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  1. Really nice here this morning with only a temperature of -20C/-4F. The forecast has it getting warmer all week until Christmas day when it should reach -6. That is almost unheard of here in December. Will be nice for snowmobiling. It is really nice in the nightime out here in the country away from the City lights. With a full moon and the snow, it is so light you do not even need a light to go out for a walk. I noticed the tracks yesterday where a moose walked by my house the night before. Maybe it was reindeer tracks!!! A bonus of living so far up north is that Santa get's here early. LOL So Eric you better behave over there or I might have to speak to Santa about you. LOL Take care everyone.
  2. Well Judy it is -28C/-18F here this morning so I would gladly trade for your 50's. But I guess I am climatized for these temperature's, if that's possible. Good to hear that you and Stan are feeling better. Is Stan still fishing ? May be a change from turkey. LOL Wow Donna sorry to hear you are getting so much snow. In the last week we doubled the amount that we had on the ground but still only have maybe 12". Well better go and get bundled up to do those outside chores. Take care everyone.
  3. Bruce u

    3 Years

    Congratulations Bud !!! A great reason for a little extra celebration on Christmas Day. A lot of miles left on those bike tires yet.
  4. Bruce u

    5 years out

    Congratulations Mike !!! Now just sit back and enjoy the holidays.
  5. This was certainly a shock ! My condolence's to his family.
  6. Good morning everyone Well it has warmed up today to -21C/-6F. Time to cut that 12' Christmas tree that I have been keeping an eye on. I've been watching the news showing the storms in the mid west. Donna sounds like you really got hit. More snowblowing for you Libby. Hope that MI Judy gets home on time as planned. After Eric's snow stories earlier and now all these, I'm kinda happy to be living in the north where we don't get much snow because it is too cold. LOL Will be waiting to hear those good results from your scan Judy. Bud reading your story on cast nets brought back alot of memories. All growing up we used them every summer to catch a small fish called caplin. They are maybe 10 - 12 inches long and "roll" on the beach to spawn and are very popular in the North Atlantic. They can be eaten or used as bait. Not sure if your net is the same but our's used small lead balls on the outside perimeter to weigh the net down. A popular way to use the net was with both hands and one of these lead balls in your mouth. Well our biggest concern was forgetting to open your mouth and losing a couple teeth when you threw the net. LOL We didn't know about the hazards of lead at that time.
  7. I had a boat like that once....
  8. Hey folks Little bit chilly today with a temperature of -23C/-9F and a windchill of -33C/-27F. We had maybe 8-10 inches of snow yesterday and they were giving a heavy snowfall warning. Coming from the east coast where you can get a dumping of 2' in a day, not sure if this is a heavy snowfall. You almost need a full body suit of armour when walking on the sidewalks Eric. Surprised that more people do not get hurt from flying gravel. Alot of places are using chipseal now Bud. Alot easier to repair than the old asphalt.
  9. Hey everyone Well it is only -11 here today so almost as warm as Libby's area. unfortunately it has been snowing since last night. Must be at least 6 inches down and I think it is falling faster now. Eric I have no idea on the type of machine that you are referring to. It does get too cold in the north for using salt to melt the ice/snow. So we use what they call street sand. I always called it crushed gravel because where I came from sand is not 3/4" in diameter !!! Needless to say that it is difficult to find a vehicle that doesn't have a cracked windshield. When the temperature just dips below freezing, this street sand just flies off the road as vehicles pass by. As the temperature gets colder the sand gets pounded into the snow and is alot better for driving. First when I moved to the north Eric they would only plow the roads in the spring. During the winter you just had a couple ruts for roads. Now they haul away the snow off the roads a couple times during the winter. But you also have to remember that we do not get snow in the winter because it is too cold. Only snow's during November, early December and then again in March/April. With all your travels Annette you will have to treat us to some stories from the different places. Take care everyone.
  10. Overcast but mild here today. Just -12C/10F and no wind. Bud if your temperatures keep dropping in Texas you will be down to our mild winter weather here in the north. Nice to hear you are taking an easy day KW Judy. Now mixing up the times is something like I would do. LOL MI Judy those big snowfalls remind me of growing up in Newfoundland. Snowing for 3 or 4 days straight with a total snowfall of 2-3 feet was common. Annette just reading about Algebra gave me the shiver's. LOL And that was my better subject between Algebra and Geometry. Wouldn't you know that later I was in the construction industry where everything was angles and formula's. Should have paid more attention in school ! Randy our favorite Ice Road Trucker, Alex Debogorski, was on Ellen today.
  11. Bruce u


    Another member asked me last week how Marisa was doing so I thought I would post an update here. Marisa still doesn't have any pain but has also lost her appetite and her husband has to really push her to eat. As a result she has been losing some weight. She also has good days when she and her husband get to go out for a drive and maybe even stop somewhere for a little lunch. They also play the pokies. I never heard that name before but I guess it is what they call slot machines in Australia. Other days she feels weak and tired and gets a little down on herself. She is tired of being sick and wonder's how long that she will continue like this. Marisa is a very courageous and brave lady but it is these days that she can really use the thoughts and prayers of the great people here.
  12. Hey folks Little chilly here this morning at -26C/-15F. But the sun is shing and not a cloud in the sky. Supposed to warm up to a balmy -19. Got to do some work for a neighbor on the weekend including installing a new door so really hope it is not as cold. Hope you get at least a few to put in your live well while you are doing your testing Bud. Take care everyone and have a great weekend.
  13. It is +8F but -6F with the wind this morning. Can really feel the cheeks tingling especially riding an ATV across an open field. Judy you are certainly keeping busy. I bet Dom really enjoyed you picking him up and I'm sure Wendy appreciates the help. Bud you really have some temperature swings there. I can handle the cold or the warm but it is the big changes that really hit home. Speaking of workplace attitudes, I email daily with Marisa. Her boss and co-workers have just been exceptional. Since she has been off work, frequently her boss will call and say that he is sending a cab to pick her up. She arrives at her workplace and they have ordered in food and all her co-workers are there. They have a great time socializing. She is a great lady and I can certainly understand why her co-workers like her so much. It would sure be nice if all our employer's were as thoughtful. Judy in MI, I certainly know what you mean about people being scared to drive in snow. It's the same here, especially the first snowfall of the year. I can understand with new driver's, but people who have been driving for year's are the worst. They probably cause more accidents then someone who has never driven in snow. Take care.
  14. Nice temperatures today of only -9C, but then we had high winds dropping it to -20C. Was busy today transporting animals. Dropped off 5 Llama's including the cow chaser, picked up 2 young calves and picked up my runaway cow. Had a few animals mad at me today Libby. Both from herding them into a horse trailer and then my driving. Oh and Libby forgot to mention that all these animals that get mad at me are female !!! Bud in the north where I lived there is some of the best fishing in the world. Including the world record for the largest lake trout. But you are not allowed to use live bait. As a kid growing up we always dug worms to go fishing. A few times up north I would have loved to have a few of those worms. Good to see you back here a couple times today Judy in KW. sometimes we need those ME days. Hey Eric if there is a party, count me in. Judy in MI, I know all about putting up Xmas decorations in the cold. Last year it was in the -30C's and I was on the roof putting up lights. Take care everyone.
  15. Hey folks Just beginning to get daylight here. It is -13C ( 8F ) which is warmer than usual here for this time of the year. Unfortunately I heard on the weekend that they are predicting a colder than average winter. Last year was much warmer with the coldest month being December. Sorry to hear that the fishing has slowed down Bud. Do you use your own lure's when fishing for crappie ? Must be nice when the fishing is good and you can try different lure's. Maybe Libby can venture up north and do my Christmas shopping as well. LOL I was at the West Edmonton Mall on the weekend. It was the biggest in the world but I'm not sure if that has changed. it was very busy and I remembered why I do not like shopping at mall's. Son's graduation was great and spending time with him and my daughter was nice. He begin's his practicum on Thursday at his first choice of locations. I had a 10 drive to get home yesterday. I tried taking an alternate route and that turned into 12 hours. Gotta remember that map the next time. Eric, Airdrie is near Calgary where my daughter lives so I pass it quite often. I've heard it is a very nice place but I'm not sure of it's history. Take care everyone and have a great day.
  16. Looks as though everyone's temperature is a little chilly. Bud 22 degree's is a big drop in 1 hour. A gradual decline doesn't seem as bad as that quick drop. It was a nice day here. Our temperature increased from the -30 over the last few days to -7C today. I got the housesitter all straightened out with directions and where to find everything. I'm outta here in the morning. My son is graduating from EMS/Firefighting school on Saturday. I'm meeting up with my daughter in Edmonton and we are going to his graduation ceremony. I've only seen him once for a few days since I moved him down to school in February. He had planned on going to school right after high school graduation, but that was when I had my operation and he wanted to be around to help me out. So it will be great to see him graduate. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Take care.
  17. Long range forecast was predicting that the temperature's would warm up today.....wrong. Still a chilly -28C. Sound's like you will be enjoying your thanksgiving with a family gathering Bud. We celebrate Thanksgiving on October 11 here in Canada. Oh and the Llama delivery, calf pickup, etc. is delayed until Tuesday. I have to go out of town this weekend and didn't want to leave the housesitter with a possible run away cow. As for the farm, I have to tell you folks this one because I thought it only happened in 3 stooges movies until yesterday. I had to being water out to the hen's. After filling their container I noticed that there was 1 egg that had been laid since I collected them early in the morning. I had my hands full with the water containers so I picked up the egg and put it in my pocket because I was on my way to the house. ( Bet you know where this is going) Instead of going directly to the house, I took the remaining water to the Llama's, checked on the new cow's, spend some time with the horse, etc. Got in the house and reached in my pocket to hang up my truck key's. Pulled out truck key's, broken egg shell, and a handful of egg yoke. Not sure about this farm life. LOL Take care everyone and have a great Thanksgiving.
  18. Well it is noon and the temperature has risen a couple degree's today. My living room has window's from floor to the 13' high ceiling and facing south so any sun and it heats up very quickly. Well Eric it sounds like you will be the celebrity and won't be getting into the farming. We will soon be asking for Bud and your autograph's. Everything is frozen and snow covered in the winter so you put those big round hay bales out in the pasture. They just eat away at those and it depends on how many cow's/horses, etc you have and how long the winter determines how many bales you require. I have about 75 bales on hand for the winter. Bud I never heard of llama's and cow's fighting either. In fact, the previous owner had both in the pasture. Unfortunately, introducing the llama's to new cow's is a different story. And of course I did not take into consideration the fact the cow's may not have seen a Llama before ! Well tomorrow is a busy day with dropping off the Llama's to their new home, picking up 2 calves, and then going to try to get the cow back home. Oh and I do have a lasso that a neighbor gave me Eric. But after my last try on horseback riding, I'll try throwing the lasso from my ATV. Take care.
  19. Hey all Judy hope you get everything loaded up today ....and do not forget something like I do on every trip I make. Bud I think your new avatar looks great. But I also think your bike avatar was great as well because I'm sure other's on here love reading about your bike adventure's as I do. Well I received 4 new Red Angus cow's on Saturday night. The guy delivered them and as soon as he let them out of the trailer the male llama decided to attack one and chased her around until she got tangled in the fence. She got free but sometime during the night she decided to jump the fence and run away. Spent 6 hour's yesterday with 5 neighbor's trying to get her back. Each time we would get near the pasture and she would see the llama's she would run again. Finally got her into a corral at a neighbor's about 6 miles away. Let her settle down now before I try to get her back home provided that she do not get pneumonia and die. Did I mention it was -30C or -22F with the windchill yesterday. May have to sell the llama's. Getting daylight so I better go check on the animals. take care everyone.
  20. It is -20C again this morning. Sun is just coming over the horizon and the sky is red. Hope the red sky at morn is not accurate today. LOL Have to go into town today for my Doctor's appointment to see how the back is healing. It is a long way from being healed when you have to rely on strong painkiller's everyday. Going to ask him about some physio. Bud, I know from working in construction what it is like dressing in the morning this time of the year. Put on layer's in the morning and take them off as the day warm's up. Here the temperature drop's when the sun rises before it begin's to warm up. Take care everyone and have a great weekend.
  21. Overcast sky and a little crisp -20C/-4F this morning. Hopefully it will warm up a few degree's by lunchtime. Judy I've never had yellowtail snapper but if they are nice tasting then it's a bonus because I'm sure Stan enjoy's the fishing. I alway's give my catch to neighbor's and friend's as well. Bud we use handle bar mitts on snowmobile's that go almost to the elbow. I imagine bike mitts would be a bit smaller. Well the rooster is crowing so I guess it's time to get moving. take care everyone.
  22. Well the sun is just rising here and I can hear the rooster calling. Judy with all the fishing that Stan is doing, you may need to get a big AC unit and turn your entire house into a freezer ! You are a stranger Heidi. Nice of you to stop by when you get a chance. Bud hopefully your tackle business pick's up. Hey maybe Stan will be your best customer.
  23. Well the unusually mild weather is about to end here. Getting down to -16(3F) here by Wednesday. Well it is great to hear that the fishing was good on the weekend. Stan certainly did have a great day Judy. 100lbs of fish would keep you pretty busy. But then as we saw with Bud's fish, that was 88.2lbs after conversion. LOL Oh and I'm sure Stan would enjoy ice fishing. LOL Hey visiting in winter would mean that you would get a new wardrobe. Bud I always go fishing early in the morning when it seem's like the fish are more active. But sound's like you lost a half day there. Oh the joy's of fishing. LOL Eric I certainly could use the help in shearing those llama's. I'm not looking forward to getting spit on. They haven't done it to me yet but often spit at each other. I think loosing their coat might upset them. Thanks for the tip of not planting the animals too close together. LOL I'm originally from Newfoundland which is an island off the east coast of Canada. Newfie's are known for fishing and not farming or ranching. So I get alot of teasing about being a Newfie cowboy. LOL So I can use all the tips you can give. LOL Take care everyone.
  24. Nice balmy -12 here this morning. I'll save the Llama wool Eric in case you do venture North if you happen to get a few extra penny's. Judy I've wanted Stan to visit the great white north for a fishing trip for a couple year's now. I'm sure you both would enjoy a cross Canada train ride. Maybe Stan could help me shear the Llama's to get the wool for Eric and you could tend to the chick's. Eric I had to read the last paragraph of your post a second time. On my first read I misunderstood and got the idea that showing off your short, hairy legs was a boyhood dream. LOL It did start my day off with a good laugh though.
  25. Well it is a bright, sunny morning here but a very crisp -18 degree's. Just spent 30 minutes outside seeing to the animals and can certainly feel it on the cheeks. Supposed to get up to -3 by this afternoon and around the freezing mark all weekend. The time of the year when you begin planning your next day's activities based on the temps. Indoor activities in the AM and outside in the PM. Judy I hope the rash doesn't get too bad. Congratulations Bud on your interview. It can be a little nerve wrecking but once it is over you certainly feel good that you stepped up and did something. I know that Eric does alot of media work on L/C so maybe you can include that on your Texas bike ride....well once Eric gets a little more practice in. LOL Take care everyone and remember all those veteran's today.
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