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  1. Hi All,

    Randy was readmitted to the hospital on Friday because he developed a massive infection in the groin. They did emergancy surgery on Saturday morning and are giving him antibiotics to fight the infection. So on top of all the issues with the blood clots, he now will not be able to take his chemo treatment for another 2 or even 3 weeks depending on how he responds. He only has had one dose so far. How this will impact him and the cancer is uncertain.

    I feel like this a major set back for us. He really has not been able to be out of bed for two months now and that worries me also. I want for him to be able to do what he needs to do and wants to do. Will he ever get his strength back enough to be up and around?

    Thanks for always being here and giving good advise. I am not sure what to expect anymore. It feels like about the time we make a plan to do something, something else raises it's ugly head and says, no way, not going to let it happen. I get so mad. I just want for him to feel good for a while. It has been too long since he has had a good day and I feel like I am losing alittle more of him each day.

    I really do believe that God is watching over us, but I am only human. I am thankful for each morning I wake up and know I still have him here. I am sorry we are all walking this awful journey together, but that is what we are good at. Walking together and giving support. And always having faith and hope that we will win this battle.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    Love to all. My prayers are with each of you even if I don't respond to each message. Know I am thinking of you and praying for you also.

    In His Grip,


  2. Hi All,

    I have a wonderful friend who sent me this prayer for Randy. You can fill in your own name and family but I feel what she has prayed for is what we all pray for. I want to share this with you prayer with you. It is one I pray everyday now. I have been blessed by just having this site. Everyone here is so very special. Keep the Faith that God knows what he is doing and that we all can accept what needs to be accepted. Never give up hope. Miracles happen everyday and we don't know why.




    I pray for peace as Randy awaits the intervention of the medication. Protect him. Give him courage to speak your name with joy to all who enter his room.

    I pray for intervention in this 'it shouldn't be happening' situation. Thank you that we know you are very aware of what is happening and why. Protect Randy from the enemy and all his tricks and deviousness. May he center on You and draw all his strength there. May he have some extra to share with others in need at this time.

    Thank you for watching over Randy, Shirley, and their children. Please continue to do that. Encourage them all, even in what looks like unexpected and unwelcome information.

    Strengthen them, especially in the knowledge of you. Strengthen Randy's body. Keep all other illness elements away from him so that he only has to work through the current cancer issue.

    Thank you for loving us, listening, and having the very best plan for us as individuals.

    In Christ's name and through His blood,


  3. We sure are glad Randy is home! He is so much happier. Not that the nurses and staff weren't nice or anything but he really likes his own bed.

    Thank you to everyone. I don't know how I could do this whole journey without your support and friendship. Thank you.

    Keep the eyes open. Miracles happen everyday.


  4. Hi all,

    Randy was able to come home from the hospital today.

    What we found out is this. Between the liver cancer and the psorasis, it will cause him to have a higher tendancy for blood clots. We just will have to monitor his INR levels more closely. He has his next chemo on Friday.

    This good news for us. He is able to be back home in his own bed and this is something that is managable. YEA!!!!!

    Keep the eyes open, miracles happen every day.


  5. Thank you, everyone, for the encouraging thoughts and for sharing your wisdom. Randy has NSCLC. (adneo). This came as a real surprise to us as he had been having his checkup's. He is only 48. We are learning all sorts of things. One issue that has been brought to our attention and we had questioned it before, is that because Randy has all five kinds of psorasis, he is going to have more trouble with blood clots. They are working on getting the blood situation undercontrol so he can come back home.

    Seeing others here who have survived, is very encouraging. I have been out to a number of the web sites that have been posted and am finding a lot of the information I am wanting to know. It sure helps when it comes time to ask questions.

    Thank you all again for sharing. I will be around here a lot I think.

    It is good for my soul.

    Keeping the Faith and expecting Miracles everyday!


  6. Hi all,

    I too, am new to this club we call cancer survivors. My husband, Randy, was diagnosed on July 4 with stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to the liver. His only option for treatment at this time is chemo, which he started on July 13. He came home from the hospital after a 12 day stay on July 14, only to be readmitted last night again because of blood clots in his legs. He just wants to be home. Right now I am not sure where to begin. What questions to ask, who to ask them too, where to go for more information, and the rest that I am sure each of us is going through in our own way. I am fortunate in that one of Randy's nurses (Donna G) guided us to this site. I am so thankful for her in this process. That is the basics for now. We are hoping for a miracle because we see them every day in our lives. We only pray that God grants us the big one we are looking for. Until then, we have a battle ahead of us and we need all the help we can get.

    Keeping the Faith,


    Randy's number one Fan!!!

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