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  1. I too was very scared when I started chemo. I think for me it was because I had heard so many horror stories of others who had chemo. Those stories are in the past and now they have meds that can help with the side effects.

    After my first treatment I felt great and didn't think I needed to take the meds I was given. Big mistake!! Take the meds and keep your chemo team updated on how you are doing. They will be able to help and maybe change your meds if they know what is going on. I found that a side effect of the steroid I was taking can make you very agitated. I had a cisplatin/vinerolbine combination which was switched to carboplatin for the last treatment. I found that alot easier than the cisplatin. Along with ringing in the ears, pay attention to any pain in the lower back when you are getting the chemo IV. It is not a common concern but a new nurse tried doing it too fast and kidneys began hurting.

    The chemo was not near as bad as I was expecting and I'm sure you will be the same. Take care

  2. I learned early in this journey that you have to be your own advocate. If I had just accepted what I was told in the beginning my story may have been different.

    That journey may be frightening Christine but there are alot of good news stories like mine as well.

  3. I just got my latest chest x-ray results and still NED since September 2007 Lobectomy. I give credit to members on this website encouraging me to push for adjuvant chemo.

  4. Hey Randy, Katie

    I'm doing good and just staying busy.

    I haven't seen Alex in awhile Randy and no I don't watch Ice Road Truckers. LOL There is another show similar to that being filmed in Yellowknife as well. That one is living on a houseboat. Are you still working hard in the food industry?

    Katie I read a little about you every now and then on here. Still doing alot of public speaking and traveling? How are the kids ?

  5. Hi Cindy


    I am not sure where that old yellow bus is but it is getting chilly here in the north. Might be time to get going for a tour again and pick up members along the way.

  6. Hey Eric and mike

    Great to hear that you are still living a fast paced life Eric. Spain sounds like a great place for a get away.

    Congratulations on the grand kids growing up mike. I walked my daughter down the aisle in September. During her thank you speech she told everyone the story how 8 years ago we didn't think I would be here to walk her down the aisle. I think almost everyone there had a tear in their eye by the time she was finished.

    No -30's yet mike but we did get a few snow flurries this afternoon. I remember back in the day we would all jump on the old yellow bus to get away from the cold. Lol

    Great to hear you both are doing good

  7. I haven't posted for awhile but still drop in every week. i joined here in 2007 shortly after I had VATS surgery and my upper left lobe removed. LCSC was my lifeline when I had alot more questions than answers. i know there was a lady named muriel who convinced me to push for adjuvant chemo and that has worked out good so far.

    just wondering if any of the old gang is like me just reading and not posting these days.

  8. Morning everyone

    I know it has been quiet here but thought I would post this because it may be encouragement and hope for others.

    In September 2007 I had my upper left lobe removed and was staged 1B. My surgeon and Oncologist said I was good to go and required no further treatment. From reading on this site and talking to other members, I found out about adjuvant chemo. I asked my Oncologist about it and he said it was not given for lower than stage 2. I pushed for it and he checked with his Oncologist team. They were divided on it. I requested the chemo and did 4 rounds. They even wrote on my chart that research did not support my decision. Go ahead seven years, yesterday I got another NED result. If I had not been a member of this site or gotten suggestions from members here, who knows if the result would be the same. I give credit for my NED result to having adjuvant chemo. I give credit to this site for me finding out about adjuvant chemo. I know one member, Muriel, really pushed me to get it and I can never thank her enough.

    This site is important especially for people just beginning this journey. Take a minute to not only read but to post as well.

  9. Hi

    Welcome to this great site.

    I think it is normal for you to be scared and have all those feelings. I know I was several months from the time a spot showed up on a chest x-ray until I had surgery to determine if it was cancer. I was stressed all the time. That was in 2007 and even now while I am waiting for the results of my test it is very stressful. Most members here refer to it as scanxiety.

    It sounds like they are being proactive in doing the biopsy. It could be other things as well but definitely better to be certain.

    I had surgery and had my left upper lobe removed. A few months after that I was also diagnosed with COPD. But I still work and enjoy a very active lifestyle.

    Take care and please post any updates. There are alot of members here with experience that nay be able to answer questions for you.

  10. Hi

    I submitted a reply to your post last night but it disappeared somewhere. I had VATS and was staged 1B. That was in 2007. I think it is normal how you are feeling now with being so new on this journey. It is a big change not only in the patients lif but also family , friends, etc. Things will begin to fall in place and you will find your new " normal". It will get easier as you get farther out.

  11. Hey Cindy

    I'm here in the back of the bus waiting for Eric and his cases of Amber Nectar .

    After watching Kaite's silly willy video please do not let her drive , I'll take my chances on the dog !!!

  12. Now that is more like it Ms Texas. I think you provided pictures of our old bus as well so thanks for helping Cindy out.

    You know I think I even recognize a few members on your bus !!! Eric provided alot of the entertainment and I am sure that he is in the plaid shirt. I know that you are there as well Katie....now if only you were standing on the seat so that we could see you. LOL sorry, payback for the smelly feet remark.

    Now who is jumping on the bus first and where are we headed? I think it should be Cindy. The first person buy's the beverages and since she has saved money from using that fancy limo, she can afford it. All aboard everyone's is welcome.

  13. OK hang on Cindy !!!! We have had a Lungevity party bus for years. But as I recall it was a beat up old yellow bus not the pimped out Hollywood bus you have pictured. I would have to take my shoes off in this bus but in the old yellow bus everyone was dancing, sometimes the driver ( Muriel ) would put us in the ditch, and alot of wobbly pop's being passed around. So Cindy I think you should trade in this ride for the old bus and a few tanks of gas to pick everyone up . LOL

  14. Hi Debra

    Let me the first to welcome you to a great site. Alot of members here have been on the same rollercoaster you feel that you are on now. I joined here in 2007 and "talking" with others that had walked in my shoes helped me more than I can say. I had lots of questions and the members here answered them from their own experience.

    Like you I was stage 1b and had surgery. That was in 2007 and still all clear !!! I had my upper left lobe removed and followed that with 4 rounds of adjuvant chemo.

    So tell us more about you Debra. Did you have chemo ?

  15. Hey Cindy and Diane

    You are correct....no sympathy from me on the temperatures you have. Those are Speedo temperatures here. LOL Vancouver very rarely has snow either but last week they had snow for 3 days.

  16. Great news Mike on the NED !!!!!

    It is 48 here today and our normal would be around -22. Just weird weather this winter. Mike we had a really bad windstorm here Tuesday night. Winds were clocked at 72mph. Alot of tree's down and power was gone for 30 hours. I have big windows in my living room and I thought they were going to break or loose the roof. You could actually feel the house shaking and things were rattling on the walls.

  17. Well glad that I dropped in with everyone talking about me !!!! LOL Mike thanks for the compliment and maybe we were seperated at birth. Like the joke I'm Daryl and here is my other brother Daryl.

    I can't help with your medical issues but I can certainly relate to the stress at scan time. Ihave been 6 years NED but I think my last x-ray had me more stressed than any of the other's. I think every ache and pain that I felt for a month had me convinced that it was back. But I was wrong and results were fine.

    mike I'm sure everything will be fine. Hang in there buddy. Take care.

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