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  1. Hi Patricia

    I had my upper left lobe removed in Sept. 2007. They were just going to do a resection but in the OR, the surgeon changed his mind and removed the entire upper lobe. I had 4 rounds of adjuvant chemo after surgery. I was staged at 1B and they did not recommend chemo. I argued that I did want it and they finally agreed. But they wrote on my chart that it wasn't recommended and studies did not support my decision. I would certainly recommend it if you have a choice.

    I am not sure if you will have radiation if they do a resection and remove everything.

    I do almost as much now as I did prior to surgery. I do not play sports now but that is more to do with COPD than the lobectomy. Take care.

  2. Welcome aboard Sandy

    Like you, I had surgery and my upper left lobe was removed in September 2007. I followed that with Cisplatin/Vinerolbine for 4 rounds. I just got my results back on Friday and still NED. Each time you hear those 3 letter's, you are getting further away from a reoccurance so just keep adding to your last 2 results. Enjoy that new job.

  3. I agree Mike and think you should get it checked out. Certainly sounds like something minor like a toothache or sinus infection, but the peace of mind would be worth it.

  4. Thank you Mike for Saturday's post and Ann for opening the air today. It may never be the same but posting here will keep her memory alive. Judy had mailed me some canning recipe's that were passed down through her family and now they will be passed down through mine.

    Been busy on the farm with calving and working on 2 big projects. Had to drive over 500 miles today for meetings on one of those projects so it's been a long day. Still have 2 cow's left to calve and the vegetable garden to plant so no rest for awhile yet. Take care.

  5. Another great person lost to this disease ! Judy and I joined this site about the same time and became good friends. She was a pilar of strength on this site for members and especially new members. Always was so positive and had encouraging words. She will certainly be missed by all her online friends. My condolences go out to Stan and her family.

  6. Judy I am so sorry that you had to hear that result. But as in poker, as long as you have an out you are still in the game and we will all be praying that Gemzar is your out.

    Your positive attitude is going to help you battle this beast.

    Thinking of you and Stan during these difficult days. With your fighting spirit, I know that you will soon be picking up the gloves and getting back in the ring for the next round.

    Take care sweetie.

  7. Judy I had a Cisplatin/Vinerolbine combination. After the second treatment the ringing began and I mentioned it to the Doctor after the third treatment. He switched the Cisplatin to Carboplatin but told me that the hearing damage would be permanent. That was 4 years ago and I still have the ringing, sometimes worse than others.

    You should definitely mention it to your Doctor.

  8. Hey there

    I haven't been posting alot but usualy drop in daily to read what is happening with everyone.

    Judy I understand exactly what you mean. Both of us joined here about the same time. Since then we have lost alot of "friends". Not just people who we have lost but the caregivers of those people who have moved on with their lives. Some of the names you mentioned like Sandra and Patti bring back alot of memories going back to our chat night's. Other's like Lynne, Gail, and Shelli have just moved on and good for them. Just reality I guess. Either online or in our daily lives those things are going to happen.

    Now who is this Tiger person ? LOL

  9. Hi Maggie

    Just wanted to welcome you to this great site. I live in Alberta and started my L/C journey in 2007. You will find the members here very supportive with alot of experience. Once you begin to get more information and a plan in place, things begin to level out emotionaly as you get that fighting spirit. Take care and please keep us updated.

  10. Hey folks

    Sorry for not being here in awhile. I have tried to find time to read almost every day but haven't been posting. Really busy time of the year with alot of traveling for work and trying to get everything on the farm ready for winter. I have a neighbor going through a difficult time with L/C so been trying to help him out as well. Thanks for thinking about me and yes Eric the tutu is put away for another year. LOL

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