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    Heaven gained another angel, but I'm sure you were the angel to your dad during the past few months. I also lost my dear dad to SCLC and don't visit the board much anymore, but like your experience they helped me through tough times and gave me much knowledge about SCLC. May God grant you comfort during this difficult time. Cherish all the memories and share them with your little one!
  2. Bobby: I visit this site periodically to check on folks and see if there's any new treatments, etc. w/SCLC. As you can see, my dad went through treatments and battled to the very end. He was one who said many years ago that he probably wouldn't go through chemo if there wasn't a good chance he would make it. When the dr told him only 5% chance of survival for him and wouldn't even commit to a timeframe, he was upset but said let's do all we can and had a great positive attitude (and even kept a sense of humor through chemo and radiation). He had good days and bad days (the "rollercoaster
  3. Holly: I know it took courage for you to post the news about your Mom. She would be so proud of you that you remembered to honor her wishes. May God give you comfort during this difficult time for you and your family but know your Mom is now watching over you and still protecting you. I'm sure she's also still listening to you somehow. You're a very strong, courageous 15-year old!
  4. To all those who have lost a loved one (so many of us): I was missing my dad today and searched for something inspirational to give me comfort and I found this. It helped me and thought I'd share with all of you. Maybe some of you have seen it before, maybe it's been posted before, but it's a beautiful poem. . . Letter From Heaven To my dearest family and friends, some things I'd like to say ... but first of all, to let you know, that I arrived okay. I'm writing this from heaven. Here I dwell with God above. Here, there's no more tears of sadness; here is just eternal love. Please do
  5. May you find comfort in memories of your dad -- the special times. I am so sorry for your loss and share in your pain. When I am really missing my dad (which I seem to have been thinking of him so much lately), I start remembering the special times and how he raised me to be strong. I made promises to him before he passed away and strive to achieve those. I think he helps keep me focused. Sometimes you truly feel their guardian angel presence. Seemed like I had car problems right after my dad passed away and the few times I was stranded, I was always in a safe place. I just had to smile
  6. Just saw this post and it gave me goose bumps. Dancing with Dad -- the things you think you will be able to do forever and that they'll always be here. Wanted to share a special gift I received. My dad's sister passed away six months after he did. When they went through photos to give to our family, there it was -- me dancing with my dad at my wedding reception over 20 years ago! It was a polaroid my aunt took and I will cherish it forever. You see, my photographer forgot to take the picture at our reception of me dancing with dad. I still think Dad had a hand in me getting the picture.
  7. Friends: I haven't posted for quite some time, but I still visit the board. I need your expert advice. I've seen postings about Agent Orange and I know they have finally admitted there's a connection between this exposure and lung cancer. My mom is going to file a claim with the VA since my dad was too ill to do so when he was diagnosed. He was a 23-year Army vet who served in both 'Nam and Korea. After diagnosis his onc said he had "never seen such a fast-growing cancer" such as my dad had. My dad was taking Lamosil and was exposed to Agent Orange. He made me promise him if there was
  8. kimd

    Just thoughts

    As Christmas was approaching this year, I felt so much pain knowing my dad wouldn't be here with my family and what a void that left. I didn't send out cards, shopping wasn't fun and it was hard to get into the spirit of things. Last Wednesday morning, someone broke into three houses in my nieghborhood and stole purses and wallets, one being my home. When I found my purse a few days later, money was gone and my cell phone but credit cards and misc were left. My "I love you Dad" medal that I gave my father was also gone (guess they thought it was change). I carried this with me everyday si
  9. Dr. Joe: I admire what it takes to deal with this disease every day. My dad was fortunate to have a good onc (even though family members sometimes wondered why we weren't traveling the country looking for the "miracle") and was so touched that when he first told us about my dad's illness, he did so with teary eyes. I knew then that he cared about his patients and was so concerned about all of us. His ultimate goal was to give my dad "quality of life" during his illness and he did just that. Welcome and God Bless you and your family. With a father who was gone so much in the Army, I know
  10. Welcome Kim (fellow Hoosier and same name)! My dad is gone now, but he was also diagnosed October last year. You're right, this is a special group of people and you will get great advice here and the latest updates on this disease. Don't know how I would have made it through my dad's illness without their support. Sounds like your Mom is a wonderful person and will pray for her!
  11. Renee: I am so sorry about Scott and that I didn't post sooner. I obviously haven't been on the board for a few weeks and was so upset that I missed your post. Sounds like Scott went very peacefully and I am so glad you were there with him. He was surrounded by loved ones. I wanted to try to attend Scott's funeral and I'm so sorry that I wasn't there to support you. I hope God is helping you get through the tough days you have ahead of you and please stay in touch with the folks here. It really does help to be able to share your story to help others gain knowledge about what this diseas
  12. Shelly: You're being a tremendous help to your sister whether you realize it or not and she's very lucky to have you at her side. I know it's hard to stay positive, but I also feel that your sister is going to beat this! Am praying hard for both of you! I always admire your honesty and especially the strength you have had this past year in being there for so many people. When I start to feel down about losing my dad, I come to this board for inspiration and words of wisdom from so many. We have a very tough, brave group here!
  13. Renee: So glad for the update -- was really worried about you and Scott. Still in my prayers and truly enjoy Scott's time at home. Sounds like he is very glad to be home and that's what's important. Bless you both and remember people are here when you need them.
  14. kimd

    Lost my dear dad

    Kitty: So sorry for your loss and the pain you are going through. I pray that God gives you and your family peace and comfort during this difficult time -- he did with me. You will make it through the days ahead somewhat in a fog and in a few weeks or a month, you will miss your dad even more. This is how it kicked in for me anyway. I still miss my dad terribly, but remember the good times, the funny times and special moments we shared. These memories are with you forever and will make you feel closer to him. God Bless!
  15. kimd

    Was it really a dream?

    My mom too had a visit from my dad. She was asleep and woke up abruptly like someone was lightly shaking her. She was a mist like a person and drifted back off to sleep only to be awoken again the same way. My dad has definitly been watching over us and has helped several of us with car issues make sure we broke down or had a flat in a safe place -- even my neice with a flat over the weekend in the pitch dark and stopped on the highway into the nearest parking lot (deserted road). Guess where she was --- a church parking lot and the minister was outside and he helped her. He even agreed s
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