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  1. Hello All! My name is Michele and we just found out that my dad (Henry) has Stage 4 lung cancer, not only has it spread on his lungs, it's also in his bones. BUT that is not IT! Believe it or not, he also has COPD Chroic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. He started Chemo today, and all of this is like a whirlwind!! I can't seem to grasp my feelings on all of it. I talk to him and he seems like my dad! Normal, like nothing is wrong. But inside him it's so bad! I am on this site to get as much information as I possibly can, and know that he's not alone with this! SO please anyone with any experience with Lung cancer and COPD, write me! I need info! I don't trust all these websites out there, I read and read and it really doesn't give me much, just a headache and soar shoulders!
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