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  1. Thinking of my wife today. It was on this evening in 2006 that she became an angel. Fourteen years have passed, but I still miss her very much.
  2. Thinking of my wife today. It was on this evening in 2006 that she became an angel. Fourteen years have passed, but I still miss her very much.
  3. 13 years, and it's still a sad day.......... Everyday in some small way Memories of you come our way. Though absent, you are always near Still missed, loved and always dear. Memory is a lovely lane, A lane I so often travel down, Because it leads to you. Always smile instead of frown, Always a hand when one is down, Always true, thoughtful and kind, Wonderful memories she left behind.
  4. It was eight years ago tonight that I lost my lovely wife to nsclc. I still miss her so. This tribute was written by her library coworkers, and it says so much about her life: We mourn her loss and honor her memory as co-workers and friends: For her vibrancy and for her delight in the world around her, For her sense of fun and her caring ways, For her abilty to give and receive friendship and love, For being such a source of strength in such a little package, We honor and treasure her memory - we celebrate her life. Lac-Yee was only 54 years old. In memory of Lac-Yee Warfel August
  5. bwarfel


    I last posted here on September 9, which was the anniversary of our learning that my wife had nsclc, stage 3B. Tonight is another of those anniversaries that bring back such painful memories. It was six years ago that my wife passed away. May 29 was Memorial Day that year, and every year, both on Memorial Day, and May 29, my mind, heart, and soul are transported back to the day. The memories of that day are still so vivid. Even though she had a terminal illness, I had never given up hope, and her death came suddenly and unexpectedly. She was a wonderful and caring person, and she had fr
  6. bwarfel

    Seven Years

    Thank you so much, Katie, Randy, and Ry. It's nice to know that sometimes I can say what's in my heart and know there's someone there to listen. I truly appreciate your kind thoughts. Bill
  7. bwarfel

    Seven Years

    It was on this day, September 9, 2004, late in the evening, that we learned my wife had nsclc. It was a day that changed my life forever. To this day the sadness remains. I tolerate it better, but momentary thoughts still bring me to tears. I have many things in my life that bring me much happiness, but not being able to share them with her is difficult. Our daughter's graduation from medical school, her marriage, the birth of our first grandchild. Such happiness, yet such an empty space in my heart. On the anniversary of the day that was such a defining point in my life, I cherish m
  8. Thanks to all of you for the supportive messages. You are all so helpful and caring. Best wishes to all of you. Bill
  9. I lost my wife two years ago tonight to this awful disease. It still seems like yesterday. She was only 52. Bill
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