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  1. This is Louise's daughter, Jillian. We lost Mom to her battle with SCLC this weekend. She died hopeful and a big part of that is because of you all. Thank you for spending your time to be inspirational and informative to others. Jillian Gibbs ([email protected])
  2. My Mom Louise Pennington - who started this chat recently) found the lungevity community on November 11th after a business colleague told me about it. Soon after, Mom was talking with several people and really feeling hopeful. Thank you to everyone. We lost Mom last Saturday while cruising on the biggest cruise ship in the world. It was a trip she planned for the family and we think she lived long enough to make it. We had Thanksgiving and a great time. She died doing the things she love with the people she loved most. The last two days of the cruise, Mom's breathing became very difficult and then her heart failed. We've created a lungevity web page for her and we are already getting donations from our friends, colleagues and family. We hope to support more research in lung cancer. Thank you again for helping my Mom remain hopeful. Mom is survived by her two daughters, her son, six brothers and sisters and five grandchildren. Jillian ([email protected])
  3. Being a newcomer you are truly an inspiration to us all. Enjoy that toast, you've earned it. God Bless for at least another 6 years.
  4. Hi My name is Louise Pennington, I was diagnoised with Small Cell Lung Cancer in January 2007. Since I found this sight last week and I have already posted a question ("Any survivors out there with SCLC"} I realized that I had not properly introduced myself. I must say how impressed I was with the truly inspirational responses I received and the words of encouragement are overwhelming. Thank You All! I am finding this sight truly informative and find myself looking forward to coming here each day.
  5. Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement. You have all surely lifted my spirits. I have a Dr. Appt today to get the results of my last round of tests, keeping my fingers crossed. I would like to participate in the forum is there anywhere to find out when they take place?
  6. Any survivors out there with Small Cell LC? I see many posts but non on small cell. I hope its not because they don't survive too long after diagnosis. I was diagnosised in Jan 07 and am still going strong. I'm not ready to give up yet.
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