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  1. Randy, I am so sorry for your loss. Just remember God has a plan for everyone. As she is rejoicing in heaven she knows no time unlike us here on earth. When she see's you next it will only seem like a moment has passed. He has kept you here with jobs that still need to be accomplished and the inner strengh you have gained. God Bless you our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family! The Williams Family Jon, Cynthia, Zane and Cody
  2. Wanted to update everyone on my mom. She was to start experimental treatment on Friday, but her blood pressure was too high due to steroid use. We hope she will be able to start on Monday. I will keep everybody updated on her progress and if the treatment helps reduce the tumors in both lungs. We did have a scare during the tests to qualify for the treatment they found shadowing on the brain. We are praying hard here and still waiting on an answer. I will be talking to the DR next week to find out about the PARP enzyme as I had some questions from message board members. God Bless The Wil
  3. Hi, My family and I are trying to find answers and help with regards to my mom whom has stage 4 cancer. She has kept us in the dark most of the time. I am sure some of yall are familiar with those strong personality types whom don't want to show any sign of weakness well that is her. I found out she had breast cancer for the third time from her neighbor calling me the night before she was to go into surgery April 2007. (You wouldn't think we talk on a weekly basis) I flew out on the next flight and arrived as she was going into surgery. The cancer unfortunetly had spread to both her lungs
  4. Need Help!!! My mother has stage 4 lung cancer secondary, originating from breast cancer. She will be meeting with another Dr in the morning to discuss a clinical trial: Gemcarbo Bsi-201 (I believe this is correct) I cannot find any information online with regards to this treatment. If anyone is familiar with this clinical trial and the treatment can you please e-mail any web links or information. We are concerned about her quality of life. E-mail [email protected] Thank YOU and God Bless
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