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  1. Morning everyone Well winter has arrived on the farm. This morning it is -34C ( -29F ) so a little chilly. But it will definitely get colder. That is only fall weather here. LOL Southern Alberta has had blizzards for the last few days but we were fortunate and it missed us. We still only have 6" of snow on the ground. I was sorry to read that Diane is having a little trouble and is in hospital. I'm sure she will be back here soon. Katie sorry to read that you had to have surgery as well. Hopefully it is not too painful and get better soon. Ms. Texas I read that you are using voice activation but it is slow typing on your Ipad. I've talked to you and have heard that strong Texas accent. I think it is slow typing because first the voice activation has to do a translation into English !!!!! It probably wasn't programmed to recognize " ya'll ". LOL
  2. Morning everyone Hopefully everyone is still enjoying their holiday. I imagine anyone that traveled anywhere probably took Friday off as well and made it a long weekend. We had snow here on Thursday. When I got home Thursday night I took the snowblower out and spent 3 hours doing the drive and a few paths. I shut off the snowblower and turned to go back to the house and it started snowing again !!! Well that is going to stay there for a few days now. Nice to see you join in Lilly. Maybe some of the members that are just reading can get a little exercise after that big dinner by typing a few words and tell us about your holiday. We would love to read about it. Take care.
  3. Morning everyone Hope you are enjoying the holiday and the great dinner that goes with it. Members on this site certainly know the meaning of Thanksgiving so please also remember those members that were not fortunate enough to be here today. Take care.
  4. Hi Anya I am so sorry that you have a reason to be here. But you will find members here have a wealth of information and are very supportive. Some Oncologist will give you a timeframe and other's will not. Personally I would not believe it anyway. I was given a timeframe for both my Mother and my Brother. Neither were even close. You will read stories on here of members given a few months but are here years later. No one has an expiry date stamped on the bottom of their foot for the Oncologist to read. Oncologist giving timeframes are just going by statistics. Those stats can include people of all ages, different illnesses, etc. Also people react differently to treatment. I would say just enjoy the time you have whether it is months or years. Please come back and let us help support you on this journey. Take care.
  5. Hey there I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday. If you are traveling, be safe. When you get where you are going, enjoy the time with your family and friends. Take care.
  6. Hey everyone Wow Cindy do you ever have a busy week !!!! If I had that many Thanksgiving dinners I would be sleeping for a week. Diane I think your dinner dates are bringing you in a close second behind Cindy. We celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago so my Turkey dinner is worn off. But hearing everyone talk about their plans this week, the Christmas bird in the freezer may be making an appeareance a little early !!! Mike I think we would all like to have the entire family together for those holidays. Unfortunately most families in the real world are not like the Waltons. All you can do is spread yourself around to spend time with different family members. My plans were to spend Christmas with my daughter but her boyfriend got transferred to another province and she leaves on December 22. Then a week after that news my son got a new job 500 miles away and he is working during Christmas. So much for plans hey.
  7. Morning everyone. How was everyone's weekend ? Was really nice on the farm. The temperature yesterday was right at the freezing point. ( I think those Texas ladies finally decided to share ! ) Just nice for doing chores outside. Even the little pony was out running around. Last night I took the dogs for a walk and the sky was just full of stars. Great night to just walk and enjoy everything. Diane you have got your weekend planned out ! Nothing wrong with just sitting back enjoying it and let the young un's do the work. LOL Mike I had my surgery in September and had chemo over the winter. I found the cold air was really bad then. Of course I also lived in Yellowknife which is far north. There you have to go south to visit Santa ! It is common for temperatures not to rise above -40 for 3 weeks straight in the winter. And yes -40 is the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Wood stoves now are very air tight so you get very little smoke in the house. It doesn't bother me at all. In the fall here farmers burn brush from clearing land and that bother's me. Same as forest fires in the summer. But I enjoy sitting around the firepit and enjoy a wobbly pop ! The smoke doesn't seem to affect me at all. LOL
  8. Morning Folks Thanks for joining in Donna. I think we should all point a finger at Cindy for this cold weather. Everything was OK before she started fanning. LOL Just teasing ya Cindy. Donna that is why I have 2 woodstoves in my house on the farm. Living in a rural area, if the power goes it can be out for days. Having 80 acres of tree's on my land also makes it convenient. Good thing the sevice company didn't take too long. It is a balmy -17C here this morning. This weekend is supposed to get nice and temperatures are getting close to the freezing mark tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone.
  9. Hi Amy Thanks for dropping in again. Alot of us have went through what you are feeling now. The fear of reoccurance is always there but it gets easier with time. For me it has been 6 years now and it is there in the back of your mind but not your main focus like it was in the beginning. I understand how watching your Uncle go through things can add to that fear. I lost my Uncle, Mother, and Brother to lung cancer. So you can imagine what was going through my mind when I was told that I had lung cancer ! After talking to others, asking questions, doing research, etc. I found that you are an indiviual and everyone is different and responds differently to treatment. You are fortunate that it was caught early. That is why I would tell someone not to compare yourself to someone else or to read statistics. As you progress on this journey, you will find there is hope and your confidence will grow. The emotional challenge is just as hard if not worse than the physical challenge especially in the beginning. We have been there and whether it was therapy, medication, etc. they are all for assistance in helping on this journey. Take care.
  10. Morning folks I think it is getting colder !! It was -37 this morning. Really did not want to go outside. But I'm afraid it will get colder than that. A couple weeks ago I was complaining about -10 ! Diane I think Cindy is doing it. She was going to fan that warm air our way but I think she kept it for herself. So Diane you are well aware of the difference in seafood depending on the water temperature. I was reading an article last night of a shark being found on a beach in Newfoundland. It had a piece of moose hide still in it's mouth. A couple fisherman pulled it out and pushed the shark back in the ocean. You do not get too many sharks there but lots of whales. Really nice when they surface close to you. A little scary when they swim right under your boat. Curious creatures.
  11. Morning folks First of all I would like to clarify something. I think there is a language barrier because I am Newfie. Cindy I said I wanted warm air. It is 2 degree's colder than yesterday !!!! A balmy -36C ( -33F ) not including the wind chill.LOL Did I read right that Katie said I was her favorite Canadian ???? She must be in the Christmas spirit because usually she is just giving me heck. My new pony doesn't like this weather too much. His bouncing around when it was warmer is now down to a slow walk around the pasture. He has a nice winter coat on so I am sure he is just conserving energy.
  12. Hi Amy Sorry that you have to be here but this is a great site with alot of members who are great support. Like you I was diagnosed and had my upper left lobe removed. I was staged 1B and had 4 rounds of Cisplatin/Vinerolbine chemo. A common side effect of Cisplatin is hearing issues. I had ringing in the ears and my 4th round was changed to Carboplatin. If you find anything you should mention it to your chemo team. I am also familiar with the steroid. I think the entire time that I was taking chemo I could be found with my butt sticking out of the fridge ! I also found that it can make you very agitated. No one had told me but I noticed a difference in my personality and when I asked the chemo nurse she said that it was the steroid causing it. I smoked as well but it is a stigma and you will hear alot of people with LC who has never smoked. This is a great support site and if you have any questions there is a good chance a member here can answer them. Take care and please drop in again.
  13. Cindy I bet those cookies taste a whole lot better than packaged store bought. You might need to fan a little harder, still chilly here. LOL Diane I think that I prefer than cloudy and rainy. Even in the cold weather that sun sure looks nice. Northern lights are starting to get really nice as well. You mentioned lobster. I grew up on an island off the east coast of Canada so fishing was a favorite hobby. The cold north Atlantic produces great seafood. In warmer ocean water it all taste different. Salmon is pink as opposed to deep red in the Atlantic. When I go to a restaurant in the west and someone is talking about how good their lobster taste, I just smile. Those are what we called rock lobster and we threw them back. Katie that is an awesome picture of you driving the school bus. How did I know it was you.....your feet can't touch the floor. HaHa. Had to get you on that one Ms Texas.
  14. Well ladies I haven't recieved any of that warm air yet !!! Right now the temperature is -33C (-27F ) and with the windchill it is -36C ( -33F ). So Cindy I don't think your kids would venture outside at all here. And to think that 3 years ago I moved south. LOL In Yellowknife these were suntanning temperatures !! Katie I will try to get to the Hope Summitt. Depends on work. I am going to the Dominican but that is near the end of April....just to thaw out. And I think you were coming north of the border as well. I shop online very little just because I try to support local business as much as possible. But yes Cindy I getthe impression that you are quite familiar with it. LOL Ms Texas I definitely do rember the old bus trips. We had alot of laughs over the bus. I remember one post we had 94 replies in a very short time. Members were popping in frequently ust to get updated. I remember Patti B and Judy KW trying to drive. I think Muriel was the navigator and leader. Hopefully the bus is parked in your yard Katie because I don't think it will start if it's parked in mine.
  15. Lots of post today by Katie and Cindy so just thought that I would join in and open the air. Maybe close to the end of the day for some. Little chilly here today at -23C with -31 windchill. So Katie how about pushing some of your warm temperatures north please. This weekend it is supposed to get unseasonably warm at -3. Anyone have any Christmas stories to share ? I am buying Christmas presents for my staff. Any suggestions ?
  16. Bruce u

    My mom

    Jamie I am so sorry to read this. I don't have any experience with squamous cell so I can't answer your questions. But just wanted to let you know that we are all here for you and your Mom. Take care.
  17. Morning everyone Well I think winter has finally began on the farm. We had a little snow this week maybe 4" in total. Tuesday morning it was -31C (-24F) so a little chilly. This morning was a crisp -16C (+3F). The new pony is getting his winter coat and beginning to enjoy the warm shelter. What is happening in your neck of the woods ? I just read an article on Lung Cancer Canada website and they had this did you know : Most new lung cancer diagnoses in Canada are among people who have never smoked or who quit smoking. Although lung cancer causes more than a quarter of cancer deaths, it receives less than 7% of national research funding. Lung cancer takes the lives of nearly twice as many Canadian women as breast cancer
  18. Sorry to hear this Denise. My condolences to you and the family.
  19. Hey Cindy and Diane Great to see some chatter in the Air. I was supposed to travel 4 hours this morning to meetings and then another 4 hours this evening to return home. I left at 4:30am but after an hour the weather began getting bad so I turned around and came home. This is the first snowfall which is OK since last year we got it on October 9th and it stayed until mid May. Not sure if I mentioned it but I got a little pony this week. I went out this morning and he was covered in snow even though there was a shelter with fresh straw just a few feet away. I had taken him in the shelter a few times this week and thought instinct would have led him in there when it snowed. Hope his instincts are better for the rest of the training. Still haven't named him yet but think I better hurry if his training is going to be a slow process !
  20. Wow this site has been quiet the last few days. Missing Diane. Does anyone know if she was going to be gone for a few days ? Well I think winter is beginning to set in here. Just a skim of snow on the weekend here but further south got it pretty good. Some places got over one foot. And of course the first snow fall of the year lots of accidents. People have such short term memories. They forget how they drove last winter !!
  21. Bruce u

    Friday Air

    Hey Diane I guess it is a belated Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great time at your party. Most of the leaves have fallen here but still no snow on the ground. Last year we had snow on October 9 and it was here until mid May. So this late snow is great. I am just getting back after being gone traveling all week. I have a Board meeting tomorrow which will last most of the day. Then try to catch up on work at the farm over the next few days. Only seen 3 kids last night which were friends. Not may young kids in my area and parents have to drive them with miles between houses.
  22. Go to Katies and take my straw bale back !!! LOL
  23. Good mornimg everyone Or at least it is morning here. Another nice crisp sunny morning. A little warmer than normal but that's OK. We had a couple days this week that broke records for warm temperatures. It was +16C in a couple area's. In my area we were at +12 and we'll certainly take that late October. Now tomorrow is a different story. I have to drive 8 hours south and they are supposed to be getting snow. In the mornings now it is about 8:30 before it gets full daylight and the evenings are about 6:30 and it is dark. So daylight is definitely getting less each day. We will be switching to Daylight Savings time on November 3 so it will be dark driving home. How about in your area ? What time is sunrise, sunset ?
  24. Diane just looking at your picture and then reading that you are calling your dentist a jerk, just doesn't look right. LOL
  25. Good morning everyone Thanks for the update Katie. I noticed a couple comments about Ginny on the board but wasn't aware of what happened. Hopefully things will work out OK and she will bounce back. Ginniny was certainly an avid golfer. Eric you are a busy man. I can see why you retired from your job, you didn't have time to work.
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