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  1. Val: You are the first person I've encountered who sounds like she has a situation similar to mine. When you had the effusion and they found cancer cells in the fluid, was it identified. Mine was adenocarcinoma. Also, did they find a tumor? If not, how did they explain the fluid. They have scanned me head to toe and have not found a primary tumor which they say usually triggers the effusion. I'm inoperable as well and am doing a three cocktail chemo treatment. How about you. I have not asked the "cureable" question but it seems now like I don't want to hear the answer. Not the managing the cancer isn't better than the alternative. I'm really interested in continue to talk with you.

  2. Thank you for your good wishes. I am so sorry your husband lost his battle but I am impressed that you are still on this site offering support to others fighting their own battles with cancer. I have a wonderful oncologist with whom I should be addressing this. Somehow no matter how much time she spends with us (myself and my husband and sometimes my RN daughter), I'm still left wondering because I haven't asked the critical question: Is this cureable. Maybe I don't want the answer or maybe the reactions of all the physicians I've seen tell me they really don't know in my case.

    Thanks again. I will try the website you suggested

  3. I was hospitalized locally for a complete white out of the left lung. They found cancer cells in the fluid removed from my lung and I eventually got to MD Anderson and received a diagnosis of IIIB lung cancer through further analysis of the fluid since the Chest Xrays, CT scans, CT/PET, and MRI show no tumor. The only thing they see are nodules here and there that may be something or nothing, a thickening of the pleura (the space between the chest wall and the lung which is said to be malignant) in the area of the lower lung where the fluid had been. I don't ask questions about "cure" but the doctors seem optomistic that I will "respond well to the chemotherapy treatments" I am getting. I haven't encountered anyone else with my particular situation even after going thru a dozen pages of posts on the Cancer Society lung cancer message board. It is also unique in that a tumor usually triggers the fluid and once it does and they drain off the fluid, the pleural effusions usually continue to recur in short order. Two liters of fluid were removed from my lung in September and (knock wood) the fluid has not come back. The doctors still don't know why I threw the effusion or why it hasn't recurred. Anybody know anything about this type of cancer?

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