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  1. Thanks everyone for the very needed support!!!!!! I have met w/the neurosurgeon (same as last one). He will be operating from my back to "de-bulk" and get out as much of this tumor as possible. The surgery will take place Mar 24. He will give the tumor some room to throw off inflammation by removing some bone in vertebrae. This is "EASY" surgery. Will take about an hour. They will keep me over nite, maybe longer. Don't know yet. The cyberknife will continue to work. It's unfortunate that the drs here (and also PHX) don't fully understand what that procedure is continuing to do. Oh, well. . .
  2. Thanks everyone! I have a lot of neuropathy—hands, fee,t arms, legs, face. Plenty bearable. What I also have tho, is a that tumor in my spine that we think is being killed off slowly as the result of the cyberknife. Is the pain from inflammation? Is it something else? Don't really know. Getting an MRI a week from today and meeting w/rad-onc the following Monday (Mar . Neurontin sounds kinda scary. I'll discuss w/onc when I see him. I'm also on the Fentanyl patch (25 and wearing 2 at a time. Dr may up dosage. I'll keep posting w/the guessings! JudyB
  3. Sandy, Feel free to add me. (Hahaha. A tiny poem.) But I think we're all going to need to grow into NBA-sized people wearing nite-shirts! JudyB
  4. Hi All, Looking for some feedback on this drug. I think it's been discussed, but I couldn't find it under search. I can't seem to find a pain killer that works! Please help. JudyB
  5. Oh, Norme, I am so saddened by your news. You know we all have been thinking of you and your dear, dear Buddy. I know you have the strength to move on. I can only send positive thoughts to you. I wish I could take away some of your pain. JudyB
  6. Christina, I just cannot imagine what you have had to go thru! I sometimes say, "Why me?" But I am over 60 and have been married twice and have done most things I have wanted to do. No one wants to die, whatever age, but you are soooo young to have lost your husband. I don't blame you for having anger. Vent on this board. You will heal--slowly, but surely. My heart goes out to you. JudyB
  7. JudyB

    Mom is gone

    So sorry, Jennifer, to read of your mother's passing. It's a sad time, but your pain will become weaker with time. But never gone.
  8. Oh, Norme, What a challenge has been sent forth for you. I know you are doing the best for Buddy that could possibly be done. My thoughts are with you.
  9. JudyB

    News from DaveG

    "REMISSION" isn't that the sexiest word on the planet!
  10. Norm.e, Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. My heart goes out to you and Your Buddy. I hope Buddy's health turns back to good real soon!! JudyB
  11. Nancy, I'm so sad to read about the passing of your husband. Like others have said, please stay on the board. This is the best support group! JudyB
  12. Connie, Just what we all needed: Some great and happy news! Way to go, girl!! I'm actually feeling better, too! JudyB
  13. Shelly, I am at a loss for words. It just seems so damn unfair. My heart breaks for you. JudyB
  14. Gosh. I am so shocked! I have been out of it for too long. But reading this has me in a daze. Sam was such a loving, caring, and supportive person, I still can't believe he has gone.
  15. I was sent a container of Bag Balm. Vermont's answer to those udder problems. But I never had a reason to use it, so I can't can't comment on its efficacy. JudyB
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