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  1. Rick and Katie: No apologies needed. Glad to see you back God Bless us All Francine
  2. My heart goes out to you Cheryl. I know fear as many of us do..but please never forget for a moment that we have encircled you with all of our prayers and know that you will be fine. God Bless us All!! Francine
  3. Amen to that! God Bless us All.. Francine
  4. Hi Don, Lucie has a very powerful guardian angel that seems to protect her well. My prayers to this angel are on their way Regards, Francinel
  5. Dear Rochelle and John, You are all truly blessed as the good Lord looks down upon you all. With affection, Francine
  6. Dear Karen, You and I both know that depression is a serious matter (a disease actually) so i don't want you to belittle yourself over that. It is something that needs treating and that's what you are doing. If anything, it takes a very strong woman to admit to needing treatment and seeking some help to overcome it. You should be proud of your ability to do so. Many can't. The literature and years of experience felt by women all over the world supports that. Take care of yourself now, you need this for YOURSELF!! God Bless Us All, Francine
  7. Hi Don and Lucie, It is always so good to get these great test results. Keep em coming. God Bless Us All, With affection, Francine
  8. Hi, Having been the recipient of some very good news myself, I can understand your joy and relief at yours. Enjoy your Thxgiving and celebrate life! God Bless Us All, Francine
  9. I would like to thank you as well for the effort you and Rick put forth to make the public at large aware of this disease we all love to hate. Please let me know how i can go about donating to this site. It might be complicated because of my living here in Canada. Let me know how this can be done. Again, thx from the bottom of my heart for all that you are, that you do, and have no doubt will continue to do. God Bless Us All, Francine
  10. bluebayou


    Hi All , First of all, may I wish a very sincere welcome to all of those who have signed on in the past few months. I come here every day but for a variety of reasons do not respond very often. Happy that you are here and I know what a benefit it will be to you. I have carried this disease since Fall of 003. My bio below is sooooo out of date so I will catch you all up to speed. After the steretactic surgery, we turned our attention to chemo to the chest and gland. I did 3 sessions and I was about to tell the doctor that I needed a break, but to my surprise and pleasure, he said no proble
  11. Debi... thx for letting us know and Cary.. All my prayers and then some are on their way. God Bless Us All Francine
  12. H Carrie, I did in fact have WBR (10 sessions) back in Feb of this year. It was to kill off any unseen tumours and was followed up by stereotactic surgery to remove the 3 tumours that they did see. All went well. I had fatigue and short term memory loss, nothing I can't live with. Hope all goes well with you. Keeping you in my prayers. God Bless Us All.. Francine
  13. All my prayers going fwd for you and your Aunt. God Bless us All!! Your friend, Francine
  14. Now that"s the spirit. Go Cat Go!!! :-) God Bless Us All Regards, Francine
  15. Debi... Wish I could take all of your fears away and throw get rid of them never to surface again. They are as real as they can be regardless of where you are in terms of your cancer. I was up with you till around 4 a.m. worrying myself to death about everything but mostly I have it in my mind that my brain mets are back and because i've already gone down that road, I suspect that my options are very limited if not non-existant. Sorry we cant somehow sweat these horrible nights together. I feel somehow it might not be as tough to go thru. All the prayers in the world are on their way up n
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