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  1. Hey folks Bit chilly here this morning -16C or 3F degree's. No ice fog which is good because I have to move some bales of hay and drive on the road. Not a very busy roadway with less than 10 vehicles per day. But I started moving them yesterday but stopped because I thought it was too dangerous with limited visibility. I guess winter has arrived ! So glad to hear that you had a good evening Judy. You are a real party girl out ! and a rebel to with having those pot sticker's. LOL I'm not familiar with those or maybe we call them something else. LOL Bud sorry about your crappie getting smaller. Maybe we can blame it on the conversion factor. LOL Take care everyone.
  2. The ice fog is really bad here today. Had to drive to town this morning and you couldn't see 20 feet in front of you. Everyone was going 30 mph and had there emergency flasher's on. Well Judy i think that makes you the person with the most knowledge on Llama's so I know who I'm calling. LOL Bud that is alot of eating from 1 day's fishing. I don't really like eating the fish, maybe 1 meal a year, but always nice to have a few to give to friends after a day out. I think our estimate gets a little off as we get older. You're 2 lb crappie is really 1lb 3 ounces and my 2 foot long trout gets longer each year. LOL If measured it may be only 1 1/2 feet.
  3. You are so right Judy. They have had over a foot of snow in Yellowknife now for about 3 weeks. Hey I only moved 500 miles south but maybe I was dreaming it was alot farther south. Well Eric I only know a tad more than you do and mostly learning as I go. Remember I did get bucked off a horse. LOL I never had any intention of getting Llama's but here they are. They are a very hardy animal. The previous owner didn't even have a shelter for them to go into during a winter storm. I have 2 shelter's and a barn but so far they still just lay down out in the field with their back to the wind and their legs tucked in under. I understand that there is some demand for their wool but the price has dropped apparently. They are like a camel without humps. LOL Very curious. The adults can look me in the eye at 6'. If you are doing anything they will make frequent stops to inspect what you are doing. They spit at each other but have to be really pushed to spit at human's. They say that young Llama's are considered a delicacy. But I think mine will be just pets.
  4. Hey folks. Well I guess I will be doing the balance of my outside chores in the snow. We had maybe 2 inches last night. Would be nice to have a mild day to get rid of it again for a week or so. Judy sorry to hear you're still have problems. I think the dry heaves has to be one of the worse things to have. Ann there is nothing better than to be alone in the house and cranking up the tunes. Reminds me of Tom Cruise in risky business. LOL Bud you are still having good fishing days. We are in between here with the lakes just caught over with ice not not safe to go ice fishing. Skipping off class are you Eric ? LOL Have a great day everyone. Take care.
  5. Hey folks. For all the morning people, that time change will certainly help. Will be daylight here by 8am and can begin doing outside chores. Still no snow here which the neighbors all tell me is unusual for this time of year. It is really helping me since I still need at least 2 weeks to finish the outside work before winter hits. Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty sleeping Judy. I'm sure it will get better. Better get the day started. Have a good day everyone.
  6. Hey folks Still dark here and since I am a morning person, I can't wait for daylight savings time this weekend. Not much I can do outside on the farm until it is light out so I spend time online and have a tea. Temperature is still above freezing which is great for this time of the year. Glad I moved south because they have had over a foot of snow in the knife now for 2 weeks. Sorry to hear you are having difficulty getting to sleep Judy. I'm sure you will get that normalcy back soon. I'm glad you mentioned that Muriel has been absent for awhile. Muriel was a rock for me on this site when I joined. She was probably the person who convinced me to push for adjuvant chemo after my surgery. 3 1/2 years out and still NED, I really appreciate that she was there to push me. So hopefully we do hear from her soon. Have a great day everyone. Take care.
  7. Judy, sorry to read you are going through a bit of a rough spot. Like Eric, I think the trip would do both of you some good. I understand your concerns over the short term health relief but hopefully they will find a long term relief that is even better. Judy you do not always have to post positive post. We really missed you here. You are always so great in supporting other's on this site and your online family is here to support you as well when things are not going perfectly. Take care.
  8. Hey folks. Great day on the farm with clear blue skies and 48 degree's. That is a little unusual for here in November but we'll take it. Supposed to be on the plus side all week. Sorry to hear about the Tarceva rash Judy, but if that's a sign that it is working, I guess that is a good consolation. Libby drove through the shed on the lawn tractor ? I vote that Libby doesn't drive the Keg bus. LOL
  9. Great news Nicole !!! Sorry to hear about your Mom's fall but hope the recovery goes well. I'm sure your Mom still has her great sense of humor. Take care.
  10. Bruce u

    Friday's Air

    Friday's are always a great day Ann...especially when it is payday Friday. Sounds like your office is really getting into the Halloween spirit. Makes the workplace alot more fun when they get into different activities. Good to hear that you are feeling better Bud. I'm sure that exercising is alot better for controlling weight than a flu/cold. It has been chilly here for the last week. We had our first snowfall last weekend with maybe an inch of snow on the ground. But it hasn't gotten warm enough all week to melt. I checked the weather network on Monday and the forecast was for temperatures between +2 and +7 all week. Well the very next day it was -9 !!! It is forecasting +7 for tomorrow so we'll see how close they are. Right now we have a really heavy ice fog. Makes driving not so much fun. Fantasy Fest in Key West.....we could have headed that way in the Keg bus.
  11. Hey folks Still not quite daylight here but I can only see a few clouds near the horizon so looks to be another nice day. KW Judy, we are supposed to be in the plus temps. for the rest of the week so this snow should disappear. Tell Stan not to worry, we'll have more before his trip and I'll include a few eggs as well. Is he hunting deer ? My neighbor's so got a white tail last week but didn't know what to do with it so I went over on Saturday and made the sausages for him. Yes Eric I did get the Llama's....seven of them and at least 2 are pregnant possibly 3 !!! The guy I bought my 2nd horse from is moving and was going to put them down so of course I couldn't have that so I took them. So now I have 2 cats, 4 dogs, 2 horses, 7 Llama's and 12 hen's on my little funny farm. I'm also trying to buy a few young heffer cow's so that at least I will have something that provides a little income to offset the cost of keeping the pets.
  12. Hey folks Well Bud looking out at a snow covered ground makes those temperatures look really good. I moved south to the farm but I guess not far enough south to avoid the snow. Well at least I did get a couple extra weeks of fall without snow than if I was still in the knife. I certainly understand what you mean about bad fishing is better than a good work day. I'm just having a tea then I have to collect eggs, feed the animals, then cut wood and I'm looking forward to it alot more than I did going to work and sitting behind a desk. Even sore muscles tonight will still feel better.
  13. So if Sarah Palin becomes President, I can expect the Keg Bus to be heading north ? LOL Stop by the farm for a visit. Getting dark earlier here as well and the temperatures are hovering near the freezing point in the mornings. A little too cool when I still have lots of work to do around here before the snow flies. Lost a couple weeks when I had my little mishap. Not sure if I mentioned it on here but I bought a horse and got bucked off the first time I got on. The owner's told me she didn't buck even though they were selling her because the lady had gotten thrown off as well. Well I broke my back in 4 places, L1 to L4, and did some muscle damage. Just starting to get around now. I later found out that the horse had been treated very badly by a previous owner. Even 1 jawbone feels like it was broken and healed wrong. So I kept her and now she gets special treatment. LOL I also got another horse and 7 Llama's this past weekend. The farm is beginning to feel like a farm. LOL
  14. Hey folks Just got the internet connection set up on the farm. Funny how you get to depend on computer's so much these day's. I hunt here as well Eric. Like Judy, I make sure everything is put to good use. I never hunt anything that I will not eat and only hunt as much as needed. In Newfoundland you had to submit an application for a draw to get a moose license. The average was that you would get 1 every 4 years. But the population had grown that there were alot of car/moose accidents and many people were getting killed on the highway's. So they had to increase the number of moose license's given out each year to control the population. Ducks Unlimited own the quarter section behind my farm. This area is a flyway for the Canada geese and is 1 of the 2 best hunting area's in Canada. Sometimes it is difficult getting to sleep at night as they fly over my house to the next quarter. I have plenty of deer on my land Judy. I counted 13 white tail the other morning when i was having a tea on the deck. well I better try to catch up on some of the post I missed over the last couple weeks. Take care
  15. Well Judy for a "working" trip, sounds like you are still enjoying yourself. Good for you. It is a 3 day weekend here in Canada as well. For me it is a 3 week weekend. LOL I leave for the farm at lunchtime and won't return until Sept. 27. I'm going to try and get internet set up next week so I may not be AWOL for the entire time. Have to do some fencing this trip because I'm going to be actively looking for a couple horses. My kids are all visiting for Thanksgiving weekend in October and I'd really like to have a couple horses for them to go riding on. Have a great weekend everyone.
  16. I've been very sensitive to smells since my treatment as well. Perfume's and cleaner's are really bad. I picked up a friend one day and she had been cleaning her bathroom with an environmentally friendly cleaner. When I arrived she rushed out with washing her hands. After driving for only a couple minutes, I had to pull over because I was coughing so bad it was unsafe to drive. I've had conversations with people that have alot of perfume's/cologone on and it is really bad. You do not want to be rude and walk away but a few times I have had to excuse myself because it was so difficult to breathe. Originally I attributed the sensitivity to quitting smoking but 3 years later it is just as bad if not worse.
  17. Sounds like Stan is a keeper Judy. LOL I knew he was a great cook but a mechanic as well !!!! Bud my jaw dropped when I read that you rode 737 miles and that was a low month ! That is impressive. I also had the weight issue's with steroids. I gained almost 50 lbs. I think it was a combination of the steroids, quitting smoking, and I was sitting around at home recovering after my operation. It was during the winter and going outside in -40 degree weather after having a lung operation wasn't fun. But for me the gain wasn't too bad. I was slim before so the extra weight only put me 15 lbs over where I should have been. Getting the extra weight in the proper areas is a complete different story. LOL
  18. Hey folks Bit of a mozzy/mausy day here today. Eric you may be familiar with that term. Was quite common back in Newfoundland but I haven't heard it in a long time. With all the internet problems, you must be enjoying so much more of the scenery Judy. LOL You will certainly run into problems in farmville and then you will get another message from Gail. LOL This winding down at work before leaving is getting boring. Very unlikely that my replacement will be hired before I leave so I'm just trying to write down as much information as I can. would have been so much easier to have an overlay. especially since I gave 2 1/2 month's notice !!!!
  19. Hey folks Back to work and that great invention called the internet. Had a great time at the farm and alot accomplished. Only 4 more work days and then another 3 weeks vacation ! I do not expect to get much completed in those 3 weeks. My farm is in a Canada goose flyway and the hunting is maybe the sceond best in Canada. So I've gotten alot of new " friends " because of this. As soon as I got to work this morning another " friend " dropped by to ask about staying at the farm next week. I'm sure that I will have plenty of company during hunting season. Oh well, nothing wrong with company. Well it is certainly not in the 90's here. had our first frost yesterday morning and the temperature dropped to just below freezing. Even for the north, it is an early frost. In the last week the leaves have changed color's. nothing like walking through the woods in the fall of the year with freshly fallen leaves and the aroma is great.
  20. OK I just lost my first post and that is not a good thing when I'm a 1 finger type of guy when it comes to typing !!! Donny I think your description of the pizza and creek has everyone a little jealous. So good to hear that you had such a great day. Now Judy in MI, do you see what happen's when you post in my air by mistake. LOL Well I'm outta here tomorrow morning back to the farm for another couple weeks vacation. They are supposed to have the internet up and running by the end of August but I think it may be later. Take care everyone and I'll catch up with you in a couple weeks.
  21. Hey folks. Just plugging away here counting down the days. Sorry to hear your having problems Judy in KW. Most people as we get older experience different medical issue's. But people who have been touched by cancer usually associate any medical issue's to the cancer. I know if I get a pain in my big toe or the flu, somehow I will turn it around so that it is cancer related in my mind. I forget that other people get the flu as well. Then I get all stressed out until a Doctor reassure's me that it is not cancer related or it goes away. So Judy if this problem preceded your diagnosis, then it is very unlikely that it is related. Bud taking Friday's off and going fishing sound's like a great plan. Not sure in your area, but here it is not a good time of year for fishing. We have really deep lakes and with the warm weather, the fish go deep and do not bite as well. Usually early spring and the beginning of fall is the best fishing. You have to use downrigger's now just to get your line down near the fish.
  22. Hey folks. Just a regular day here in the knife and not too exciting. I'm finding that just doing the day to day tasks at work and not planning for the future is getting boring ! Oh well, only another 2 weeks. Bud I think you already get alot of mileage out of your bike so at least you would have low mileage on a vehicle extending the lifespan. Judy in MI, I can't "see" your pictures on my work computer but I'll have a look tonight at home. Think I have to agree with Judy that bow's just do not seem right on a hunting dog. But then again, I have 2 retriever's that won't retrieve. One is afraid of gun's and the other will not swim. Hope Dom and Stan get lot's of fish. Can get pretty boring for a young boy if he isn't getting any bites. Hope you feel better soon as well.
  23. Bud I think I fit somewhere in between you and Eric. I never take time off work to just sit around and relax because I get bored too easily. Only so much you can do in a city even though we have great fishing, hunting, etc. But living on a farm I don't see boredom being a problem. Alway's lot's to do and I will still have to work. But on the weekend's and evening's I'll be kept busy because I plan to get a couple horses, hen's etc. I also put a workshop in my basement because I enjoy wood working. funny... now I sit at a desk making good money and I'm looking forward to working my butt off and making alot less money. LOL
  24. Well folks it is just another warm, sunny day in the knife. By warm I mean around 75 and not the high's that alot of you people get. Summer's here are great with very little rain, sunshine every day with temp's in the 70's and of course 24 hour's of daylight. Help's make up for the cold winter's. 2 month's with a shotgun rider Judy ??? Stan is my hero. Just teasing ya sweetie I'm sure it will be a great trip. Bud, I've been debating this move for awhile. I make a really good salary here in the north and will definitely take a drastic pay cut moving south. But I have pretty well everything there now that I need with the new house, equipment, etc. I guess I will alway's have a "wish" list. But I think now my priority is changing from making money to just living comfortably and enjoying life more. I remember talking with my Oncologist at our first meeting and he was asking about my future plan's. i told him about my hobby farm and his word's were " do it sooner than later "
  25. Thanks Randy and Eric. I built a retirement home just can't afford to retire yet ! Just maybe work a little less and not as stressful jobs. Judy I'm sure that you will have a great week and I'm sure Stan appreciates you going with him.
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