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  1. Kathy, I just found out about your wonderful husband. I haven't been on here for such a long time, I hated to see your post. I have read your posts through those hard months, and have laughed and cried right along with you. I know some of your pain, and am so very sorry that you have to live it. I pray that God can ease your pain. With hope and prayers for a better tomorrow, Renee
  2. renee


    My mom also had a cough and it made her miserable.... I could hear her at night cough so hard that she would loose her breath, and that could be dangerous, since she couldn't breath anyway. I feel for you, I know the anger you have for your doctor as well.... Mom was given a cough syrup with Hydrocodone in it that worked miracles. She was also told to use Robitussin. She said that it helped some, but she really like the Nyquil, I wouldn't suggest that, since it has the alcohol in it, but she would insist on it. I think the alcohol with the pain meds made her sleep better. Funny since s
  3. Howdy to you all.... this has nothing at all to do with Cancer.... (thank heavens!!!! ) It seems that's all my life is about anymore.... Anyway!!! I lost my computer and I haven't been on in such a long time that I had to find a way to see you all.... I missed you guys... I didn't realise how important you all were to me until I couldn't keep in touch with you. I now live in my mom's house. I had to move from were I lived, and from were she passed, to her place. Talk about strange!!!!! I don't know if it will ever be my house. I have a hard time doing anything that she wouldn't approve of
  4. Shelly, So sorry to hear about your mom... this is the first time that I have been on in more than a month. I truely hated to see your post. I will pray that god will help you through your trying time..... With a heavy heart, Renee
  5. Hello all.... I just want to say goodbye to you all for awhile.... the "repo" man is comming after my computer in about 20 minutes and lord only knows when I will get another one.... I will miss all of you and your wonderful support. It is going to be hard not to come by for a visit. This is the one place I can count on since mommy left. Thank you for all of your help. Goodbye, Renee
  6. hello there, Unfortunaly when my mom was dx. the doctor waited 2 months before he did anything at all. I think that the cancer did a lot of growing in that time. I had to get onto mom's doc just to start radiation when he did. If it turns out to be cancer, I would suggest finding out what the docs plan is. If he is planning on waiting months to do anything.... starting raising some hell with them and get it going. Renee
  7. Shordy, I am so sorry to hear the news of your dad. You have done all that you can to help him, I wish that I had gotten mommy another doctor. I will be thinking of you and I'll pray extra hard for the both of you tonight. Big ole' hugs, Renee
  8. As you may or may not know, my mommy left me just about 2 months ago. I cried when I read your posts just remembering the pain and emotional roller coaster I went through with mom. It hurts so bad, I don't think the pain of watching your mother go through this damned disease, is discribable(sp?). You are doing and feeling the same way that I did, everyone told me that the feelings were normal. So don't worry about why you do things, why you need to let off some steam, it's normal and we all understand. I would love to help you in any way that I can. I am finally getting mad about this frigg
  9. renee

    Beautiful SErvice

    Rana, That brought a tear to my eye. I know the pain you are feeling right now and I wish that I could help you. Your mother would be so proud of your strength. You sound so confident, thanks to her no doubt, I wish that I could find that in me. Thanks for sharing those lovely thoughts with us. Renee
  10. Welcome to our huge family here. I wish that it wasn't because of such horrible reasons that we are together, but I tell you this. There isn't a better bunch of people in the world that I would want to go through this with. Yes the emotions are hard and strong and fast. One minute you are hopefull and you can hear the birds sing and the next a huge cloud comes over you and the world sux. Please fill us in and let us know how we can help. We are always here, we don't sleep much either. God bless you, Renee
  11. I didn't see that one comming...... LMAO!!! Renee
  12. I have just been miserable since my mommy left me and haven't had a good belly laugh in so long, I can't remember the last time. (until today) I just had to share this with you all.... I was sitting here by myself and of course giving myself a pitty party. "oh my life is so horrible, why me?" yada yada yada I decided to listen to some music, that would make things worse.... well.... do you remember that song by The Village People, Y.M.C.A? I was sitting on the couch and before I could stop myself I was doing the arm thing, You know, with the Y M C A? After the second verse I was laughing s
  13. I totally understand about being over whelmed (sp?....lol) anyway, I felt the same way when mommy left. That's the way I say it. I don't know why... just seems, I don't know... not so final that way. (denial) The only thing I could suggest is to just take a breath and stop... do you remember all of the things you had to do when he was sick? The doctor appt.'s the meds.... the nurses... blood work ... chemo...... You did that.... you can do this. That's the only thing that got me through mommy's funeral.. I had been there from the begining and I damned sure wasn't going to let he
  14. renee

    a song for mommy

    that song was done by Celine Dion and the name of it is "Goodbye". I haven't been doing very well. I haven't been on the computer for about a week. All I do anymore is cry and think about mommy. Just depressed I guess. I will get better. Renee
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