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  1. Hi Coni, I was the caregiver to my husband until he passed away a few months ago. I'm available if you want a buddy. (I'm in Los Angeles.) I will PM you with my email addy.
  2. KarenH

    Update - LarryH

    Thank you everyone for all your kind words. I've wandered around in a daze these past few days, wondering when I'll wake up from this nightmare. This was so quick - he was only diagnosed a few months ago and we both thought/hoped we had more time.
  3. KarenH

    Update - LarryH

    Hi All, It's been a terrible month. My hubby was admitted to hospital with nerve pain due to a met on his spine which they were going to treat with 10 days of radiation. They gave him oxycontin and he crashed, ended up on life support with kidney failure and pneumonia to boot. Despite the doctors who wrote him off from the start, he rebounded and got off the respirator a week later. He had a good week then aspirated and ended up back on the ventilator. Another week passed and he was well enough to get off the machine, but on Friday, they told me that he had another case of pneumonia and needed the ventilator a third time. I made the most difficult decision of my life and declined; I just couldn't put him through that again if it was unlikely that he could remain off of it. My wonderful husband passed away on Saturday and my life will never be the same again. My heart is broken, but the one consolation I have is he isn't suffering any more.
  4. Hi All, They got his pain under control, released my hubby from the hospital on Monday and yesterday, we got our treatment plan. The bone scan showed a whole bunch of "suspicious" sites, but the doctor said they'd need to be treated by chemo. The targeted therapy test results were extremely promising. They gave us a whole list of drugs which could potentially have a good effect along with a list of those not to use. As I write, he started chemo: carboplatin and gemzar today, gemzar next week, then a 2 week break before starting again. They will do another PET scan in 5-6 weeks to see if there's any effect. They also want to give him Tarceva (it showed up on the targeted therapy list), but they're going to wait a few weeks in order to give his lip a chance to heal. (The radiation blasted a hole in his chin the size of a dime!) The oncologist was extremely positive and reiterated that my hubby doesn't have a lot of illness (guess he's got a different point of view) and he said he really believed that he could help us get this into remission. That really boosted our spirits! Wishing everyone good health! KarenH
  5. Thank you, everyone for your warm welcome! I'll post the treatment plan when we get it in a few days. KarenH
  6. Hi All, Thank you for this forum! It's a wealth of information and I really appreciate it. My 56 year old hubby was recently diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma with mets all over the place and we're terrified. He was admitted to hospital 2 days ago with severe body/joint pain. They hope to release him tomorrow and start chemo either next Friday or the following Monday. I just worry that his body isn't up to it. We have a wonderful oncologist who's always available (this man must have no life!); he keeps us going with his compassion and optimism. My hubby is high maintenance and we feel well taken care of. Wishing you all good health! Karen
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