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  1. Garden Lady, I lost my dad to SCLC this past October. SCLC is a very aggressive form of cancer. My dad lived for five months after diagnosis. My dad had a lot of memory issues. He was on pain meds from the time he was diagnosed until he passed away. At one point, we got sooo concerned with his altered state that we requested a brain MRI be done. The result: No cancer in the brain. There could have been microscopic cells tho. Kristi
  2. We have a good rapport with the oncologist and the staff at the office. They are always watching out for us. Our oncologist's office is moving across town next June. I told Mom we are still going to the same oncologist if that means going across town We are not switching oncologists at this point. Kristi
  3. This thread really needs to be put at the top. There are lots of great advice in it. I don't know if it has been said.... Do as much research as you can as a caregiver... I did a lot in the beginning and and felt prepared. Caregiving can be overwhelming. Kristi
  4. I live with my parents. I found out when my mom walked into the bathroom where I was taking a bath. She sat on the toilet and told me that the CT scans had shown suspicious spots on her and my dad. She had just gotten a call from their internist with the results. It was Mon., April 28th. My life changed that day forever. Kristi
  5. Hi Lynn, First of all, not leaving your house for a month is NOT OK. I did that for a solid month and my friends saved me from that. I refuse to be a prisoner in my own home. My friends get me out at least once a week. I am finding myself wanting to get out of the house more and more. My mom treats my dad badly. My dad has some mental issues... Don't knows what is excerbating them at the moment and are going to do a brain MRI first and then go from there. I understand that Mom has her own thing going on but I am to my limit. I finally told her she needed an anti-anxiety pill to take
  6. Hi Gail, I am so sorry to hear of Hank's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Kristi
  7. Hi Denise, Sorry that Tom is having a bad time. Is Tom done with radiation? He may be having problems with the effects of the radiation especially if it hit his esophagus. I am glad that the oncologist is going to check him out. Kristi
  8. I am going away for a few days. It's not my problem while I am gone. I am not calling while I am gone. If someone needs something, they can call me. If it is an emergency, I can be back home in two hours. I need a break!!!!!!!!! Karen, I have told my mom what I want to focus on.... She has obviously not listened to me. I have tried to set boundaries and she said "Families do not set limits." I am burdened with a house that there is no way I can keep up with. Today I am tired because I have to share my bed with others. If people outside my family can recognize how overwhelmed I am.
  9. What has led us to now... Back in April, Dad said that he needed to go see the doctor. Mom was coughing and couldn't get rid of her cough. She made appts. for both of them to see the doctor on Thurs., April 10th. During the doctor's visit, Dad had a chest x-ray and a spot showed up on the x-ray. The doctor told Dad that he had pneumonia. We were puzzled because Dad had a pneumonia shot last fall. He went back to the doctor on Fri., April 18th. The doctor ordered another chest x-ray and then a CT scan on Dad. Dad went in for the CT scan on April 23rd. We did not get the results until Mon.,
  10. My mom's journey started back in April 2008. She had a cough that she couldn't get rid of. She scheduled appts. for she and Dad on April 10th. The internist thought that she had a bronchial infection so he prescribed some medication. I think that it was Z-Pak. She and Dad were told to come back for follow up eight days later. She had a chest x-ray done then. The doctor didn't nnotice anything. However, the radiologist did. On Monday, April 21st, the internist called and said that she and Dad both needed CT scans. She and Dad went for their CT scans on Wed., April 23rd. On April 28th, the in
  11. Hi All, I know that you all get tired of this. I had a bad day today. No two ways about it. I am having problems with my mother BIG TIME. Ever since she was diagnosed my mother does not want to deal with anything. My mother treats my dad very badly. Frankly, I am sick and tired of it. My dad is no angel but he does not deserve the treatment he gets from my mother. Today my mother and I had a blow up. I know... Not a good thing because I just threw my hands up and went downstairs and crawled in bed for three hours. The last thing I said to her while in tears.. You don't know how
  12. Hi Denise, I have to have the palliative care nurse look at my dad tomorrow. His nose is really running. I am hoping some of that is the fact he is coughing more and bringing junk up thru his mouth and nose. Kristi
  13. My mom does not get it. She hates the advice that I get form online and from friends in real life. If it weren't for places like here and cancerforums.net and my friends and sister-in-law, I would have never known what to expect. I am overwhelmed because of my mom and brothers. My dad is a very difficult person to deal with even when he doesn't have cancer. My mom told me that I should not worry about being scared and try to be more positive. I try to be positive but it is hard when you are overwhelmed. BTW, I am not a drama queen (got accused of that in another forum). My best frien
  14. Hi Denise, Do not hesitate to contact the doctor's answering service if Tom has another coughing spell like that. Kristi
  15. Hi All, I have a problem and I need to know how to address it. Two of my brothers have kids. My brother who lives here has two kids, 13 and 9. My youngest brother has a daughter who is 12. The daughter does not stay at his house when it is my brother's weekend to have her. She stays here. If the kids are over here, I have to tend to their care in addition to my parents. They are not my kids! I love my nieces but they are not my kids. I tried to tell my mom it is too tiring to tend to the kids. She's like they are no problem. Who is running the household here???? I am tired of
  16. Hi Gail, Glad today is a good day. Lots of prayers for you and Hank! Kristi
  17. Dad's nurse will come out to check him on Friday afternoon. She wants to make sure he is OK for the weekend. I will find out on Friday when she comes out next week. I had lots of questions for the nurse today. I am not afraid to ask. Kristi
  18. Hi Denise, I am sorry that you are out of sick days. I am not working right now but that will change later this year when I have to go back to work. I can't afford to be off work forever. I would give it another day or so. If you are not an y better, go the ER. I am like you... I am better at advocating for others than myself. Thinking of you! Kristi
  19. Lillee, Congrats on your recent marriage! Glad that your dad was able to walk you down the aisle. My dad was able to attend his oldest granddaughter's wedding. We were all so glad that he was able to go. Kristi
  20. Hi Carole, I am going to ask when the nurse comes out today. Dad has an assigned weekday nurse. We met her for the first time this past Friday. She likes my folks' oncologist (and we do too). We had our intake done on Father's Day I know organizations can really vary. We can call anytime day or night. If it is something that can't be handled over the phone, a nurse will come out. Kristi
  21. Hi Denise, Insist on a chest x-ray. Let us know the apt. goes. Kristi
  22. My dad is on palliative care with Kansas City Hospice and Palliative Care. The oncologist office made the referral for us. The referral to KC Hospice and Palliative Care has been a Godsend! The nurse comes in twice a week to monitor dad. I will talk to her tomorrow to see if someone can check him over the weekend. My dad had an OT come in yesterday to assess his needs. We ordered a commode, walker, and transport wheelchair yesterday and it came this evening. The man who delivered it showed us how to adjust the equipment to meet Dad's needs. I plan on donating the equipment back to KC H
  23. I have registered to be an organ donor with the state that I live in. The reason I did it... My oldest brother needs a kidney transplant. I was not a match for him. I will have it stated in my healthcare directive that I want my organs donated if they are suitable. Kristi
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