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  1. Got a PM asking me to look at the forum

    I'm sorry I had you worried.

    I'm ok physically, the rest of my

    life is a nightmare, too bad I'm awake,

    should have that part under control

    by next month.

    Thinking of all of you, will be back

    for sure even if only with sayings

    to start the day with.

    Katie, Happy Birthday and may the

    coming year be one that fills you

    with delight.

    Ry, don't be too hard with the fine,




  2. Good morning all,

    beautiful weather for the last week,

    really from winter to summer in a few


    Grateful for friends that are a

    great help when needed, they know

    me so well that they don't offer

    help they just do it.


    We need to have people

    who mean something to us-

    people to whom we turn knowing

    that being with them is coming home.

    (Bernard Cooke)


    Good friends are like

    shock absorbers.

    They help you take the

    lumps and bumps on the

    road of life.

    (Frank Tyger)


    Have a good day.


  3. Good morning all,

    another beautiful day

    68 for the day that will

    be balmy after the winter

    we had.

    Grateful for the good advice

    received yesterday.


    Be happy with what you have

    and are, be generous with both,

    and you won't have to hunt for


    (William E. Gladstone)


    Have a good day.


  4. Good morning to all,

    the beautiful weather is still

    with us.

    Grateful that yesterday

    I took a day for myself,

    except cooking and eating

    my meals I spent the day


    Feel refreshed today.


    I had a pleasant time

    with my mind, for it was


    (Louisa May Alcott)


    Instead of pointing a finger

    why not hold out a hand?



    Do what you can,

    with what you have,

    where you are.

    (Theodore Roosevelt)


    Enjoy a good day


  5. Steve,

    Could be a strained back,

    hurt my back six months ago

    and had a bone scan, pet scan

    and x-rays they finally gave

    me peridural infiltration for

    it and it is getting better.

    I have cancer(not lung) so they

    don't take a chance and have to

    be sure it is only a strained back

    and not mets.

    Best of luck for your appointments.


  6. Good beautiful morning to all,

    Sunshine woke me up at six this morning,

    really beautiful day.

    Grateful for a long last friend that

    came back in the region, good to chat

    all those missing times.


    There is no cure for

    birth and death save

    to enjoy the interval.

    (Geoarge Santayana)


    Experience is the name

    everyone gives to his


    (Oscar Wilde)


    Have a good day.


  7. Gail,

    I hope Hank gets some sleep

    and starts to feel better after the


    Mike was never sick from a treatment

    and he was getting chemo every week

    also never was tired, same for radiotherapy

    but when the treatments were finished

    he started to get weak and that is when

    all the effects of the treatments hit him.

    A few doctors told me that when there

    is no fast side effect from a treatment it

    shows that the treatment is not working

    too well????

    We did not have the latest drugs approved

    in Canada when Mike got sick.

    Now there are so many different drugs for

    cancer that some will do good to Hank.

    Good luck


  8. Good Monday morning to all,

    the snow storm (small one)

    is finished.

    Grateful for the beautiful sun

    we are having today, could be

    warmer but I don't mind.


    What shall be tomorrow,

    think not of asking.

    Each day that Fortune

    gives you, be it what it

    may, set down for gain.

    (Quintus Horatius Flaccus Horace)


    The man who is to old

    to learn was probably

    always to old to learn.

    (Henry S. Haskins)


    Time is a kind friend,

    he will make us old.

    (Sara Teasdale)


    Have a good Monday


  9. Christy,

    My deepest sympathy to you and your family.

    His way of showing love was with criticizing

    those he loved.

    He must have been a very lonely man in his

    own inside life.

    Hope you father get comfort and peace


  10. Teri,

    I always have that feeling of

    physical emptiness when I get

    home after mixing with people.

    Fifty four months today that Mike

    is gone and I feel like getting in

    an empty cocoon each time I get


    Hate that feeling.



  11. Good morning all,

    snow storm for us

    and very cold, but at

    this time of the year

    it will go away fast.

    Grateful for friends that

    give you the push you need

    to keep going.


    The best mirror

    is an old friend.

    (George Herbert)


    Friendship is indeed genuine

    when two friends, without speaking

    a word to each other, can nevertheless

    find happiness in being togather.

    (George Ebers)


    Have a good day.


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