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  1. OK I've caught up but the dog won't let me in the boat.....
  2. Judy you enjoy your trip. Enjoying nature is always relaxing. We will be missing your post here on this site but also happy knowing you are enjoying yourself. We'll have Judy withdrawal symptoms and can't wait until you get back. Take care.
  3. Sorry you had a bad week Kelly. Take care and we'll be thinking about you.
  4. OK I was following along for awhile then lost it. Now i just have a headache on both sides of my brain!!!!LOL I'm right handed, but do most things left handed ( hockey, baseball, etc.), had my Left upper lobe removed, and am more analytical.
  5. Hi Vickie. Welcome to this site. I am sure you will find other members here who are familiar with the treatments your husband has received. There may be other members here from your area as well. This journey can be difficult but it is good to hear that it has not been as bad as you had anticipated. Take care and please keep us updated on how things are going.
  6. Include me with the other comments. But hope everything works out.
  7. Hi Phil. Welcome to this great site. I have to agree with the other members that you need more information. Hopefully you will not need to be here at all. As you get more information, please update us. You will find the members here very supportive and knowledgeable.
  8. Bruce u

    five years

    Congratulations Debi. Great to hear that you are now enjoying life without the constant fear.
  9. Hi Brokenarrow. Welcome to this site. You will find the members here very friendly and willing to share their experiences and knowledge. Congratulations on your great results and on returning to work. I am just returning to work as well after having a lobectomy last September followed by adjuvant chemo. You will find many good news stories on this site from other survivors.
  10. Hang in there Shelli. I'm sure the rain will stop and you will have a great summer.
  11. I was having tightness in my chest for a couple weeks but wouldn't go to the doctor. My daughter called and made the appointment with a GP. Because of a history of heart trouble in my family, he sent me for a stress test, blood test, etc. and at the end he also decided to add a chest x-ray. That is when they noticed a 1cm spot on my left lung. It was diagnosed as L/C until 7 months later when they did the lobectomy.
  12. Bruce u

    My Mom

    Great news Tina !!!
  13. Yellowknife, Canada. $7.50/gallon. I just came from the gas station. It was $7.30 2 days ago.
  14. Bruce u

    Scan Results

    Met with the Oncologist this morning to get the results of my 3 month chest x-ray. Everything is good with no sign of anything. Gotta love NED !!! Thanks everyone.
  15. Bruce u

    Scan time

    Congratulations Jamie !!!!You are an inspiration for everyone here. For being a survivor and also for all your efforts in educating people on L/C. Have a great summer.
  16. Great news Cathy!!!! You might want to post it in the Good News forum so that everyone can share in your great results.
  17. Welcome to this site. You will find the members here very friendly and have a wealth of experience. As you get more information, please post your questions and you will receive answers and support from members who have been there. As other's have said, things will get more focused once you have a plan in place.
  18. Bruce u

    Scan News

    Great News Lilly !!! Congratulations. Enjoy your vacation 3 month's at a time...
  19. I know a few people that has left everything in the turkey. I tried baking some nice blueberry muffins years ago. I mixed all the ingredients together, put it in the pan and placed it in the oven. After the appropriate elapsed time I opened the oven door. It didn't say anything in the directions that you were supposed to get 24 muffins and you only partially filled each place in the pan ! I filled 4 cups to the top. They rose so much that they went around the top rack in the oven and I had to cut them in half to get the pan out.
  20. Bruce u

    Two Years!!

    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!!!!!
  21. Hi Kelly Good luck on your meeting with the surgeon. I see that you have met Linda ( LovesLife ) . LOL I had my upper left lobe removed by VATS. Was walking around on the 3rd day and was working on the computer by the 5th day. In moderation of course.
  22. I agree with the other members. I was told to go directly to emergency if it went above 100. I was also told not to take Tylenol because it would mask the fever.
  23. Congratulations Shannon !!! Hope the good news continues on your Mom's treatment and your big day on Monday.
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