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  1. ginnyde

    Friday Air

    I tried to soap a window one time. As I started, I looked in and a man was starring at me doing it. I ran faster than I ever had. End of window soaping for me.
  2. ginnyde

    9 years today

    Not possible. Still missed with all my heart.
  3. Earl, love your name, it was my husband's name. My good friend was dx'd 4 years ago with extensive sclc. She now only has to see the dr. once a year. All things are possible.
  4. We got a second opinion. Not sure if it made a medical difference but it certainly made a peace of mind difference. Kasey who is on this site had 3 different very dire opionions. Went for a 4th and she is here 8 years later, living life. I would tell your Mother that you love her so much you want to make sure she checks out all of her options since medical science is advancing and can be hard for drs to keep up with everything.
  5. ginnyde

    6 years today!

    What a wonderful way to spend Christmas, 6 years is amazing. Just keep on trucking with that great spirit you have, you will succeed. Merry Christmas Janet and a much easier new year.
  6. Like you Cyndy, my BFF of over 50 years is my travel companion. We have done 6 trips, Italy, a riverboat through Provence, a bus trip in Ireland, a riverboat from Amsterdam to Vienna, bus trip through England, Scotland and Wales and just in September we did Prague to Budapest. I am just about cathedrals overdone and am considering a golf trip for 2013. Unfortunately my best friend does not golf but I have many friends that do. I have tried dating and find I do no enjoy it. Family and friends are the best (and they don't expect me to fold their laundry, lol). If you would like, pm me your telephone #.
  7. Hi Cyndy, I am 4 months ahead of you on this journey and like you am living a happy and productive life. Just lost my part time job and felt a little lost for a few weeks. But now I consider it a gift and am looking on how to reinvent myself. This crazy life certainly does offer us many opportunities. We do survive. And we do it successfully. We continue to love and remember. I am happy to hear that you are doing well.
  8. ginnyde


    Hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray,hooray, hooray, hooray 15 Hoorays Donna. And many good thoughts for your husbands results.
  9. Diane, if I wasn't going to my daughters for dinner, I would have broken my finger dialing for reservations. How much more enjoyment to just share the time with your family.
  10. Argyris, please contact Kasey or Donna G. Both of them are Pancoast tumor long time survivors.
  11. MD, I am sorry the news was not all good but there is alot of encouraging news among the not so good. Don't have any info for you but wanted to stop in and say Hi, since I live right outside Phila. Don't know Jeff either, my husband was at Penn and Fox Chase. I send you and your wife good wishes for continued success.
  12. ginnyde

    Scan results

    Diane, what wonderful news. A great way to start the holidays.
  13. Diane, she is beautiful. Please kiss the side of her head for me.
  14. Yeah Alan, this is great news. Get home quickly and please continue your blibbler blabber.
  15. ginnyde

    Digging Deep

    I never gave up hope, never. I kept thinking that some pointy headed sneaker person in a lab would yell 'Eureka'. I knew it wasn't likely, but you just never know.
  16. Sue, I am so very happy for you. Can't begin to imagine the joy in your heart. Keep it going forward.
  17. Staying in the same family: Frank Sinatra
  18. Hope is my favorite 4 letter word. Life without it is somehow lacking. I always had hope when Earl was ill, that some pointy headed sneaker scientist would yell Eureka. Didn't happen for him but I still have HOPE, I still have HOPE.
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