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  1. Hi! My name is Tiffany Smith and I live in Houston Texas. A dear friend of mine, Yolanda Johnson, was recently diagnosised with Stage 4 lung cancer(sarcamoid carcinoma). It has spread to her spine, over her eye, armpit and possibly her ovary. She is in her late 30's with very young children. She just ended her radiation treatment at MD Anderson here in Houston and is heading home to Dallas to begin her chemotherapy. She is ready to fight this diagnosis but is at a loss where to go from here. She is in need of guidance when it comes to her diet, therapy for her family and herself, and a safe place to ask the questions that the doctors seem unable or unwilling to answer. As I'm sure you are keenly aware, time is of the essense. As her friend, I can only listen but I believe a person who has survived and understands the langauge of this particular disease would be a tremendous support. I can be reached @ [email protected] and 713-724-0500. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance, Tiffany Smith
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