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  1. Congratulations Ann !!
  2. Hi Kelly I am from Canada as well and welcome to this site. The members here are great and can offer plenty of information. I am sure you will find out alot more information on your followup visit with your Doctor. As you get more information, please post it here in your profile and I am sure you will find other members with similar experiences that can help you through this journey.
  3. Congratulations !! You keep dancing..
  4. Bruce u

    Yeah Baby!!!

    congratulations on the good news !!!
  5. Bruce u

    Good Report!

    Great news Cindy. Congratulations.
  6. Hi Cathy Welcome to this great site. I too was diagnosed with stage 1b. I had a lobectomy last September and then elected to have 4 rounds of adjuvant chemo.
  7. I cannot provide any information on the lymph nodes but I do agree with the comments on walking. I had my Upper Left Lobe removed in September and started walking withing a couple days. I was off painkillers within 10 days.
  8. Hi Maryanne Welcome to this site. You will find the members here very supportive with a lot of knowledge. P.S. I was a smoker until I went in through the hospital doors for my operation.
  9. Hi Kristi You will find the members here very friendly and more than willing to pass on any information that may be helpful.
  10. My job title and last name. I often have to make decisions that are not popular with alot of people. They know my name but not to see me.
  11. Great for you Kathy !!!!
  12. Hi Marcia You will find the members here very supportive and willing to share their experiences.
  13. Bruce u

    great news!!!

    Great news Bucky
  14. I have 80 acres of Poplar and Spruce. Sorry but I'm not counting them. LOL
  15. Bruce u


    Hey everyone !!! I am safe and sound. I went to the farm and just got back tonight. Sorry everyone was so concerned. I thought I had told Ry that I was going out of town. I'll be there Tuesday night Randy and ready to take on the girls again Patti....
  16. Hi Paul Another Canadian here. You will find the members here very friendly and helpful.
  17. Sorry i missed chat nite. I was wondering who would get the blue dot. LOL
  18. Hi Bette I had a lobectomy on my upper left lung in September. I was also staged 1B. I just finished my 4 rounds of adjuvant chemo on Friday. I had Cisplatin/Vinerolbine for the first 3 and Carboplatin/Vinerolbine for the last round. Welcome to the site. You will find the members here very friendly with lots of information to share.
  19. I had the chimp too. LOL
  20. Bruce u


    Good one Fred....
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