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  1. Hey folks Busy air here lately. Good to see. Good luck on your check up Bud and on your results Monday Annette. Nice to see that you still have that sense of humor. When I read your post Judy, the Alan Jackson song, "it's five o'clock somewhere " came to mind. LOL Sara your post about not being nervous at the ball game really did put everything in perspective. Little things that bothered us before just doesn't seem such a big deal now. We are supposed to get thunder shower's today but so far just a 30 second sprinkle. It is 14C/57F here now but where I just moved from 400 miles to the north, they are at 0C/32F. It was 23C/73F yesterday and snow this morning. In June !!!! Alot of very unhappy campers.
  2. Hey folks Another hot, sunny day on the farm. Moving the cow's to the summer pasture on Saturday. Will be gone alot over the summer for work and they are maintenance free there. Sorry to read of MJ's passing Judy. This cancer is really giving your family a difficult time. Just not fair for one family having to go through so much. Annette you really have your plate full. Sound's like everyday there is something new for the boy to get in trouble with. Hope that things begin to smooth out a little for you. Did Sara throw a strike ???? LOL
  3. Sounds like things are really improving Judy. Now you just have to not push it. Another bright sunny day here. I cannot remember the last time we had rain. Someone said that we have only had 2 brief shower's this spring. Alot of farmers in the area are afraid of losing their crops. My next door neighbor decided to get back in to farming this year. He told me yesterday that he expect's to lose over $100,000. Bad timing. Only 180 miles south they are getting too much rain.
  4. Hey folks Another smoky, hot, sunny day here on the farm. My son is a firefighter so I'm hoping they get these forest fires under control pretty soon. Over 40% of one town was lost last week. Well Dawn I live in northern Canada where -40 temperatures is normal in the winter. So if you want to trade places for January and February I could handle that. LOL Judy sorry to hear about the pneumonia but great to hear that you are getting better and soon be off the "O". Annette you really have your plate full girl ! Doesn't sound like a great rehab facility so I'm sure you will get a few complaints about that as well. Nice to know that duct tape is a multi-purpose item. LOL Bud you posted the same time so I had to edit. LOL that is great going on the charity ride. Doing what you love and for a good cause. Congratulations Sara on throwing the first pitch. You must be very excited ! I think that i would be so nervous I would probably turn the wrong way and throw the ball to second base. LOL
  5. Another hot, sunny day on the farm. Judy MI, we could really use some of your rain here. The 7 day forecast has only a 10% chance of precipitation on 1 day. Not good for crops. Really smoky here today as well from all the forest fires so I'm trying to stay inside as much as possible. Annette, Eric, calves are doing great but still waiting on 2 more cow's to calve. They are in no hurry. Beginning to wonder if they are bred even though they show all the signs. A neighbor that I gave 5 Llama's to last fall just had his first baby llama yesterday. His kids are pretty excited.
  6. Hey folks Another sunny day here in northern Canada. Could really use some rain for the forest fires and the crops. Good luck with your appointment Judy. Eric I don't see you getting bored in retirement. LOL Bud you are such an active person I can understand you getting bored on a stationary bike. It was a long weekend here in Canada Annette and I already had commitments made which is why I couldn't go to D.C. The May long weekend is like the unofficial beginning of summer here. Most people go fishing, camping, etc.
  7. Sorry to read about your Mom's heart attack Annette. Some things are beyond our control and I'm sure Katie will understand. Hey Eric we may have to break out the tu tu's and kilt and keep each other company this weekend. LOL Wishing everyone safe travels and have a great weekend.
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    Congratulations Alisa
  9. Hey folks Little chilly here today but at least all the snow is gone. Judy MI, I started walking a couple month's before I had surgery and I really think it helped. I was out of the hospital and flying home 2 days after surgery. On the 3rd day I went into the office for an hour to visit. I had a Pulmonary Function Test a few months after surgery. My lung capacity was at 111% compared to the average of someone my height, weight, etc. but with both lungs. So I would certainly suggest you start pedaling along with Bud.
  10. Bruce u


    I am very sorry to write that Marisa, whose real name was Jeanne, passed away early Sunday morning. I had met Jeanne on here and she was from Vancouver but lived in Australia. We never got a chance to meet but corresponded every day. Jeanne had made the decision not to have treatment and was at peace with what the future held for her. She was a very courageous lady and will continue to keep giving to find a cure for this disease after her passing. Her biggest fear was to be in pain when the time came but her sister assured me that her passing was very peaceful. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.
  11. Marisa visited her friend for the Easter weekend. On Saturday evening, she was having difficulty breathing and the liquid morphine and rivortil were not comforting her. On Sunday morning an ambulance was called and her oxygen level was at 88. oxygen in her blood was stable and she did not have a chest infection. She was released early Monday morning however early Tuesday morning an ambulance had to be called again. Her oxygen level was at 92. They tripled the morphine dosage and increased the rivortil from 1 drop to 5. She was released late Tuesday and is back at her friends home. The increased medication appears to be helping but she has little energy and is sleeping alot. I will post any updates as I get them. I am sure all her online friends here will keep her in our thoughts and prayers.
  12. Hey folks Another great morning with sunshine and blue sky's. Seen a few deer out in the field this morning. Annette, as I walked out this morning to check on all the animals, I really appreciate not having to sit behind that desk for 40 or 50 hours per week. Getting off the couch and going out around sound's like a great plan Judy. I am sure that Stan enjoy's the morning coffee. Another calf picture in your email. This one is a girl and was born yesterday. It was my son Stephen's birthday so Stephanie is her name.
  13. Hey folks Finally I think spring has arrived. It was nice yesterday and this morning it is 3C/37F and going to 16C/61F by this afternoon. The little remaining snow should disappear today. I have 80 acres of land that is not cleared so I have started cutting trees down. Gets fire wood for next winter, rails for a new fence, and will make a great pasture when it is cleared. Most of my fence is just the regular wire but I like the old wooden type fence so trying to add a few of those. Now Becky I wouldn't even think of commenting on your empty head, but it is good news. LOL Judy MI, I am sure that all your mentoring is greatly appreciated. Annette with everything that you have going on, running late is certainly understandable. Now not being motivated to go to work, can't see that happening. LOL Bud great to hear that you are back riding. The swollen hand did not slow you down at all.
  14. Randy I already had lunch with Santa and told him about the naughty guy in N.C. LOL
  15. Hey folks Little cool here this morning but clear blue sky's and the temperature should rise. Friends from the north are driving down today and staying overnight. Have a nice dinner and then a few pop's sitting around the firepit. Should be fun. Judy KW, I'm sure that you are getting excited to get back to your own home. A little rest in your favorite chair will be nice. No procrastinating Randy. LOL Hope your hand feels better soon Bud. That is not good for riding or fishing.
  16. Bruce u


    So sorry to read this. Ned was always there to help others. Condolences to his family.
  17. Not a really great day here for a BBQ either Eric. Neighbor's returned from a 2 month vacation in Arizona and are dropping by for a BBQ this afternoon. It is -3C/26F and foggy now and it only forecast to reach 6C/42F this afternoon. Supposed to warm up for the rest of the week. Of course it would because I have to travel up north for work on Tuesday. Doesn't sound like your day is starting off very good Becky. That's what happens if the landlord try's to be a DIY'er rather than hire a professional. Hopefully they will get it sorted out. Most employee's in Canada get Good Friday and Easter Monday off as paid holiday's. Some employee's do have to work but they are usually paid overtime for those day's.
  18. The Red are very similar to Black Angus Eric. most farmers use a Red Angus bull to breed their first time cow's because they are easy calving. The first born calf is almost a couple weeks old now. I emailed Judy KW a picture so I'm sure she will post it when she gets time. He does look like his Daddy who was a Herdford bull because he has a white face. If you soon don't get to reading your paper it will be day old news. LOL
  19. Hey folks Been a while since I had a chance to visit the site other than to read a few post. Had to go and pick up 4 purebred, registered Red Angus cow's for the farm and the bull I bought in January arrived yesterday. This little hobby is getting expensive. No new calves lately but still waiting on 3 more to decide that it is time to appear. Beginning to get busy with work and will be traveling alot over the summer. Annette I agree with you that this work thing really cuts into the fun time. really sucks to be working on Good friday though. Eric I have seen alot of those burly biker's delivering fuzzy toy's. i guess you really can't judge a book by it's cover. Judy I thought you were back home as well !! Take care.
  20. Judy in MI, I had a great laugh when I read your post, er well about the post that you didn't post. LOL Remember yesterday when I lost mine because you posted the same time. LOL I'm only teasing ya. I know how it feels after typing all that then losing it. Annette I hope that you and KW Judy are going to take a picture and post it. So happy for you to be meeting a member of this family. I was supposed to meet a member a couple years ago when I was going to be in her City on business. I couldn't reach her when I got there and found out after that she was in hospital for 10 days. Never did get to meet. So enjoy !!!!
  21. LOL Lost my post when Judy MI posted the same time. She has done that a few times. LOL Oh well I'll write again later.
  22. Well Annette I'm not sure if Eric wants to see ME jumping out of a cake in my outfit, but then again he was the one who gave me the tutu! LOL
  23. Bruce u


    Sorry to hear of your friend's passing Ginny.
  24. Hey folks Another great day with blue sky's and snow melting. I have the snowmobile put away for the year so now i want the snow gone ASAP. LOL I've always been a morning person but not quite as early as Bud. Now waiting for cow's to calve, sleep is difficult to get with having to go check on them every 2 hours during the night. This morning I checked at 1am and was still awake when the next check came at 3am. Makes for a long day. Maybe this hobby farm is not such a good idea. LOL
  25. Hey folks Like you Judy MI, I think spring is on the way. It is +10C/50F here now but still dips below freezing during the night. I find it different for the snow to be melting in April. When I lived farther up north, snow in late May was common and there was still ice on the lakes until mid June. Juby KW and Annette are meeting up ??? Hopefully Stan and Keith can keep you two ladies out of trouble. LOL I hear that Judy is a real partier. Always nice to hear that members are getting together.
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