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  1. Oh Nick...this made me cry!!! I CANNOT read that book without losing it. When one of our kids have wanted to hear it, I've had to get my husband to read it. I'm still lucky enough to have my Mama, but this is one book that touches me so deeply both as a mother and as a daughter...that I just can't read it unless I have a long time to devote to bawling my eyes out. (((((HUG))))) Linda
  2. famograham

    Sandra L.

    It's truly beautiful here...I would encourage anyone to visit. All of Vancouver Island is recommended. I live in Parksville, about 2 hours north of Sandra's home. It's my home and I couldn't live anywhere else!
  3. Auntie Aggie went to heaven, to be with her Mom, Dad, and many brothers, sisters, and loved ones on December 23rd at 4:20 am. She was VERY ready, and dismayed every time she woke up, for weeks on end. She had an amazing sense of humour, and was a wonderful woman, who gave my Mom so much support during my Mom's own diagnosis. The irony of Aggie's stage 4 diagnosis after my Mom's stage 1, is a lot to bear. Throughout this holiday season, my Mom and I have envisioned her sitting down to an amazing Christmas celebration with the family members she has missed so much. All of them free from pain and anguish, and together at last! It's a blessing in a way, because we could think of her there..and happy...instead of laying in her hospice bed, just waiting... We will miss you Aggie, but I'm so glad that you are in the comfort of the arms of so many who love you! All my love, I feel you here with us, Linda
  4. So sad. He was so young. What a beautiful man. http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadi ... JXYmUMmpEQ
  5. Prayers from the deepest part of my heart for you Sandra!!!! My goodness, I HATE this! Sandra was one of the very first people who welcomed me when I came here. We actually only live about 2 hours apart, she is in Victoria and I'm in Parksville. We almost managed to meet last summer, but missed eachother I'm not here much because at the moment we are very much enjoying time with NED....but my heart is here, and I do check in now and then. I just feel so terrible. I have this strange sense of guilt..that Mom is doing so well at the moment. I know that Sandra wouldn't want me to feel this way, but it is what it is. I'm sending LOVE, and my deepest prayers, for comfort, for healing and for peace. With all my heart, Linda
  6. Giant prayers being sent! For Mitch's speedy recovery, emotionally and physically, and also for karma/justice for the scumbag who did this to a completely innocent stranger!!!! SO ANGRY!!!!
  7. Hmm...I'm by NO means an expert, but my Mom had another CT a few weeks ago and the results did mention that "No destructive bone lesion is seen", so I would think that it picks up something at least?? Anybody else? (((hug))) Linda
  8. WOW! I'm SO glad you're OK! And also that you have such a great sense of humor But my goodness....the chemo taking the finish off a watch...that right there is a VERY serious tribute to anyone who has ever had chemo, and their bravery. It creates a very clear picture of the guts/balls/mojo it takes to have chemo! You GO girl! Your story made me laugh and blew my mind at the same time! xoxox Linda
  9. This is such a painful topic. My sister feels very much the same way you do...and she's angry too, and also disgusted by the smell... I can't be angry at my Mom, because I'm still smoking too. I can tell you though...I'm VERY angry at myself! I don't think there's a right or wrong answer here. But I do think we're all better served by love than anger. (((((BIG HUGS))))) Linda
  10. I LOVE the new-ish commercial for the discovery channel, where all the discovery channel stars sing parts of the boom-dee-ada song! It made me cry the first time I was it! Can't think of two more...but I'll try! LOL! {Edited to add} Ooh, ooh,...just thought of another one! The pampers commercial...which is nothing but shots of sleeping babies, and someone is singing "Silent Night" in the background. Makes my womb ache for more babes.... (((hug))) Linda
  11. famograham


    WooHoo! Here's to being warm! And able to take a shower...LOL! I'm SO glad that you've got your power back! I've been worrying about you! (((hug))) Linda
  12. famograham

    ice storm

    Oh, Christine! Prayers for you, and everyone enduring this storm. Stay safe, and warm! xoxoxo Linda I remember the ice storm we had in the east too Sandra, horrible! I think it was 1997.
  13. Sandra, that's wonderful! I can't imagine life without our doggies! We've got two mutts, and there's never a dull moment! Congratulations on your new baby! LOL! xoxoxo Linda
  14. Wow! Donna...CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an amazing thing! I hope my Mama can join you there!!! xoxoxo
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