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  1. Afternoon All! Today is typical for chemo day. Feeling pretty good with a bag of steroids and a morning pill with an evening to follow. Surprisingly my evening one helped alleviate some serious discomfort that followed a very light lunch that didn't agree with me. Don't know what to expect after today since this is my first Gemzar. Have one more day of the steriod pills though. Judy, I know what you mean with the hawk story. I love watching the little birds fight off the big. Sounds like it went a bit of a way to alleviate your internet withdrawal. I remember how that used to be. Bee
  2. Dani, as Diane said, glad you found us, sorry you needed to. You are in the early scariest phase right now. Take deep breaths and keep moving forward. I'm a 4 1/2 year survivor of adenocarcinoma 3b and will admit it's a rollercoaster sometimes. But for the most part, once you settle into a treatment plan it get's better. Do let us know if you get a second opinion and what more you learn about your cancer/treatment plan suggestions. I don't understand that thing about waiting til they think it need to be done quickly? Are they talking about some need for recovery time after what you ju
  3. Janet, so sorry about your friend's husband. Sometimes wonder how broad can our shoulders be. I know the deal with Easter baskets for big kids. Doesn't end til they get married lol. Judy in KW
  4. jaminkw


    Thanks guys. I appreciate the heads up on the headache Bud or I'll probably think high blood presure. As far as hair loss, I'd stopped losing hair with Taxtere and haven't had an infusion since March 8. Last Thursday it started and I've lost more hair now than I did in the whole time on it. Go figure! I'm guess 1 1/2 to 2 hrs with premeds. Better than all-day Taxotere at the hospital if if I do have to go in for labs the day before. Anyone have to get a shot after the infusion? I forgot to ask. Judy in KW
  5. Evening All! Just coming in to say Janet, that is just the kind of Air you need to breathe out here. I will keep that family in my heart and mind during this difficult time. And no, we won't call me Judy in Key West in DC lol. I made it to lunch yesterday and it was fun. After lunch while the ladies went to the pool, I called Stan who took me home retching in a plastic bag. I was afflicted with the upchucks all day into the night and early morning. Oh, the last couple of months have been dreadful. Let's hope this Gemzar kicks butt fast. Have a good evening eveyone. Judy in KW
  6. Morning All! Just a quick drop in. I'm supposed to go to lunch with some friends today. Not a good start to the day. Awake at 3-something and couldn't get back to sleep. Have had a bad stomach all morning--burning in my throat and esouphagus too. Hope I make lunch. Crazy thing this morning. Haven't had a chemo in awhile and haven't been losing hair for weeks. I've been shampooing very gently but got complacent this morning and scrubed my scalp normally. Lost a significant amount of hair! It's not dry yet but hopefully what I lost was that frizzy wirey stuff. Have a good day everyon
  7. Morning All! Beautiful if breezy day in paradise. Hope it repeats itself tomorrow for my outing with the ladies. Oh, Bud, what a mess that tire was. Good thing you kept control of the vehicle. You guys could have really gotten hurt! I need to stay off the scale for awhile. I've always monitored it pretty much daily but now a pound gained takes on a new meaning. I can feel the tightening in my abdomen. The fluid builds in the lower part and pushes the bowels and organs up. Sorry, not a pretty picture. I can feel when it starts happening but seeing the numbers climb on the scale is de
  8. Judy keep posting and getting all the info the group has to offer here. I do remember using the majic mouthwash with earlier chemo. Fortunately the baking soda/salt with Sensodyne toothpaste worked pretty well with Taxotere. It was very important, though, that I eliminated acid food like tomatoes, lemon and lime and spices. Judy in KW
  9. jaminkw


    Can anyone provide personal info about Gemzar. How long is the infusion, what kind of side-effects did you experience and how long were you on it? Judy in KW
  10. Some anxiety the past couple of days waiting to hear if the Cancer Center is going to give me appointments next Monday and Tuesday. I have a month or more planned around that schedule. It only took about four phone calls but it finally happened around 5:30 today. Yeah!!! Janet, I know what you mean about picking where to put your energy. That's why Stan wants me to find someone to do the business office work. But Ann, what you said about training, I hate it and dread it too. And allergies up your way are awful. It's not we don't get them here but nothing like when we are in Orlando. G
  11. Morning All! A little cooler yesterday and again today than I thought it would be early yesterday. Not quite summer yet for us. Very pleasant on the porch this morning. Judy, I'm sorry you are having such a rough time with the chemo. Try to take Eric's advice to me "put on your big girl panties." If you can tough it out, I think it will pay off in big dividends. As I said before, I thought I'd never make it through infusion 5 & 6 on my triplet but I did and stayed on Avastin maintenance after that. In all, I got a year and a half with no progression--and I'm advanced stage. The pe
  12. Welcome. Sorry you have to be here but it's a good place to meet others who have walked in your shoes. I can't help with alternative treatments because I haven't gone there yet. I will tell you I had a good run on Alimta--a full year before progression and then on to another good run on Taxotere. I'm about to start Gemzar. In balance, I've managed to extend my life with advanced stage LC 4 yrs, 5 mos. Good luck with whatever course you choose and do keep us posted. Judy in KW
  13. Wow, Laurie, what a wonderful thing to say. Thank you. I'm online now to email the chemo nurse at the Cancer Center here. Want to see if I can switch my treatments there instead of the hospital here. Lots of pros and cons but I'm going for what I expect to be the most stress-free. Judy in KW
  14. Morning All! It's summer in Key West with the AC coming on early in the morning. We're not enjoying the open doors and windows much now. I had to post my bad news in update yesterday and it took me until today to get back here. I did read and keep up on what you've all been up to. To start on a lighter note, when Dr T came in the office to see me Wednesday, I felt the need to lighten a difficult session. I asked her on a scale of 1 to 10 (how many times have we heard that lol), how worried was she. Her reply: Judy, you are so far out of the box, I don't know what to expect. On the way
  15. jaminkw

    Stable is good!

    Janet, wonderful news. Hope this confirms a thumbs up for Washington. Judy in KW
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