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  1. My husband has just begun VP-16 treatments. They said he would have it 1xday for 2 weeks and then have a CT scan. Any hints on what to expect with this treatment? I have noticed that some of you had this drug in combination with Cisplatin. I have heard of this drug, but I can't remember if he has used it or not. His doctor told us this is the last drug. If it doesn't work, he can't do anything else for us. Where to go from here? He is going to cancer center here, and has been to MD Anderson. I am not ready to give up, and neither is he.
  2. Hello. I am glad I found this site. I really need some answers. My husband was diagnosed with NSCLC 18 months ago. We have been through 8 different drugs with relatively no side effects and no action toward reducing the cancer. In August, he started taking Gemzar and boy did the side effects hit. He would get the chemo on Wed. and by Fri., he was down. Very short of breath, fever, chills, etc., but by Sunday-Monday, he was rolling again. He had 6 treatments (1xweek) and landed in the hospital. He couldn't get breath. O2 was at 67% and his heart was A Fib. Got the heart back regulate
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