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  1. Good morning everyone

    Thanks for the update Katie. I noticed a couple comments about Ginny on the board but wasn't aware of what happened. Hopefully things will work out OK and she will bounce back. Ginniny was certainly an avid golfer.

    Eric you are a busy man. I can see why you retired from your job, you didn't have time to work.

  2. Hey there

    Sun just coming over the horizon here. Going to be another nice day. A little crisp with frost on the ground. Actually it is supposed to be sunny and warmer than normal all this week. Last year we had snow on the ground by now and it stayed until mid May, 7 a lot longer than normal for around here.

    Mike do you have long winters and real cold temperatures in Nebraska ?

    Like you Mike I lived in Yellowknife which is a small City of 20,000 but is 900 miles from a big city, so not many big name bands came there. Nazareth came there a couple years ago and was a good show. George jones as well. I've seen a few more country singers/bands like Tanya Tucker, Brooks and Dunn, Clint Black, etc. I seen Clint Black at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas and we should have gotten our money back. For the first 45 minutes they were having sound trouble. He would start singing and stop. That would not have been so bad but after the sound issue got corrected he only played for 30 minutes and left. Tickets were not cheap either. The next day I heard that Martina McBride was playing at another hotel.

  3. Hey folks

    One of those miserable days here today. Not raining but really foggy and misty. The kind if you are working outside you get wet without realizing it.

    Eric the Proclaimers songs are "I'm on my way " and "Letter to America". they were on the jukebox when I bought it. You can still buy old 45's online. I bought some awhile ago for .50 each. Kiss, Lynard Skynard, Grease, The Monkee's. Probably you're type of music Mike. Well not sure about Grease or The Monkee's. LOL

    Diane that was great you had family visiting. I don't have many family members still here either. Actually there were only 5 families of Underhay's in Newfoundland when I was growing up. I think there were only 3 boy's to carry on the name. Hey did you know that Newfoundland is the first place in North America to see the sunrise and St. John's is the oldest City in North America.

    Well better get off my butt and get some work done. Thanks for turning out the light Mike

  4. You are right Eric it is good seeing a few members posting.

    I had not thought about the Proclaimers in years until you mentioned them in a post this week. I was down in my rec room a couple days ago and I have a 1974 original Rockola jukebox. I was looking at something and happend to notice that one of the 45's on it is the Proclaimers.

    I got a chuckle when I read you and your gym buddies going out for lunch in the same sentence. LOL

  5. Well Donna I will add to the good news. Got my results back yesterday and still NED 6 years after surgery. Eric just celebrated his 5th anniversary. So any newbies reading, there are good news stories. If you have any questions there may be members on here with similar experiences that can provide the answers.

  6. Morning everyone

    Mike yesterday felt like Sunday to me as well. Maybe because it was a long weekend here. I had a bad toothache for a couple days one time. A friend stopped by for a visit and suggested drinking whiskey may deaden the nerves. Well the next day I still had the toothache....and a headache. LOL

  7. Sorry to hear about your friend Diane. Hopefully it is something else that will get better.

    a good friend of mine passed away this morning. He was diagnosed after I was and whenever he was having a bad day he would drop into my work for a chat.

    really windy here today and just above freezing. Definitely a fall day and you can feel the snow in the air.

    I think adopting animals from a shelter is great. I have my name on a list to adopt some horses. They are either taken from a owner that was abusing them or they are too old and the owner doesn't want them anymore.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Well it was yesterday here in Canada !

    Ginnyde great to see you stopping by.

    Mike I agree with you 100%. Here in Canada people scamming UIC ( unemployment insurance ) is really bad. They work for 12 weeks a year and sit home the other 40 weeks spending our tax money. Same as Social Services. Healthy able bodied men too lazy to work or support their family receiving Social Services. Spend all their days out hunting or fishing on their new quads, driving new trucks, etc.

    Little crisp on the farm this morning. Not sure on the Farenheit conversion but -6C. Time to haul hay bales into the pasture today for the animals. Got a feeling snow is just around the corner.

    How was your weekend Diane ? Still golfing Ginnyde ?

  9. No stakes required Diane. It only took maybe 30 minutes to do 160 acres. A regular survey would have gotten 6000 contol points, this survey got 1.2 million. So alot more accurate.

    The first "airs" that I can remember were done by a guy who worked on the oil rigs. When he wasn't available to do the daily air, Judy in KW started doing them.

  10. Well it is Saturday but no day off here. I have a surveyor coming today to do some aerial surveying for me. They are using drones now. I guess they are not that expensive and the survey is alot more accurate than a regular land survey or a high altitude survey done by plane. Will be interesting to see.

    Mike great to see you turned out the light. Thank you. Funny how you remember those little things and they just make you feel good. Told you it is just like coming home again.

    Now if some of the other senior members would say hi. Even a PM if you are lurking but not posting. Would be nice to know how everyone is doing.

    Can anyone remember the person who started the "Air" ?

  11. Great seeing you here Mike. I never heard of soaping windows before. Just might have to try that one out. LOL

    You have a great weekend as well.

    Hey.......you never turned out the light ! LOL

  12. Diane I know what you mean with parents not letting their kids eat home made treats anymore. Too many horror stories. You may not have played tricks but for me that was the favorite part, even if we did get a treat ! Not vanadalism or anything. Just like taking a gate off hinges or moving lawn ornaments around, etc.

    Eric I think you guy's just enjoyed making kids work for their treats. If I had to sing or recite poetry I would have died of starvation. LOL

    In Newfoundland we had a tradition at Christmas time called Mummering. Similar to Haloween but adults dressed up and went house to house. They wore mask and costumes and would be invited into the house. Whoever was in the house had to guess the identity of the visitors. Of course everyone enjoyed the amber nectar as Eric called it. Usually someone was playing a guitar, someone else on accordian and someone on spoons. Then the rest would start dancing. Usually this was in the kitchen. Then they would move on to the next house and do the same. Most of the people in my hometown did this and elderly people that didn't go out much loved it. Then my brother told me that last year they made it illegal. Apparently their were too many armed robberies being committed by people dressed up as Mummer's. A great tradition gone because of a few bad apples.

  13. Hey Eric and Diane

    I know what you mean about trying to rake wet leaves Diane. Fortunately here the nearest tree's is about 1/4 miles from my house so no need to rake.

    Of course we celebrate Haloween here in Canada. Unfortunately I have one neighbor 1/2 mile away and the next nearest is about 6 miles. So as you can imagine not many kids come trick or treating. Wait...is it because of the distance or because I put my mother-in-laws picture on the door. LOL I know that is not very nice but it's only a mother-in-law joke.LOL

  14. Well another crisp morning on the farm. Just below the freezing mark this morning. All the Poplar tree's have turned yellow and leaves are falling. One good windstorm and they will just look like seletons. Big difference in how the farm looks between summer and winter.

    How is everyone today ? How is the weather in your neck of the woods ?

  15. You know Diane, I've been absent on here as well for awhile just taking a break, reading but not posting. But I joined this site in 2007 just after my diagnosis and surgery. It was really my lifeline meeting friends who were also walking in these shoes. Asking questions and getting answers. Now it almost feels like a homecoming for me. Hopefully a few of the other senior members will come on home as well.

    I have to go to the post office and I have been trying to avoid that for the last month ! The last time I was there I was taking some cold medication. Well I had registered mail so I went to the counter and the lady gave me my envelope. I turned and began walking toward the door and was looking at the envelope trying to figure out what it was. Well I guess with the medication ( my excuse ) and not paying attention, I walked into the glass wall !!!! My ball cap fell off and I heard the lady at the counter say " Oh my. " I just picked up my cap and hurried out. Well guess I gotto go back and face the music. LOL

  16. Morning folks

    Mr. Byrne, so nice of you to give us a lesson on Scottish words. No idea of what they mean though...I have enough trouble with English. LOL

    Eric you definitely lead a busy lifestyle. I think you must be busier now than when you were working full time. The Proclaimers. Didn't they sing a song called " 500 miles " ?

    It is getting cooler here for sure. Had to scrape the frost off the wndshield this morning. Too early for that. Well it is Thanksgiving this weekend. So turkey it will be.

    Any plans for the weekend Diane ?

    I am sure there must be a few of the senior members that are reading but not posting. How about Ginnyde ? Fillise ? Muriel ?

  17. LOL Diane I didn't even know there was a dictionary of Newfoundland English. I know the rest of Canada does think that Newfoundland has it's own language !!!

    I think mauzy is an old English word. Maybe Eric is familiar with it.

  18. Hey folks

    Well it is a dreary,rainly old day here. Only +1c so it is bordering on the white stuff. We would use an old saying and call this a mausy old day. Too wet to do anything outside so guess I will have to do some work.

    Diane I haven't heard of any lighthouses back my way that were used as final resting places, at least not official resting places. LOL

    Where are all the regulars ? Not even Randy or Katie around. Lots of viewers so maybe someone will chime in.

  19. Well it was a really nice fall day on the farm yesterday and today.....rain. We do not need rain now for the hay fields, dugouts, etc. so it just messes up a nice day I think.

    Hey Diane. You will have to tell me more about your colt training. I can definitely use the tips. LOL It will probably just end up being a pet and expensive lawnmower ! Companion for my other horse. Reading your story about visiting the coast and touring lighthouses brought back memories. I grew up on an island off the east coast of Canada. The Atlantic ocean was our playground. We had a really nice big lighthouse in my hometown but eventually all the lighthouses were automated. You still hear stories about the days of lighthouse keeper's.

    Like you Diane, I don't like seeing summer end but I think fall is my favorite season. I have a lot of poplar tree's on my land and with the leaves changing color and falling is nice. Can't beat going for a walk in the woods on a crisp fall morning.

  20. Hey folks. Thought I would open up the air today. Great morning on the farm. frost on the ground, sun just peaking over the horizon, and a few leaves falling. Think fall is on the way. Time to get the rest of the vegetables out of the garden and the greenhouse cleaned out for the winter. How are things where you are ?

  21. Hey Eric

    Great to see the air opened today.

    Life is still good on the farm Eric. i sold all the cattle when it got to feeling more like a job that a hobby. I kept the horse and 2 Llama's and I'm getting a 6 month old colt next week. That will keep me busy trying to train him....or him training me. LOL

    So you are a big time photographer now ? Man of many talents. Great to see you are keeping busy and just enjoying life.

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