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    Need info please

    Hi Gail Mine was discovered by accident on chest x-ray. Family doctor then referred me to thoracic surgeon after CT scan. Surgeon felt it was too dangerous to do a biospy and PET scan was inconclusive. I met with Oncologist after surgery.
  2. Hi Deb The members here are great and always willing to provide information based on their experience. You will find this site very helpful and comforting. Welcome.
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. They did inject the Vinerolbine over a 10 minute period. They then started a saline drip through the IV and that is when the pain started. I am just using IV to receive the chemo. I am only scheduled to receive 4 rounds on a 21 day cycle with Cisplatin/Vinerolbine on day 1 and just Vinerolbine on day 8.
  4. Today I had my 2nd round of chemotherapy, Cisplatin/Vinerolbine. A couple minutes after they inserted the Vinerolbine in the IV by needle, I had alot of pain in both my kidneys. It was a constant pain but every minute or so a very severe stabbing pain in each kidney. They decreased the flow of the IV. Then the pain seemed to radiate to the lower spine. The pain eased off after 10 minutes and they gave me Tylenol 3's for pain and continued on with the treatment. Has anyone else had this reaction ? My only reaction from the 1st round was a headache for a few days.
  5. I'm sure other members may be more knowledgeable than myself on this subject. I just started chemo. ( Cisplatin/Vinerolbine ) 2 weeks ago, and I have been having the same symptoms as your Dad.
  6. I had my last cigarette in September on the hospital steps going in for my lobectomy. I smoked for 30 years but used the nicotine patches for 8 weeks when I got out of the hospital. I think your desire to quit is alot more important than which type of aid you use.
  7. Hi Corrine If you do get referred to the Cross Cancer Institute, they have great professionals there. I have met with 3 of the oncologist there and they have been very helpful. The patient care specialist are great as well. I live 1500km away but even the oncologist have returned my phone calls. You will find members on this site are a great source of support and have helped me make decisions on my treatment. Take care and hang in there.
  8. Hi Kelly I had an upper left lobectomy in September using a VATS procedure. I was released from the hospital and flew 900 miles home on the 3rd day. I really noticed a difference in my breathing and lung capacity after the 4th week. I just started 4 rounds of adjuvant chemo. I had never had surgey before but the operation and recovery was a lot easier than I had anticipated.
  9. Bruce u

    PET scan

    I was being told the same thing after CT scans and the PET scan. They could not tell me with 100% certainty that is was not cancer so I asked to have the surgey. Even on the operating table the surgeon said he felt it wasn't cancer. When he did a wedge resection and checked it under the microscope, it looked suspicious so he removed the upper lobe. It was cancer. I had VATS and the recovery has been good. For me personaly, I am glad I had the surgery.
  10. I live in northern Canada and I would like to have your temperatures. Today it is a mild -20c or -4F. Normal temperature for this time of year is -40c which is also -40F.
  11. I had a small spot on the upper part of my left lung. I had CT scans and a PET scan and they still could not tell for sure if it was cancerous. The surgeon said it was a high risk to try to do a biopsy on a pea sized spot. If you are being told that your husband is 1a then it would be less than 3cm as well. Even on the operating table the surgeon was telling me that he did not think it was cancerous. He went in to only do a wedge resection but when he looked at it under a microscope,it looked suspicious so he did a lobectomy removing the upper left lobe. He used VATS and I was out of the hospital in 3 days and going out for drives in a week. I was diagnosed as stage 1b.
  12. Best wishes Connie on your surgery and recovery.
  13. I smoked for over 30 years and had my last 1 on the hospital steps before I went in for a lobectomy. The spot on my lung was superficial and did not enter the lining. The quitting was alot easier than I had anticipated but you certainly need to have the desire. It is great that you can spend the time there for emotional support.
  14. Bruce u

    Strange Days

    Reading your stories will be heartfelt by everyone reading them. Quoted on my Dad's headstone " Gone but not forgotten. " We will miss our loved ones that have passed away but we will always have the memories. Funny how most of the memories are not of the big milestones in our lives but of small things that seemed insignificant at the time. Those are the memories we will cherish.
  15. I have an appointment with my onc. and that was 1 of the questions I am asking. I'll let you know his answer.
  16. Hi Jim I had my upper left lobe removed in September. I had a 2.1cm nodule. I was only in hospital for 3 days and the recovery has gone alot easier than I had anticipated. Good luck tomorrow.
  17. I had a lobectomy in September and they removed the upper lobe of my left lung.I was only in hospital for 3 days. It my first operation and even the first time I was hospitalized. So I was very nervous but it was not near as bad as I had anticipated. The "spot" turned out to be cancerous and it was 2.1cm. I am starting adjuvant chemo. this week.
  18. Bruce u

    3 years today!!!

    Congratulations !!!!
  19. Hi Drea I had surgery in September and had 40% of my left lung removed. I was released from hospital after 3 days. A week later I developed a fever which turned out to be a kidney infection and was treated with medication. I am a stage 1b and will start adjuvant chemo. next week.
  20. I would just like to thank everyone for their encouragement, advice and support. I have been receiving conflicting recommendations from the professionals over the past 3 weeks.I found this site and it was the feedback that I have received that convinced me to have the treatment. When you can make a difference in a stranger's life by sharing your experience's, it demonstrates how important this site is. Thank you again.
  21. I read some of your story and it was very touching. You are in our prayers during this time.
  22. I got a 2nd opinion this morning on having adjuvant chemo. for stage 1b. Actually this oncologist, a lung specialist, would not make a recomendation but wanted to discuss it with the other 5 specialist at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. He informed me of the U.S. study that included stage 1 which reported a 12% benefit but then said the data was incorrect on almost half of the participants. He then discussed the study completed by the Ontario Cancer Centre last month. This study reported a 15% benefit but included stage 2 as well as stage 1. They did not recommend it for stage 1b. The basic guideline at the Cross is if it is greater than 4cm they recommend chemo but smaller and they do not. Mine was 2.1cm. The 5 other specialist: 2 said they would not recommend it, the other 3 said they would discuss it with their patient but then let the patient decide. If the patient decided to have chemo, they would include that the evidence did not support this decision. I decided to have the chemo. If a study next year finds here is a benefit, I will be ahead of the game. I begin next week for 4 treatments of Cisplatin and Vinorelbine ( Navelbine ).
  23. If you look back through my post, Dr. West replied to my question on adjuvant chemo. for stage 1b. I have been trying to make that decision for 2 weeks and received alot of good advice from members on here.
  24. Hi Hopeful I just found this site recently. Members here have been great and prodided me with alot of information based on their experiences.
  25. I had a lobectomy in September and will be starting 4 rounds of adjuvant chemotherapy this week. The only follow test scheduled is a chest x-ray every 3 months. Should there not be other test like a ct scan, pet, etc. as well ? Does anyone have any recommendations on what test and how frequent ?
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