. On the left they found a 1cm acinar, solid, adenocarcinoma. Moderately differentiated. Invasion into visceral pleura: Present/ Invasion into parietal wall/chest wall: Absent. Saw oncologist yesterday and staged 1B because of pleura? Have to make a decision regarding adjuvant chemo. He says no one now has the correct answer for 1B patients. If I want to be aggressive, do the chemo. I'm 56 y.o., in good health before this, diabete
  5. Well, tomorrow is the surgery for me. Never had any surgery before. Now bi-lateral lobectomy! Anyone had this done? Also any words of encouragement and prayers would be appreciated. Praying for BENIGN! Jim
  6. Thanks for all your help. My biggest fear is the surgery itself now. I never even had my tonsils out in 56 yrs! The surgeon strongly recommends an epidural for the anesthesia. I had stopped smoking for 3 weeks on chantix until this whole thing started, now I am slipping. The surgeon also said he won"t do the surgery unless I am smoke free for 10-14 days. My Christian faith has sustained me so far,but I am terribly nervous all the time. My stomach is in knots. Can someone tell me what curable means vs. 5 yr. survival? I have so many things swirling around. Thanks, Jim
  7. I met with the surgeon today and he recommends doing surgery to remove the 2 nodules, both about 1-1/2 cm. One is on the top of the right lung near a blood vessel? The other one is in the middle of the left. He thinks the one on the right is more troublesome and defined. Although I've been told they are both small, he doesn't think a needle biopsy would be the best route to go. He further stated that there is a 50-50 chance he could do them with a camera, if not he would just do a resection on both. All this is really a blur to me but I am praying I'm doing the right thing. He says all the doc
  8. Thanks for your replies! I will start following up with everyone I can today.
  9. Hi all, I am in the position of not knowing where I stand yet, and scared. I had flu like symptoms (chest congestion, coughing, etc.) at end of august, went to ER for return to work letter, because my doctor was out of town. ER ordered chest x-ray, which revealed the following: FINDINGS: Two views of the chest Very subtle opacity posterior to the manubrium seen only on the lateral view is noted. There is also a small opacity in the periphery of the right apex, I am uncertain if these are the same lesion. Given the patients history of smoking, recommended follow-up infused thoracic CT to ru
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