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  1. well, now it's October and my mother-in-law is still fighting SCLC, just last week they found a spot on her brain, 1.2cm tumor on her brain. They are planning to do cyberknife treatment on her. now i know her prognosis probably isn't that great. i have hope for her though.
  2. Thanks to everyone who replied, you made my hopes high for her.
  3. My mother-in-law was hospitalized approx 3 wks ago for a stroke. While in the hospital, they found a "spot" on her lung they thought might be cancer. A biopsy was done, it came back small cell lung cancer. We seen the oncologist, who ran all kinds of tests (PET scan, CT, MRI). Everything came back negative, so her cancer was the limited stage of small cell cancer. She starts chemotherapy next week, with radiation to follow in a few weeks. I hope somebody has some survival stories for me. I am a nurse, but from everything I have read, it is telling me her average survival time is less than 2 years. I'm hoping for the best. Thanks.
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