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    It's been awhile since I've checked in, so I just wanted to let everyone know I am doing well...7+ years later. It makes me sad to see how many people I knew here are no longer with us, but also inspired by the ones that are. I advocate for lung cancer research & speak about it to anyone who will listen. Life is great...my oldest started University this fall & my youngest will be following next year. I work part time (love my job) & hubby & I are keeping busy. I am so grateful to everyone who helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life...a special shout out to Deb who helped more than she will ever know & to Katie for making this possible.
  2. Thanks Judy...miss you guys & so happy to see your smiling face!
  3. Thanks to you both!!!
  4. Hi folks...all is well with me-still read occasionally but life is busy, which is good. I have been advocating for lung cancer awareness & will be on the Edmonton news morning show on the 22nd of November. I have never been able to find a pearl/white ribbon & would love to wear one...any ideas where to find in Canada? Thanks for any help.
  5. Yippee - I beat most of you here today! Morning Bud and rest of the crew. Last night hubby and I went to our friends house to watch UFC which was a blast. Unfortunately, the roads were absolutely miserable on the way home, especially the highway...just like a big skating rink and the snow was blowing everywhere. Today my plans are to stay in with the kids and relax (except for some snow clearing on the kids part!) Hubby is already at the shop working...he is a workaholic that guy. Bud, I so admire that you don't watch tv; however, I believe I am an addict. No hope for me whatsoever to reform. Hope you enjoy your lazy day. Have a good one folks. I'll check back in later. Oh, Lily you posted just about the same time as me so - good morning, we are both eating breakfast by the computer this morning. Mine is fruit, Bran Buds and yogurt - yours sounds good too! Linda
  6. Awesome news Becky! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Linda
  7. Hey Judy - just waiting for pizza to be delivered and then we are heading to friends to watch the UFC fight. Yes, train travel in Canada - only for the very affluent. I'm not certain why it is so expensive, but anyone I know that has travelled that way has lots of bucks to spare. They said that the cars are very luxurious, but I would rather RV it or take the plane as less expensive. That said, I guess if you win the lottery you can happily book train travel. RV'ing is very popular so there should be lots to choose from on that end. I was shocked at how little Eric has to pay for train travel - that is impressive. I took the train from Alberta to Ontario about 26 years ago and I certainly didn't find it to be that luxurious, but I'm pretty sure train travel is different today than it was then. That trip was a riot as I went with my baby sister - although we were young and single and drank through a good portion of Saskatchewan-lol! Anyhow, enjoy all the planning you guys - I find that all part of the excitement of a trip to look forward to. Linda
  8. You guys are early birds for sure. Judy MI - I am a little ahead of you because I woke up at 9:30 am ... that is very unusual for me as usually up at 8 on weekends. We stayed up until midnight too - watching first season of Modern Family. My friend had told me how funny it was so I picked up the season yesterday - oh my, we laughed so hard. There were actually tears a few times from all of us from the laughing. I also love Criminal Minds, doctor shows, etc. One of my new favorite shows is Harry's Law (Kathy Bates). I can't watch reality tv - except for American Idol as my daughter likes that one. Judy KW - thanks for telling me about Hank & Gail. It is so wonderful that you are able to meet some of the people that you get so close to in this forum. Sandra and I talked about getting together often in our e-mails - our family even had a trip planned to Vancouver; however, regretably we had to cancel due holiday conflicts, so the visit never came to fruition. I still regret it to this day. Annette - working on the weekend - really?!?! Don't forget to ask for a raise soon...you are very hard working. Lily - I love to curl up with a good book too! Isn't it wonderful to be home, back into the familiar routines and sleeping in your own bed. I do enjoy going away, but I am such a homebody that I just love returning home. Canada has had a huge outbreak of bed bug infestations in hotels, etc. and that has certainly curbed our desire to be away from home. However, it was on the news the other night that they found bed bugs in the library in Edmonton - yeesh, now they are messing with my books...ridiculous! Mind you, the exterminators are rubbing their hands in glee all the way to the bank with these outbreaks. Truthfully, the whole idea of bed bugs creeps me out. Judy KW - I would LOVE to see you & Stan! Make sure that train trip takes you through Jasper - one of the most wonderous sights of the world ... the majestic mountains, the wildlife. Honestly, it is breathtaking. Bruce and I have never met either and it would be the perfect opportunity to all get together and share some laughs. Anyhow, guess I better shower and get on with the day. Hope you all have a good one. Linda
  9. Judy - what a good idea. I will do a search and see if there is any within a reasonable distance from us. We haven't had a puppy in a long time (since the Rottie and we bought him 19 years ago-been gone almost 7 years-sigh)... we took Jasper when he was 8 as some people my husband knew were moving into town and he liked being on the acreage. I loved him so very much and only wish I had more time with him (the only downfall of taking an older dog ... not enough years with them). Our current dog is a blank-a-poo (Chiraz) and we got her when she was 2 from my previous hairdresser - she didn't like her that much and gave her to my daughter...she is the cutest, most loveable dog - can't imagine who wouldn't love her. I would like to have a dog that could be in the house though, as Jasper was our "garage" dog; however, he loved being outside when the weather was nice. With our harsh winters though, he was definitely in the garage when weather dictated and we always laughed that he probably bragged to all the neighborhood dogs that he had the biggest dog house of them all! So, a puppy isn't a necessity here, that's for sure. The only place I found when I did a search before was the lady that breeds in Calgary (the $2500 ones) and it sounds as though they are all gone before too long. She has a thriving business and actually interviews the buyer to see if it will be a good fit...that was impressive I thought. Anyhow, thanks for the good ideas - I will start researching that. Linda
  10. Wow, you miss a lot when you come to the boards late! I received the early morning phone call that the school bus was not running today due to freezing rain conditions. I had a million things to do today (okay, a little exaggeration perhaps) so I drove my son to school. He wasn't really excited about that prospect - not too sure why? My daughter's school recommended not to come as they would just be watching movies so she went to work with her dad to earn some money (not really excited either - we aren't the most popular parents here today?) I pointed out to her that if she wishes to join her friend in Maui for a month (her family has a place there) this summer she better start saving some spending money. I guess thoughts of Maui brightened her mood as she was a little happier when she left. I could use some thoughts of a faraway destination; however, there seems to be no money left since we had kids? Anyone else have that problem? Oh well, good thing I like camping-LOL. I will have to live vicariously through Eric on his big trip through the States. Any and all pictures of the wonderful places you all live would be most welcome too! Judy KW-I wish I could get Travis to go shopping for things other than tools (he's like Tim the Toolman Taylor) or truck parts (boring!). Your shopping excursion sounds like fun - especially the eating part. I LOVE tacos so I hope you had some for me. I don't know who Gail and Hank are but I'm glad they are coming to visit and making you so happy. Ann - 80 today ... so, so, so jealous! Really!!! I hope I don't get rocks thrown at me but I don't watch football - so all you fans enjoy the game. As to the computer virus - that is sad! I'm glad your accounting was okay. The day I turned 49 my husband decided that a nice birthday present would be to lose 7 months of my Simply Accounting data. I worked 36 hours straight on re-entering ... not his best gift ever (I expected diamonds this year, but again surprised when NOT-lol) Judy MI - I can picture you snuggling with the dogs and watching all the wild life surrounding your corn drum. Sounds beautiful and cozy. I was entertaining the idea of getting a Labradoodle after our eldest 1/2 german shep/1/2 collie Jasper died of cancer and heart failure last fall. However, at $2500.00 for the dog I had to rethink the whole idea - the kids want to go to University and I don't think paying that much for a dog is feasible. We got a purebred Rottweiler for $800.00 many years ago - I can't believe how much dogs cost now. If I wasn't allergic I would just go to the animal shelter and pick out a dog ... stupid allergies. After the rottie and Jasper though, I realized I just can't handle feeling so crummy all the time. I don't think my lungs could handle it anymore either. Lily - sounds like a fun way to watch the game ... enjoy! Bud - the weather sounds somewhat similar our way - ice and then snow. Actually we had ice, rain, then the temp dropped to make the roads like a skating rink - calling for snow tonight. Enjoy your weekend close to home. Annette - you work too much - don't they know you are feeling crummy and just want to be at home in your jammies? Hope you get your prescription quick and feel better soon. Bruce - hope you got your chores finished and got a chance to enjoy some nice weather. Libby - did you get your nails done to match the jersey? Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Time to think about getting supper ready. Linda
  11. Barbara - I am so sorry to read about your sister Diana. She sounds like a true angel in every sense of the word and I can't imagine how painful it must be for you and all who loved her. I know it must be difficult that you didn't get a chance to say good bye; however, I am sure there was no doubt about the love that you all shared. What a wonderful tribute the service was to her life of giving of herself and helping others. I hope that brings some comfort to her daughter, and all the family. Wishing you peace and comfort in the difficult days, months and years ahead without Diana. Hugs, Linda
  12. Morning! The weather outside is actually very nice for this time of the year. We are supposed to get another snow storm this weekend, but as long as there's no freezing rain it is doable. Judy KW-it sounds like you had a very nice birthday celebration. What a nice casual friend - sometimes even my close friends aren't that thoughtful?!? Can't wait to see the picture of you in your new hat! Hope Stan has a good fishing trip and you get your project in the BR closet done. Lily-glad you are home for a little while, and I am sorry that you have some unpleasant things to deal with on the horizon. Keeping you in my thoughts. Ginny - wow, the fireplace is leaking, buckets placed strategically and your car sliding down the driveway - not a pretty picture. I hope today is a much calmer day for you! Bud - I laughed out loud about the 5 mph up an icy hill - yes, what are people thinking? Are things calming down there at all? Judy MI - that automatic generator sounds like a good investment - I may talk to hubby about considering something like that. We watched "Snowmageddon" on the news last night and to see the blizzard with the thunder and lightening was definitely bizzarre. Hope things calmed down there as well. Bruce - wife wanted advertisement -too darn funny. Eric - sorry to hear about Sally and not getting this suspension issue cleared up; that must be so frustrating! The dinner out at the Italian food restaurant (my favorite food-yum) and music session afterwards sounds like great fun. Reading about your former student did actually bring a tear to the eye. It just goes to show how loved and respected you are. Everyone have a great day! Linda
  13. Good morning! It is going to be a beautiful, non -40 day out today and I am rejoicing. Judy MI - how are things on your end? I was watching the news last night and it sounds as though this is a gigantic storm that is hitting a huge area. Hope you and Randy are hunkered down and safe - the mailboxes can be propped back up and I hope that's the worst that happens in this storm - just minor damage. Libby - yep, my line of thinking about the fishing rod was like yours (stick/spinny thing-all good) but I quickly found out this was not the case. BTW, I can ride my stationary bike for 30 minutes today; however, I think that probably equates to about 30 seconds of Bud's exercise! Oh well, I'll do it anyhow as someone pasted 2 pounds on my body over the last couple of weeks and it's time to fight back (perhaps the "someone" were the chocolate chip cookies my mom-in-law sent home with us a few weeks back?...I wonder who force fed me while I was asleep?!?) Stephanie - wow, sounds like a long day (with no pudding to chow down on). Hope you are feeling well today and that the side effects are minimal. Wishing you a relaxing day today Stephanie. Judy KW - glad the sun is shining and an outing is planned. My hubby Travis would have had to circle back to get his phone - I think if he ever did go without it he would be surprised the world was able to get by without him answering his phone. Is it your BD today? If so...Happy Birthday and enjoy the meal on stilts and the meal with friends tonight! Annette - I laughed out loud at your exercise regime. Perhaps my 30 minutes will be over doing it? Very sneaky on the neck exercise there. I don't think you would enjoy Alberta very much if you are cold when it is under 70. It is an oddity to get to 70 sometimes even in the summer-tee hee. Nah, not that bad, but still not balmy here very often. Yes, Judy MI - I am so happy to hear that the muscle spasms are history...what a tough road to get to that, but I am so glad you are there. Hope Eric enjoyed bowling. I love reading his posts - he lives such an exciting joyous life and it is so fun to live vicariously through him. Have a great day everyone! Linda
  14. Annette - sign me up for the EVTB team (love it!). As to Ginny's question re: mascot - picture Bruce with the EVTB logo shorts & shirt, flip flops (I'll get those since Jimmy Buffet confiscated his) riding the llama...what a wonderous sight that would be. We would be a household name in no time! Look out Olympics - here we come!!! Oh yes, and I see how people try to count certain activities as exercise - I used to tell my husband that vacuuming was exercise (he laughed but I still believe that!) Bruce - message received about phoning for fishing rod - I guess that would be like clothes shopping for me. Good to know . Judy-umm, Bruce really has the art of gift giving doesn't he?!? Ginny-many of our friends are doing the same with cell phones being their only phone. We have a fax connected to our land line so it is out of the question for us. Also, my battery is dead half the time like yours. Bud - glad you drove to work ... although in bad conditions that can be just as dangerous. Drive safe and stay warm. Linda
  15. Morning folks - sitting at a balmy -28C this a.m...hey, that's better than -35 anyhow! Thoroughly enjoyed our pyjama day yesterday ... today, fully dressed and ready to go. I will drive the kids to school, run a few errands and then return to work on business stuff here at home. Annette - don't mom's just have the best timing for phone calls?!? Mine seems to have a sixth sense about how to catch me at the most inopportune time - usually to ask if I've seen the weather report (as if looking outside isn't sufficient-I must hear it from her per the weatherman on the news channel!) Oh well, we love our moms dearly and they keep our lives interesting. Judy - here's just a woman's line of thinking - couldn't Stan just phone these places to find out if they carry that type of rod? I know my husband wouldn't do that - he would say "you never know what I might miss if I didn't go look myself" but ... just throwing it out there I certainly don't do that if I am going clothes shopping, but since we have an hour and a half drive to the city, rather than drive everywhere looking for a particular item, I call the stores ahead and if I find what I want I get them to put it on hold. It just saves us gas and time and driving aimlessly around the city. Anyhow, I'm sure it's all part of the "hunt" that is fun for Stan. Maybe he'll even surprise you and pick up some bags on his outing? Annette - forgive me for not knowing but, what is EVTB team? And ... I would like to see photos of Bruce in the get up you described ! Have a great day everyone. Linda
  16. Morning all! Bruce, I am right there with you with the attitude about our weather - I would rather take this cold (same temp here as you have) than what other parts of the world have to deal with. Does your tractor have an enclosed cab? My hubby and son have to use the quad with blade and they get mighty cold doing that. I figure that just trying to maintain body heat is exercise in itself! Kids are off school today so we are going to stay home, turn on the fireplace and watch a movie or three on our new couch (we love it!!!). We hardly ever get pyjama days anymore...today, we are going to stay in our pyjamas and pray no-one comes to the house to visit . Hope the Tylenol helps with the aches and pains Judy. Glad to hear that your Christmas task is almost completed-whoo hoo. Bud, glad you are able to enjoy your riding this week and hope the fishing gets easier again. Annette - my son would love to have you around as he is a big time Black Ops gamer and I am absolutely clueless about anything gaming. Even his friends ask me to play with them; however, I think they just want to make fun of me! I hope your day is filled with many distractions (not work related!). Linda
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    Kasey, Fred & family - I am so very sorry to hear the tragic news. Please know I am keeping you both, your daughter and all those who loved him so much, in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Linda
  18. Judy - yep, it's one of those new fangled washers and dryers - I'm not sure but I think I could probably even wash and dry the dog in them as they are supposed to do "everything" . I laughed out loud at the picture you paint of you and your washer and the pliers. Our old one had us performing little oddities to get it to work as well. As to the couch, it's not brand new as it is a couple of years old - I am buying it from my cousin; however, to us it will be new. I have always wanted a leather sectional but I have never been able to save the money for new (laundry more important); nor did I want someone else's second hand. My cousin hardly ever used it as it sat in the den and they always sat in the living room. The price was in my budget and it is clean and comfortable. As to the first spill - I know it will happen and that will just mark it as ours! My son left an impression of his teeth on my coffee table when he tripped and fell at the age of 4 (three days after we bought it). I can't look at that table without thinking of him (with love and gratitude that his teeth never fell out). Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. Linda
  19. Hi Cindy - I started having colonoscopies at age 41 as my mom is a colon cancer survivor. After the first time I had a space of 3 years and then they changed the protocol to every 5 years. So far, so good. While my sisters and I aren't crazy about the test (particularly the prep) we go faithfully. I didn't know about the association between colon and lung cancer - interesting. My family history seems to have a little of everything - different cancers, Alzheimers, depression, heart disease, still undiagnosed neurological issues (in dad) and so on ... I obviously don't get tested for all of those, but I certainly panic a little more (for instance when I forget something I wonder if I have Alzheimers) as I age. Also, after my lung cancer diagnosis, they now do mammography once a year. As I have fibrocystic breasts, I usually also get an ultrasound for certain things they can't discern on mammogram. I guess that is definitely something that changed "because of my history". One thing that used to drive me crazy was one of my docs (group of them work together) used to think EVERYTHING was cancer after my diagnosis - if my shoulder was sore, before anything was tested or looked at, he was sure it was mets and the cancer had returned. It turns out I have tears in both rotator cuffs - not cancer. I had many a tearful visit with my surgeon about the fears this guy instilled in me. Anyhow, he was definitely a downer and while I appreciate I have a history, I couldn't deal with the fact that he scared me everytime I even had a cold or the flu. However, another in that group was the opposite end of the spectrum who was of the belief that I could get hit by a bus tomorrow so there was no need to worry about anything. Anyhow, I changed to a different group of doctors when he wouldn't write the order for my yearly mammogram even though the radiologist who performed the mammogram stated clearly I was to have them every year. I now have a GP that has that happy medium that I need. I take it your colonoscopy results were fine and you are good for another 5 years (never long enough to forget the prep unfortunately ). Linda
  20. Morning folks! Judy - you could always pass yourself off as Ukranian; however, I think Annette's idea is much simpler I have discovered the last few years that the things I used to think everyone else noticed - they were totally oblivious to. Ok, granted a tree might be a hard thing to miss, but really people just get used to what is there and after awhile don't even notice it. Hey...to save yourself some time and energy just leave it up until next year - wish I had thought of that earlier ! Oops you did say don't make fun of you so I will stop now (see we Canadians aren't always polite and sorry are we?!?-lol) Annette - sorry I don't know the gentleman who you are referring to; however, I will think good thoughts for Will. Wait - is this Will who works on the rig? Oh my! In any case, best wishes that this is not cancer. Glad you are going to relax this weekend - all the other stuff will still be there when you are ready. Enjoy the down time - too bad you had to hurt yourself in order to relax for a whole weekend. My family and I are going to Edmonton on Sunday to pick up our couch for the basement - I am so excited. I also just got my new laundry set (washer broke down-hubby has been repairing it for several years and finally had to bite the bullet) and just waiting to get the gas line put in for the dryer...can't wait to use it! Boy, that's something I don't say often about laundry Annette - send me over your laundry and I will happily deal with that! I can't remember what everyone said yesterday - I know I read it yesterday ... but the memory isn't what it used to be. A big hello to all those from yesterday and I wish everyone a wonderful Friday. Linda
  21. red wine ... perhaps I messed it up now, do you use the D or the E? Can you tell I don't play games very often?!?!? Linda
  22. Bud - I envy you your weather and the fact that you ride your bike to work! Annette - so sorry to hear that you are hurting now. I have heard that Nyquil is a good fix for a lot of things other than just a cold ... I always believed that commercial though "the so you can sleep time medicine" and worried that I would fall asleep in the middle of serving a customer at the bank (which wouldn't have gone over so well . Obviously it isn't as strong as I thought if you are still functioning while taking it which is good to know. Eric - your postings always make me smile - thanks for that. I am so glad that your planned demise didn't happen ... good things our worst thoughts don't always come to fruition. Judy KW - you are right about handing everything off to the accountant ... my job really is simple. They get the last laugh though by how much they charge me to take on that difficult task of submitting it. I don't know enough of the ins and outs of corporate tax to deal with it myself so I happily pay those who do (ok maybe not happily, but I pay ) Judy MI - the picture you paint sounds somewhat like mine of the beauty outside your window. However, the birds don't like to visit us often as we have an outside cat that seems to make them very nervous. I don't have any advice on how to get out of bed, sorry. I used to be a night owl, but when I had kids I totally changed and now I am just like my parents ... earlier to bed and earlier to rise. Wow, I would never have guessed I would turn into my parents but it actually happened! Talk to you guys tomorrow. Linda
  23. Morning Annette & Donna & everyone that will follow!!! Katie - I hope Judy can come out and play - thanks for working on unlocking that gate for the poor girl! Yes Annette, that ice is something isn't it. Yesterday we had freezing rain on top of the snow and that made for some interesting driving and walking. It still amazes me how many people don't drive for the conditions though - so many senseless accidents. I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too badly (well, except the pride thing) and that your cold is finally going away! We are supposed to get back to our regular (cold) temperatures this weekend and to be honest, I am glad. This warming up to the point that you get rain instead of snow is not the best for driving or walking. Donna - enjoy your day off from shovelling. If you are ever missing that chore I could keep you very busy here?!?!? Have a good and safe day everyone. Linda
  24. Morning Judy and all - hope you don't mind me dropping in on you guys this morning. The school bus is not running today due to freezing rain conditions ... wouldn't you know it my son needs to get to the high school to write exams - I am NOT looking forward to that drive! What wonky weather we have had this year ... but I would certainly rather have the extra snow (and rain in winter?!?!) than the other issues throughout the world (watching the news honestly makes me cry). Judy - I was exhausted after getting business stuff ready and in order for the accountant and I'm not taking any chemo so you are my hero. You deserve some extra shut eye and rest time I would say. Enjoy your time on the porch ... then you can re-enter to a clean house and enjoy the rest of the day. Take care, Linda
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    I sent you an e-mail - I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for. If not, let me know and I will do it right! Linda
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