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  1. Hi, Linda and Judy and thanks. I forgot to add that my hospice doctor immediately put me on anti-seizure meds (Depakote) and also took away my car keys. I have no idea how effective the Depakote will be, but if I do nothing, it won't matter because the growth of the tumor will cause a reaction anyway. The report does show very little edema (swelling), which is apparently the base cause of the seizures anyway. Right now, the hardest part is trying not to over-analyse prior to the PET scan. As I wrote earlier, until I know how far gone I am since last summer, I won't know whether I'll be d
  2. Well, it's another case of good news, bad news: The bad news is that the brain MRI shows metastasis to the brain. The good news is that the brain MRI shows only one 9 mm nodule. The bad news is that the nodule is attached to the visual cortex, meaning that if I experience further seizures or growth in the nodule, I may go blind. The good news is that I'm far more likely to go blind than ga-ga. I've already met with my old radiation oncologist (to whom I gave a copy of my brain MRI and the radiologist's report). He's recommending WBR on the basis that if one nodule has already appea
  3. Actually it wasn't scary at all (but do keep in mind that my dad used to tell people when I was a kid that I wasn't brave, just too stupid to be scared ). Unfortunately, the latest news is potentially not so good. After having the TIA on 01/19, last Thursday (01/29), I had two oxygen "episodes." Each lasted less than five minutes, but during them, my O2 levels dropped to 69-72% (rather than the minimum 92% that I usually achieve with only 1-1/2 liters supplemental O2). I was at the clinic when they occurred, about a 1/2 hour apart, and after the second one, my RN (using her stethescope) cou
  4. Well, I now have the ingredients, but (unfortunately), this was a "fatigue" (and stress) weekend so I'm going to wait 'til my cousin arrives on Tuesday and we'll make it together (translation: she can make it while I hover nearby ). Affectionately, Carole Treasure every moment as if it were your last.--Carole Hammett
  5. Hey, Becky: Since I've been "sex-partnerless" since my dx (celibate as a nun!), maybe I should try donating my red wine to potential lovers in order to make me look better to them! As to Resveratrol, Judy, aging isn't the reason I'm taking it. There are numerous studies re its benefit in respect to lung cancer specifically. There are also numerous postings about it on this site; ergo, my remark about Greg and Barb turning me into a raging drunk because I've been trying to potentiate the effect of both red wine and Resveratrol by using the former to swallow the latter. To review just a fe
  6. Hi, Lynn. At this point, we don't have a clue as to where in Florida... my daughter's going to start checking out cheap fares/packages tomorrow with our primary criteria being warm and short. If I had my druthers, it would be Key West (I was last there in the late 70s, loved it then and would love to see it again), but we're afraid the length of the trip (2 legs) would be too much for me. If my doc says okay (the TIA may have put a twist in things), the most likely flight would be a direct Denver-Miiami with a stay at a nearby resort. Affectionately, Carole One's destination is neve
  7. HURRAH!!!! Great news, Linda. Have a wonderful time! With love and affection, Carole I'd rather die while I'm living then live while I'm dead.--Jimmy Buffett
  8. Hi, Chris. Just a quick note to let you know I haven't forgotten our miso soup, just haven't made it to the organic store yet. My mom flew in last week and between her visit, my TIA and my Inauguration Day party, I'm behind on everything. The good news is that tomorrow afternoon my hospice volunteer is taking me shopping so I should be able to report in this weekend. Thanks again for posting the recipe... my mouth's been watering for weeks. Affectionately, Carole Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--George Carlin
  9. Hi, Barb and thanks for the posting. Also, a reminder that cataracts are also a side effect of Prednisone, a drug often prescribed to lung cancer patients who have developed radiation pneumonitis from radiation therapy. Affectionately, Carole Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--George Carlin
  10. Hi, Randy and thanks for the posting. I experienced several episodes of depression back in the 90s and early 2000s. At the time, I sought help (belatedly) and then learned (the hard way) that my body doesn't "like" psychotropic drugs. We ended up trying to work on what was causing the depressions (without success--each time they ultimately went away on their own). After I was dx'd in 01/07, one of my primary fears was that the dx (and prognosis) might lead me into another depression so I asked my onc to refer me to a therapist whom I've been seeing fairly regularly ever since--not so that I
  11. Hi, Barb. Between you and Greg, I swear you're going to turn me into a raging (red) wino! Actually, this article does remind me that I haven't been drinking red wine with resveratrol in quite some time (last spring and summer I was drinking a glass with a couple caps almost every night). Maybe I can enlist the assistance of my cousin, who not only also happens to have the capacity to be a raging (red) wino, but is flying in next week. Clearly, I need to get back on track in terms of my health regime... can't be letting down the side! Affectionately, Carole One's destination is nev
  12. Hi, Marci. The adrenal glands produce cortisol, which is the "natural" version of Prednisone. The adrenals have a "thermostat" that tell them how much cortisol to produce and when (usually morning "bursts"). If we develop inflammations such as radiation pneumonitis (or arthritis, rheumatism, etc.), our adrenals may not be able to produce as much cortisol as is needed, thus we are prescribed Prednisone as a supplement (radiation pneumonitis requires large supplements compared to arthritis et al). When I first developed radiation pneumonitis (in May 2007), they prescribed 60 mg. daily (mornin
  13. My cousin wanted me to go onto Mona Vie (acai berry juice, which costs about $25 a bottle--more expensive than my favorite wine), and initially I told him I wouldn't because it could interfere with my chemo. After I went onto hospice (ceased treatment) last summer, I told him I'd be glad to try it (there are some positive anecdotal studies). He started sending it to me regularly, but at one point my taste buds went goofy and I couldn't even think of drinking it without getting nauseous. In the meantime, cases of it started piling up in corner of my dining room and I finally had to tell him to
  14. Linda: We both know I don't even need to post here because we both already know what I'm going to say: TAKE THE DANG CRUISE!!!!!! A two week break isn't life or death (and even if it is, why not go out in a blaze of glory now rather than looking and feeling like a concentration camp victim months from now?) I actually believe that things like cruises IMPROVE our survival rates (Quality of Life!!!!) and credit my cruise last August with having at least some effect on my still being around (and looking at at yet another trip! ) It also sounds more like pneumonia or congestion than it doe
  15. I don't know what your stage is but this is no time to worry about taking pain drugs because of your AA status. What physicians know today (that they didn't know in the past) is that pain meds are not addictive unless the patient is taking more of the drug than is needed to handle the pain. In other words, as long as you are taking morphine for pain (vs. pleasure), you will not get hooked and end up having to fight the fight again. Right now, it is far more important that your body be getting full comfort care than it is to worry about an addiction that will not even happen unless you deci
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