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  1. First I would like to thank everyone who has responded to my questions. My mom was diagonosed with NSCLC with Mets to brain and adrenals on Sept. 17, 2007 and died September 17, 2008. She survived an entire year and was able to care for herself all but 5 days. My sister and I stayed with her at home while she peacefully passed. I hope someday I can come back to this forum and help out but right now I am not able to. I will pray each night for all of you. Once again, thank you. Robyn
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    New Pain

    My mom was diagonosed sept 07 with NSCLC with mets to brain and adrenals. She is sleeping much of the time, but still caring for herself. She has to hang onto walls when she walks because of nerooptathy(her walking is getting worse). Yesterday she went to doctors with servere pain in rib area, it was xrayed but no fracture. The doctor put her on 100mg fetanyl patch and higher does of percocets, i think 70 mg. I have not called hospice yet but doctor has encouraged me to. A couple questions, what do you think the rib pain is? My mom has nausea, is this normal for lung cancer? I am caring for my mom by myself, no family in the area. I just dont know what to do. She has also become incontinent at times.
  3. my mom was diagonosed with nsclc with mets to brain and adrenals in Sept of 07. She never asked any questions therefore, really did not know her prognosis. She was deep in denial. On Friday we met with her oncologist and he gave her the talk. Told her there was nothing more he could do for her b/c there has been an increase in her tumors and she was very weak. My mom is so down and has asked me to get her tranquilers and her doctor prescribed her Zanx. She said all it does is make her sleep and not help anything and she is very depressed. How can I help her with this?
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    My Father

    Chritine, I am very sad for you loss. Robyn
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    Update - LarryH

    Karen, I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. He was very lucky to have you. Robyn
  6. Thanks to all of you for your responses. You guys are all so great and understanding.I just want to do what is best for my mom. But I also want to go to Florida and I guess I was feeling guilty for feeling that way.
  7. Hi There, I have posted a couple times but never intoduced myself. My real name is Robyn and Im from CT. I am caring for my mother who has stage 4 lung cancer with mets to brain and adrenals. She has been MY inspiration through this and has not once complained. She was diagonosed on Sept 17, 2007. She only has me and my sister (who does what she can), but I mostly do everything. My mom is not receiving anymore treatments. She is stable and able to care for herself. I am supposed to go to Florida next week for 4 days to do a race. I am feeling guilty that I am going but I made plans months ago to go with a friend, so I really can't back out unless my mom gets worse. My sister and husband have promised to take good care of my mom while Im gone, but I feel guilty that I am going. Has anyone had a simialr experience? I guess what I am asking is do you think it is okay for me to go?
  8. Hi Katie, You have been so kind in answering some of my questions and I feel so bad about they way you are feeling. The thing that is helping me through dealing with my moms lung cancer is my working out. I run, bike or swim just about everyday, even if I have to do it at 430am. I highly recommmend some sort of excercise to help with making you feel better. Even if you just go for a brisk walk. I am sorry, but this is all I have to offer you.
  9. thank you for your reply. My mom is 68 and her doctor said no more treatment. He said it will not help her. My mom does not know her prognosis. She has not asked so it would be hard to talk about Hospice. My mom is very weak, but can still care for herself. She is a real trooper. I just dont understand why the doctor has said no more treatment.
  10. My mothers doctor has stopped her treatment because he said that it will not help her. She has been with out chemo for about 2 months. She is just at home sleeping a lot. I wanted to take her for second opionion but my family says no. Will her cancer grow faster now that she is off chemo.
  11. My mother was diagosed in sept 07 with Lung cancer with mets to brain. she had 15 WBR treatments and 6 rounds of chemo every 3 weeks. her last treatment about a month and half ago. She recently had a scan and it showed no change so the doctor is not going to do anymore treatments because he said it will only make her more sick. She is very weak now. Why wont they continue with treatment I have read where so many people have 3 and 4 differnt chemos. Should I get second opioion? Robyn
  12. Hi Ned, My mom does seem to be doing okay at the present. She has lost approximately 23 pounds since September and has no energy at all to do anything but clean her home a bit and cook for herself. I have never looked at her alcoholism as a weakness more of a medication for her. She has always suffered from depression. I am so happy that she quit drinking b/c I would not be able to care for her if she was drinking. She changes too much. BTW, I was in Hawaii in 2005 to do a triathlon. It was so beautiful, my favorite place on earth Robyn
  13. This is such a great site and I really appreciate all the info and kind words that are being passed along. Somehow I dont feel so alone right now. I am so impressed by the support and information that I have received. THank you again..everyone.
  14. Thank you to all of you who have responded. This has been quite an experience for me. I live in West Haven, CT. My mom lives alone about 5 minutes from me, and so far she has been able to care for herself. I spend as much time with her as I can. I work full-time and at some point may have to take a leave from work to help with my mom, but we have not reached that point yet. I want to thank all of you for all your kind words. I will wait until her next pet scan which is january 11th, then I guess I will have to decide what to tell her. Robyn from CT
  15. thank you for all your responses. I was a bit brief so I will go into more detail. On Sept. 17th, 2007 my mom who was still working full time had to leave work b/c she could not hold pen. I brought her to emergency room and she was diagonsed with the Nsclc with 1 met to brain in the next two days. Because my mom is an alcoholic the doctors has to put her on medicine when she was in the hospital so she would not go into withdrawal. She has been recieveing treatment. She has 15 whole brain radiation treatments and also has had 3 chemo. Once every 3 weeks. She has not had a drink in over 3 months and I dont think I could have been her care giver if she had been drinking. I really love my mom and has always tried to help her but she never was able strong enough to stop drinking. I thouhgt if she knew her prognosis that she would just drink herself to death. So I asked the doctors not to mention her prognosis. She does know that she lung cancer with mets to brain, but she really thinks that she is going to get better. I am so proud of her that she is not drinking and she has been so positive. All I ever wanted was for her to stop drinking and now she has and now she is not going to make it. My question is should she no that she is terminal? Thank you so much for any imput. I am in this alone my mom does not have any family so I am her sole care giver and I intent to take excellent care of her and make the time she does have left as comfortable as possible. I will do anything for my mom.
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