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    Morning everyone
    I know it has been quiet here but thought I would post this because it may be encouragement and hope for others.
    In September 2007 I had my upper left lobe removed and was staged 1B. My surgeon and Oncologist said I was good to go and required no further treatment. From reading on this site and talking to other members, I found out about adjuvant chemo. I asked my Oncologist about it and he said it was not given for lower than stage 2. I pushed for it and he checked with his Oncologist team. They were divided on it. I requested the chemo and did 4 rounds. They even wrote on my chart that research did not support my decision. Go ahead seven years, yesterday I got another NED result. If I had not been a member of this site or gotten suggestions from members here, who knows if the result would be the same. I give credit for my NED result to having adjuvant chemo. I give credit to this site for me finding out about adjuvant chemo. I know one member, Muriel, really pushed me to get it and I can never thank her enough.
    This site is important especially for people just beginning this journey. Take a minute to not only read but to post as well.
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