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  1. Honestly, I would prefer that you were totally off! Because it's just not right that an insurance/management company would discriminate like that. But what if you are right? How do you prove it? With Hippa laws, I'm not sure you could gather enough information to make a case. And if you are right, those same Hippa laws that are supposed to protect us are actually protecting insurance companies. The thought of that frosts my backside.
  2. I'm up on the roof to join in the celebration. Pass the bubbly! This calls for a toast!
  3. Gosh, Barb, I would hope not... The only thing that comes to mind is this: does the college contract with a claims management group? If so, is it still the same one? I don't know how your employer does things, but I used to be under a self-funded plan some years ago. My employer contracted with a company to manage our insurance. Anyway, if this is true with your plan, a different management group could explain the difference in service. But if all factors are the same, I would certainly wonder.
  4. That's great news!! I sure hope your sister is enjoying all her favorite flavors of ice cream.
  5. ((((Katie)))) Hugs and peace to your heart.
  6. No earthquake felt in Space City, USA.
  7. No problem, Muriel. I'll just snuggle up with him in my seat. He likes to ride the "ponies" but he likes a good snuggle, too.
  8. Smokey is on the bus. Sorry, I'll take him off Bailey's back. He tends to think big dogs are just cute little ponies that sound funny.
  9. I'm on the bus. Me and my menagerie. We're having a great time!!
  10. The bus!! The bus!! Ann, put that lion down and take that koala off your head! It's the bus!!
  11. ((((Denise)))) I'm so very sorry. Prayers for Rose's family, friends and loved ones.
  12. Ann, since we're still at Animal Kingdom waiting on Becky to arrive, let's go check on the baby animals. If we're real lucky, we might get to hold a lion cub or something.
  13. I will if something happens after the sun rises. I'm planning on sleeping in on my chilly Saturday morning.
  14. I'll be there in my wooly-woolies, and a bikini underneath!
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