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  1. http://www.legacy.com/Providence/Obitua ... =110542774 I wrote it. I feel bad now that I didn't write that she died from Cancer. She always hid her MS from people and already I've had someone think she died from MS. Damn.
  2. Lyris, I'm so sorry for what you're going through. I just lost my sister a week ago to lung Cancer. We had hospice at the house for 4 days. It was a painful thing to watch. Your Mom needs a lot of assistance now. Do you have any friends/relatives who are ion the medical field who can help? Gracie
  3. Gracie

    She's gone

    It wasn't even two months since her diagnosis and she's gone. She went into the hospital two Monday's ago to start radiation treatment for her brain. She had two treatments and then didn't want anymore. She wouldn't stay still for them to do it. The Dr.'s said they hadn't seen such an aggressive Cancer before. We took her home last Friday night and she died at home on Tuesday morning. It was the longest goodbye I've ever had - I've watched my Dad die and my first husband. Carol hung on for four days and waited until all of her kids were asleep and most of us had gone home. She probably didn't want us to see her go. I know she heard me when I told her what a wonderful sister she was and that I promised to take care of her kids and her husband. A tear fell down her cheek onto her hand. I will never forget her and I will always love her. Thank you for your support here for the past couple of months. I wish I had been able to post in the survivor section for my sister. Gracie
  4. Gracie

    She's leaving us

    My sister is in a Boston hospital and has been getting WBR for a few days but it doesn't seem to be helping and she is worse. She can't swallow at all and hasn't eaten in a couple of days. She sleeps most of the day and the Dr. said if she doesn't start responding better to treatment he would take her off radiation. He said they could try chemo through a catheter into the brain. That sounds horrible. I know she is slipping away and I can't get over how quickly this has happened. Her son is supposed to get married in 2 weeks and they are talking about calling the wedding off. My heart is in pieces right now. Thanks for letting me vent here. Gracie
  5. Thanks so much for your replies. I just pray/hope she is strong enough for this. She is so tired and weak.
  6. My sister has MS and was recently diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Man, it sucks.
  7. We suspected it but were praying it wasn't so. She has several brain mets and the Dr. told her yesterday that she needed WBR and they stopped the chemo. I think she is set to get 15 treatments in all? M-F this week. She will lose all of her hair. Will she become confused/more fatugued? I'm scared. I hope they can catch it in time, but, in the meanwhile, if they stop chemo for her lung, isn 't that bad? I am praying she will be well enough to attend her son's wedding on June 7 but it's so hard to stay positive at this point. If anyone can offer me any hope, or tell me their experience with this, I'd be so grateful. Gracie
  8. Just spoke with my sister Patty. They cancelled Carol's surgery to put the drain in. The Dr. is going to speak with them this morning. I am very scared. I think they will discuss the results of the spinal. I wish I could be there but I can't today. I plan to go tomorrow. I'm assuming they will keep her in the hospital for a few days. Crap, crap, crap!
  9. For those who've been following my posts, my sister Carol has been going through a really difficult time in the past couple of weeks, she's very weak and extremely tired. I saw her on Saturday and she could hardly get up to go to the bathroom. She is scheduled to have a procedure today to have a drain put in so she can drain the fluid in her lungs, which keeps accumulating, at home. Well, yesterday my other sister called and told me she was even weaker than on Saturday and they called the Dr. She was admitted last night and they are hydrating her. I have a feeling she was probably dehydrated. I am hoping/praying they can still do the procedure this morning because I think having so much fluid on her lungs is what is making her worse. She felt a lot better when she had it drained before. If you're the praying kind, could you say a few with me today? Thanks Gracie
  10. Found out today that she doesn't take the anti-nausea meds unless she feels nauseus. Is this what could be causing some of the discomfort?
  11. Thank you, I will definitely bring this up (dehydration).
  12. Hi Donna She was working a few hours a day up until last week. She was also doing her dance classes at night, modified, of course up until last week. I know she is exhausted, but, it's scary to see such a big change in her.
  13. I hope this didn't come out sounding insensitive. I apologize if it did. Maybe I should've posted in the Family Members forum. I just feel so lost and sad.
  14. ....eventually come out of it? Honestly, I feel like my sister is already gone in a way. It's only been a month or so since her diagnosis but in the past couple of weeks she has gotten so weak. The past week she has been mostly "out of it", sleeping on and off and not talking much. She is having trouble walking and is uncomfortable for most of the time she's awake. I want to believe that it's the effects of the meds, and once she is strong enough to fight (after the fluid is removed from her lung) she will come around again. But, friends, I'm just not too sure. I love her so much and I want to believe. Please tell me she has a chance. Yes, I'm severely depressed right now. I can't lose her.
  15. Thanks all. No, I don't think they said why they switched. I wasn't there though. Any suggestions for battling the side effects (rash/diarrhea) of Tarceva?
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