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  1. Hey everyone Eric if you are listening to music online I would be careful. My daughter showed me this site called grooveshark. Was great just type in a song or artist and just sit back and enjoy. Well very quickly my computer got this blaster. worm virus. Couldn't even open the internet to fix it. Went to neighbors and downloaded a fix on disc and tried that without any luck. Being computer illiterate, I probably spent enough on phone calls to my son and daughter to purchase a new computer. Finally gave up and dug out an old computer I had. No calves yet Judy but the Llama did have a baby that was born premature and didn't make it. I'll take a picture of the first calf for you. Should be any day now.
  2. The temperature's here are not too cold which mean's above freezing. They are forecasting warmer temperatures for the end of the week which is great with the cow's due to start calving after April 1st. I have to go up north tomorrow and Wednesday for work so I'm hoping it is after April 1st. LOL Ginny they play a couple games of snow golf up north during the winter when temperature's are well below freezing. If your temperature doesn't warm up for your league start, you should sign up for snow golf next year. On June 21st they have a midnight golf tournament which runs 24 hours straight. It is very popular and even attracts a few celebrities each year. Annette I thought about you when I heard that Richmond had won. Gotta love cheering for the underdog. Hope they go all they way. Back on the road again Judy ? I think Stan should make a road trip up north some day and check out the great fishing.
  3. Hi Debbi Welcome to this great site but sorry that you have a need to be here. Members here have been in the same position you are now and know how difficult it is. We are here to help you in anyway we can whether it is answers to questions from our experience or just someone to vent to. First when I was told that they found a spot on my lung, I spent hours online trying to get as much information as I could. I agree with being your own advocate and should have as much information as possible but it can be overwhelming. There are different types, stages, treatment options, etc. Once you get answers to these questions, things will get clearer and a plan will get in place. Also when I heard that news, my mind went in overdrive thinking about all the people I ever knew who was diagnosed with cancer. Every friend also had stories about people they knew. Treatments have changed and greatly improved and as I mentioned there are many differences, so don't compare yourself to someone else. There are alot of success stories on here as well. Take care.
  4. Well it is good that you found Thursday's air Judy. Annette is also another sleuth on the site and tracked me down. I was MIA for a good and bad reason. The bad was I was on the road for week. The good was that I also visited my oldest daughter who had my first grandchild on March 12. A baby boy. So I'm just getting back to the farm and have to leave again on Monday but only for a couple days.
  5. Bruce u

    NED, check in!

    Great to hear from you Ned. I heard from Cathy and her family are fine as well.
  6. Ned sorry to hear those results were not better but those mets do not stand a chance in this battle. Take care.
  7. Well it is a little chilly this morning with -21C/-6F temperatures but -31C/-24F windchill. The wind making it colder is bad enough but it also causes snowdrifts on my roads so I have to plow them again. My skidsteer has been in the shop for a week so I fell behind on a few things. They dropped it off late yesterday so a full day ahead today. Eric I think we will have to smarten up because Judy's slap on the wrist can hurt. LOL Becky it is great that you have hubby trained in bathroom activities, but now can you train him to cheer for a good NHL team. LOL I cheer for the Leafs so no room to talk. Dan Cleary on the Wings grew up about 5 miles from me. Judy MI, I heard about the increase in gas prices there yesterday. Here it is already $5.65/gallon so we can do without any increase. Wow Annette you really do have alot on your plate ! Hopefully the in house treatment will work. Really causing alot of problems with your Mom as well. Hey the next time you think he is going to take something, leave the Ex-Lax out.LOL
  8. Hey folks Not frozen to a pole yet Judy, but then I haven't tried sticking my tongue on one. LOL Been busy the last few days. My son returned from his camp job for 10 days and his girlfriend is on a reading week break from University so she is visiting. So Annette I got the feeling that you are not too impressed with corporate office suits, making them jump for it as you drive by. Are you at least going to open the door ? LOL Judy you will soon be setting sail on the seven sea's. Good for you. I'm sure you and Stan will really enjoy it. Now Becky dressing something is nice. Wasn't she leaving the pants off a llama a couple weeks ago ? Or was that Annette ? LOL Nothing like fresh road kill. Here they will not let you keep it. They usually take it to homeless shelter's or a non-profit organization. So you get a damaged vehicle and no dinner ! Where has Libby disappered to ? Is she still celebrating the Superbowl win ? Take care
  9. Hi Cathy I just had 4 rounds of chemo and no radiation. What I found and was told is that the drugs accumulate in your system. So the fourth round affected me more than the third. I think with the 3-4 week break, your Dad will be ready to tackle the next 2. But I also agree with the quality of life comment and your Dad should be the person to decide how many treatments that he is comfortable with.
  10. Becky I don't think your mouse will be that picky about the quality of food you have. But then again you never know. I set a mousetrap one time but then realized I didn't have any cheese. Being smarter than a mouse, I cut out a small picture of a piece of cheese from a magazine and put in the mousetrap. The next morning there was a picture of a mouse in the trap !!!!!!
  11. Well since everyone is talking about how cold it is,I thought that I would join in and make everyone feel better. Right now it is -35C/-32F with a windchill of -41C/-42F. Believe me, h*ll has already frozen over here!!! I can handle the cold but the wind is really nasty and it's been windy all week. Yesterday even the ravens were walking up the road. Oh well it is supposed to warm up by the weekend.
  12. Annette I can hear your mind working from here. Photoshop is a wonderful thing. LOL
  13. Well I was going to give the local weather report.....until I read Annette's post and seen yesterday's air !! That was quite the sight thanks to Ms Texas. LOL Oh and I hope your eyesight has returned Becky. But then again were you not the one who started all this ? And Annette you are pretty good at stirring this pot as well. LOL Both Judy's also chime in with a comment every now and then too. Oh and Eric I hope that YOU don't have anything else to share. It was your tutu after all. Hope your morning goes better than you anticipated Annette and things get sorted out. Thinking about you this morning Judy MI and hoping it is just some minor issue.
  14. Slightly overcast today with no wind for a change. It has been windy all week and yesterday it was snowing as well. So made for a miserable day doing outside chores. The animals stayed in their shelters most of the day. It was a good excuse for me to get doing some inside work. My daughter asked me to build a change table/dresser combination. She is due in 3 weeks and may even be early so I guess I better get to it. Now Becky I'm not sure how things went from your spring mud to mud wrestling to me wearing Eric's tutu but I'm still holding you responsible for starting it. LOL Well along with your sidekicks Judy in KW and Annette. Good to see that you are looking at the positives of your husband's business closing Judy MI. Opens up lots of new opportunities. Hope Rose is feeling better Bud
  15. Fine bunch of misfits indeed Ginny. LOL I have to train Llama's because as everyone here know's I can't ride a horse. Now Becky I was going to reply to your post but I thought it might be a setup and I can get into enough trouble on my own, thank you. LOL In the construction industry we referred to the powder as cement and once you add water it cures and becomes concrete. Muriel I thought about you earlier today not having seen you on here for awhile. Judy MI I almost lost mine again posting the same time as you. LOL Good to hear that your day went better than you expected and of course NED will be visiting you on the 18th.
  16. Now that I have recovered from Becky's card swipes, I will try posting. A little chilly here this morning at -29C/-20F. But it is sunny and the temperature will go up to -16C. Nice hat and shades Judy KW. I think you should volunteer for this logo. I'm sure you would look alot better in a tutu than I would. ( Thanks for your generous offer Eric. Thanks for the support buddy. LOL ) Lilyjohn it is so nice to see that you are more concerned about the Llama's eyesight than me getting frostbite from the cold. LOL Annette that wasn't very nice of you making Keith listen to yesterday's post. LOL Judy KW, hope you have a great visit with Gail.
  17. Well here in Canada we use loonie coins now instead of dollar bills so Becky your debit card doesn't scare me. LOL
  18. Probably throws eggs instead of dollars. LOL If Becky threw a dollar she would probably ask for change back. LOL
  19. Well we are at the time of year with cold nights and warming up by the afternoon's. This morning it is -31C/-24F and going to -13C/9F this afternoon. So it is consulting work on computer this morning and outside chores this afternoon. Now Judy I don't think that I can take the credit for bringing out the naughtiness in you ladies. LOL Didn't Annette just have me in a logo with no pants on before Judy MI reminded her ???? Thanks Judy MI. LOL And I am well familiar with Becky's one liner's especially when we had the chatroom here. Welcome back Becky. Judy I hope Gail did make it because I know that she was certainly looking forward to spending the day with you. But both of you ladies together ??? Stan should keep his cell phone nearby in case he has to post bail for both of you. LOL Take care.
  20. The last couple days has been unusually mild here. Yesterday it hit +8/46F !!! Not exactly the same as Ann's 80 but definitely a heat wave for here in February. This morning it was only -4C/25F and is getting above freezing this afternoon. Great to get a head start on chores I thought would not get done before April or May. I don't think you should let me have a say in choosing color's Annette. It would not only clash with the Llama but probably blind her.
  21. Bud I think we have switched locations. It is -8C/17F here this morning and forecast to reach 0C/32F by this afternoon. Good to hear that the storm has passed. Judy MI, I bet Randy could use that tractor with heated cab now. LOL Now Judy KW, I thought for sure you were going to suggest a buffalo in the logo. LOL Linda fishing equipment is very important to a guy. You can't just phone around for those things. You have to hold it and swish it back and forth. In fact I seen an advertisement that said " Wife wanted. Must come with boat and motor. " LOL Be careful with the exercising Annette and Ginny. Still trying to find those flip flops Libby. Hey riding a mower with heels on might make for a good logo as well.
  22. Well it is -29C/-20F on the farm this morning. The sun is just coming over the tree's and it is supposed to get to -14C/+7F this afternoon. Just nice for doing outside chores. Judy I can certainly understand having to check out all those tackle shops. And Linda calling around should not even be considered !!! We are talking about a fishing pole. Judy I will return those bags with your present inside. LOL Annette I wouldn't mind dressing up like that and getting Linda's picture but Jimmy Buffett borrowed my shirt, shorts, and flip flops and then walked off a stage in Austrailia. Bud if the temperature keeps dropping there you can borrow my ice auger.
  23. LOL that was a good one Annette. My Llama's are too spoiled to spit at me. I had 2 cow's get out of the pasture on Saturday. They began running around and I was panicking that they would run away. They were running around trying to get back in ! Opened the gate and in they went. Oh and Llama "buttons" are the best organic fertilizer that you can get. Doesn't even have an odour so some companies that sell it ship it by mail in a baggie. You can even use it on indoor plants. So maybe I should start advertising it on FB for all the farmville gardens. LOL Linda I thought you were in southern Alberta ! LOL Both my tractor's have nice heated cabs so I don't envy your hubby and son using a quad. But it is faster than shoveling.
  24. Hey Marianne congratulations !!!! So good to hear from you again and to get the great news. It certainly did pay off getting those other opinions.
  25. Morning everyone Hey Annette and Judy I would rather be working on your farm's this morning than on mine. Just went out to feed the animals and it was a little crispy. I checked the weather when I came in and it is -35C/-31F. So Annette I'm sure we will get more cold before the winter is over. The rest of this week it is supposed to warm up with the forecast on Wednesday being above freezing. I do live in an area where it can get really cold but when I watch the news and see all the storms happening other places it doesn't seem so bad. You can dress for the cold. Oh and for everyone on the exercise team does driving a tractor to clear snow instead of shoveling count ? LOL Sorry but Bud's "easy" 21 miles makes me want to go out and clear more snow. LOL
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