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  1. Sure would like to have a buddy here. All of this is new to me, and I sure could use a hand up. I live in Tempe, Arizona. My husband is the patient and I am the support staff. Kind regards Hunter
  2. Hello to all and thanks for the replies. I don't understand how this board works...how to post, etc. but here I go. Monday, my husband was told by a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Az that he had inoperable lung cancer. He is 73, was a smoker until 2000. The surgeon said that his lungs were bad, the stress test showed that he has heart blockages, and he is on coumadin for anticoagulation. He had his mitral valve replaced l3 years ago. He went for a CT scan last May because he was having trouble breathing. Then, he had another one in November. He also had another test in December to show if the spot on his right lung was hot or cold. It was warm. We went to Mayo to see a pulmonary person who said wait 3 months and get another CT scan, which we did 12 days ago. The test showed one more spot on the lung (2 total) and that they had grown a little and were spreading. So we went for breathing tests and stress tests at Mayo last week., with the consultation with the surgeon on Monday last. I'm her looking for information and some hand holding(support). We don't have many relatives and not alot of friends. Our son does live about 20 miles away. My head is spinning and I don't know where to start... I am not new to support boards. 3 years ago when I had an ovary problem I found a support board. Also, people on a support board helped me stop smoking...3 years now. And, currently I visit a heart valve replacement board and moderate the chat room with 5 other moderators. But, that not withstanding, I am still a self-taught computer dummy. Sorry for the long post. Regards, Hunter
  3. Hello, I am new and don't quite know how to post here. Help. hunter
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