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  1. Bruce u

    I am so excited

    Congratulations on the great news !!!! Hopefully the oncologist will keep the good news going.
  2. Bruce u

    New bike

    I had a bike like that once Fred. LOL
  3. Randy I agree with checking into the class action suit. As for the "what if", they are there in everyone's life when someone passes regardless of what the cause of death was. If someone passed away in an out accident on the way to the grocery store, there would be what if's. Everything that you did then and still continue to do now would make anyone proud. Take care.
  4. Not garage sale but similiar. We have a public salvaging area at our local landfill. A guy just found a retirement plaque there given to a sea captain. There was a small gold ship at the top, then verses, then a gold coin at the bottom. He just had the coin appraised in Edmonton and it is valued at $32,000. He is now getting the ship appraised as well as rubies he found with it.
  5. Congratulaions on the good report.
  6. I'll send a postcard on Monday from the great white North.
  7. Butterscotch Vanilla Chocolate
  8. Hi Panneli Welcome. This is a great source of information and support.
  9. I have never tried coffee. Have a cup of tea and a glass of juice.
  10. Hi Sherri Welcome. I was diagnosed in September and found this site. You will get alot of information and support from the members here.
  11. Bruce u

    Hey Ry!

    Happy birthday Rochelle!!!
  12. I hope my wife doesn't read this one !!!!
  13. Congratulations Jamie. It is a success before it even starts. I am sure it will run smoothly.
  14. I'm pretty sure I work with a couple of them Ry... Thanks for the chuckle Muriel.
  15. Bruce u


    My condolences to you and your family.
  16. Bruce u

    Still here!

    Happy Birthday Janet. Keep proving them wrong...
  17. Your story will give encouragement to so many other members. Thank you.
  18. Another new member here who hasn't included her profile yet is also 3a. She has undergone surgery and is now having chemo. After that she is scheduled to have radiation for a couple lymph nodes that were also affected. I will ask her to get in touch with you.
  19. Bruce u


    Not sure if I should even get involved in this post but oh well.. After lobectomy one boob was swollen up and the other was normal. So not even your "man's bra " would have helped me. Looked silly either way.
  20. I cetainly send my prayers for Corinne. I know she is in good hands with Dr Valji as the surgeon.
  21. Well JB at least he is getting the fundamentals of the game down. Now you should teach him about the people wearing the black and white striped shirts. LOL
  22. Randy and myself got lonely Judy. LOL
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