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    Yesterday my husband got the results of his cat scan.His tumour has more than haved but the amazing thing is that it is no longer wrapped around his aorta.Now they will be able to plan radiotherapy once his last cycle of gemcarbo is finished.News so much better than back in Oct when we did not know if he would see Christmas.
  2. Hi there Cynthia,my husband is currently having Gemcarbo treatment for non-small cell lung cancer.He has had 3cycles and today had a cat scan to see how his tumour is responding.He has had very few side effects -no sickness,no hair loss and apart from the odd twinge pain free.I do know that blood tests monitored his kidney and liver function because this particular chemo can affect those areas,We will know next week just how succesful this treatment has been.By the way we live in Wales uk and this is the only survivors net work I could find so maybe the treatment is better were you guys live x
  3. Thanks for everyone who took the time to leave me a message you all are so positive.Just finished his 3rd cycle of gemcarbo and a cat scan booked for Jan 10th.Never asked the question what stage he is at not sure we could cope with the answer it would just give us more to worry over.Maybe the time will come when we do ask but not right now.Taking each day as it comes and hoping the tumour is shrinking .
  4. Hello everyone my name is Marian and I live in wales uk.In Oct this year my husband Derek was diagnosed with nsc lung cancer.We were told it is inoperable because it is wrapped around his aorta.Intially we were told 2wks or 2yrs which was one hell of a shock because although he had a cough that no one took it seriously it was pains in his legs that led to x-rays and the chest x-ray was thrown in for good measure.My hubby is 53 we both are .At the mo he is on his 3rd cycle of gemcarbo and tolerating it well.I am not aware of any survivor forums in the uk with this diagnosis so was inspired by y
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