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  1. Morning All! It's my favorite KW kind of weather, high 82 and low 76. I kept the windows and doors open with the AC set on 79. Had to close up around 9 when the AC kicked in.

    Stan's fishing again which is fine because I'm vegging again. I finally slept in til after 7. It's been awhile and I really needed it. Stan hadn't left yet when I went to walk and offered to walk with me. That was nice. Three days in a row sounds like I'm back on some small exercise track.

    Judy, I'm glad you got your treatment plan. Wish I could offer more about what to expect but haven't done either of them. I do recall Cisplatin being a mixed bag--some handling it very well and some not so much so. I think of Ned when I hear Navelbine. He used to call it Navy Bean and had a very easy time of it. It worked for him for quite a long time. Here's hoping they work well and easily for you.

    Am off to research relative weights of thin Dells and the Mac Air I was going to buy. My grandson is having second thoughts about his recommendation so think I'd better think about it some more.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Judy in KW

  2. I'm not SCLC either but I can speak to my experience with NSCLC. I did respond to first line chemo and was NED for a year, off chemo for six months. But keep in mind, I was stage 3b. I don't know where SCLC "limited stage" falls in my understanding of staging with NSCLC, but if it was early, I believe you can hope for NED after first line chemo. Do try cancergrace.org as Judy recommended. Very helpful there with questions like yours.

    Judy in KW

  3. Janet, you know how jealous I am of your farm! I'm not a cat or dog person but farm animals and animals in nature are a passion. Once in awhile I get to see marsh bunnies or a key deer or more in Big Pine, oh yes, and chickens. I'm in heaven when I see a hen with a brand new brood. Don't have much else in the way of my kind of animals here in KW. Can't wait to see that baby. I will put the pic in the folder with Bruce's baby steer. BTW Lily, I am in touch with Bruce and he is fine. Shows up here once in awhile but not on FB at all.

    Janet, I love your life list. I don't think wanting to drive a backhoe is all that strange. One of my proudest moments as a young girl was when the hired man told my Uncle I could handle the Ford tractor pulling the rope attached to the hay forks. The hired man had been teaching me to drive the small tractor on the sly. Pulling the forks sight unseen up and through the opening in the hayloft on the other side of the barn was a tricky business and I did so good. I know you'll be great on that backhoe.

    I will write the names of the books down so I don't forget. I can check them out on Amazon to see if they sound like something I would enjoy. No more used book store here anymore.

    Judy in KW

    P.S. Hey Lily, hi again. We posted at the same time.

  4. No personal experience with tumors but agree with the others. What they are watching is very small. It is unlikely a biopsy would add anything to the picture at this point in time. I do hope you get an opportunity to talk to the doctor about your concerns. He or she would be in a much better position to set your mind to rest.

    Please keep us posted.

    Judy in KW

  5. While it breaks my heart to hear about how it feels inside at least I can just accept it and let her do what she needs to without trying too hard or worrying to much.
    I'm trying to figure out how to interject some hope into your Mom's future without taking this relief and acceptance away from you.

    My husband urged me early on to please stop pretending and to tell the doctors how I was really feeling. I took his words to heart and tried to report honestly. But the truth is, I was not pretending. When I was talking with friends, doctors and nurses or just someone I encountered at the store, I automatically went into "I'm o.k." mode. My long distance friends said they always felt better after talking to me on the phone.

    You know your Mom better than anyone. My childhood history and personality combine to make that response natural and normal. When I was growing up, you didn't get sick, you didn't go to the doctor--you sucked it up. Fortunately for us kids, it was usually something that would run it's course. I've been dealing with cancer and chemo a long time now. When I didn't care about leaving the house, my husband would gently nudge me into a short outing. If you can't get her to go, that's o.k. but keep offering (not pressuring). Eventually I realized I'm much better off making myself do things--even little things--that get me out and about. Sometimes the fatigue makes it a real effort. Sometimes it makes it out of the question. Sometimes I do it and it's great.

    You are a dear daughter and your Mom is so lucky to have you and she knows it. I'm sorry for the lack of family support, however, because that puts the whole burden on you. There is something I would suggest that was the idea of a caretaker sometime ago--she would read uplifting and hopeful posts from here to her mother. When I'm feeling better, I'll try to write one for you lol. Hang in there. You are doing great.

    Judy in KW

  6. Morning All! Am REALLY trying to take it easy today. My cleaning lady is here. After getting a few things ready, I've just been getting some BDay cards in the mail and checking in here.

    Lily, sorry I didn't know the problems with the new baby. Sounds like everything is on track now. I'm so glad. My son was allergic to dairy and on soy formula. The only thing I hated was how much it stained his adorable clothes lol.

    Janet, my daughter is usually aware of my limitations but I also tend to push the envelope when I'm with her. It was Bed, Bath & Beyond that got me this time. A manager came by while I was sitting on one of the massage chairs. He suggested I try one. I told him I was afraid if I did he might find me still there in the morning. On books, the Postmistress is a good read but for me not compelling so it is taking forever to finish it. If you haven't read it though, get Sarah's Key. OMG I hope I got the title right. I'm going back to Tues Air and see what you recommended. See--I forgot already. Any chance of seeing a pic of that little foal? How exciting is that!

    Judy, sounds like a touching moment with R. Glad you've found your way back to the positive side of this. I wouldn't worry too much about the chemo. It sounds like it will probably be limited to the standard 4-6 infusions that typically follow surgery? I hope so for you. These endless maintenance chemos going one into another suck.

    Oh Lily, thanks for the TENS info but I don't think Bud is giving up biking or fishing anytime soon. Am I right Bud? Didn't I read your awareness that you were out fishing and getting paid lol????

    Have a great day everyone.

    Judy in KW

  7. Bud, the career change sounds great. It will be new fodder to keep your brain young as well as easier on your body. But what is a TENS unit.

    Judy, will look forward to hearing what chemo they have planned for you. Hope it's an easy one.

    Judy in KW

  8. TERRIFIC! And thanks for reporting on a drug new to me. I may need it down the line. Unfortunately I can't be tested for the ALK. When I asked the radiologist who removed my fluid last week to be sure to keep enough for the ALK test, he said he understands they need a good chunk of tumor to test for it. Don't have one but am sure my onc would let me try the critoztinib anyway.

    Judy in KW

  9. Morning All! I'm coming in here first or I'm afraid I won't make it again. We arrived home last evening. It feels like we were gone forever. Like Janet said for herself, if I have a big day out, I usually rest the next day. Not so this trip. I think I was out and about every day for 10 days.

    I want to rest today but also want to get started on some moderate exercise. I don't know about the total gym. Is it a coincidence that I built up fluid again? Don't know if the last episode started with exercise again or not. I'm going to start with walking, maybe dancing but I'll really miss my gym.

    Besides spending time with Wendy and Dominick, we went to Stuart and met up with friends for lunch. They are all from NJ. The one couple has a winter home in Jupiter and the other are good friends we missed passing through KW last week. It happens more than I'd like that we're in Orlando when people are here. So glad we got to connect on the mainland.

    O.k., I'm off. Will get back later to read and respond to as many posts as I can. Have a good day all.

    Judy in KW

  10. Morning All! Making this quick. I'm going shopping and don't have much energy to access these days. Stan said save it all for Wendy and my outing. Oh, the turkey dinner was awesome. She was so thrilled when I told her she "nailed it" with my stuffing recipe. And I meant it.

    My heart will be with you today Ann.

    Judy, I marked a passage from The Postmistress recently: "They strolled and chattered, looking in shop windows, like loose twigs nudging slowly down an easy stream, their voices lighting along the lanes." Just struck me as lovely.

    Katie, hope you got that break yesterday if no one was going to show anyway. Kind of like a snow day from school huh lol.

    Janet, you made me feel so much better about avoiding mirrors lol. We'll make a great pair at the summit. As far as the energy thing goes, we're pretty much on par there too. Wendy and I made the decision to only do two shops, then lunch and go from there. We may go nowhere from there.

    Eric, soooo sorry you had to choose between two social events tonight lol. Have fun. I know you will enjoy whatever you do.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Judy in KW

  11. Morning All! I'm going to do a quick opening. I've had to spend way too much time on the computer for other stuff the last couple of days and need to rest for an hour before I have to shower and get on the road again.

    Judy, sorry about your nails. I never could do them with fungus such a problem in Key West. I had it in my thumbs and acrylics are the worst if you have fungus. Stan and I were talking about how gracefully I was aging at 64 when cancer struck. Now, staying even remotely pretty is a lost cause. I look like I've aged 10 yrs in less than 5.

    Bud, that must be a really troublesome thing to see that documentary and look back on your medical history. Nothing to be done now but what a bummer.

    Got to go. Not feeling my best this morning but think I've just had to be too active too soon.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Judy in KW

  12. Janet, wish I were home where I could just curl up. The office work went into a real ordeal yesterday because of a printer glitch. Now today, I have to be ready to roll to PSL in about an hour. I was up before 5 am so I am already tired.

    Thanks for all the good wishes. I'll be back to normal soon.

    Judy in KW

  13. I saw Kasey's clip--awesome Kasey! Been forever trying to find my way back here to tell you lol. I clicked out of the link and lost the thread. What a ditz.

    Congrats on Prime Time.

    Judy in KW

  14. Back in for a little. Judy, hope the chemo goes well for you. I am very fortunate and except for some glitches here and there, I tend to handle it well. At least that's what they tell me.

    Good to see you Randy. I miss your sweet face when I don't see it for awhile.

    Ginny, you must be a die-hard golfer if you plan to play the day you are hosting a dinner party lol. You go girl!

    Ann, it's so good of you to do this for your friend. I know you'll do well. I'll be thinking of you.

    Laurie, I saw you somewhere say you moved! Too bad, I would have loved to have met again.

    Lily, take your time. Ease back into things. I do know what you mean about getting back into the veggie diet. It sometimes tears me up also.

    Got to go read.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Judy in KW

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