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  1. so good to see your post...I've thought about you so often. Prayers of comfort and peace for you continue. Remember that we are always here for you. Hugs, K
  2. KatieB


    I did have someone say something with my cervical cancer. I asked how I "got" it and the gyn nurse told me that it was caused by HPV and multiple sex partners. I have been married and with the same person since I was 17, he didn't have HPV (to pass to me) and I didn't have multiple sex partners... FAIL on all counts. For 10 years I didn't tell anyone I had cervical cancer- even when we had fertility issues, because of that perception. Some times things just happen we can't explain. We are more susceptible, we have genetic predispositions and yes lifestyle contributes- but there's no room
  3. prayers for peace and comfort for you all. I'm so sorry.
  4. This is wonderful news!!! My prayers for your success continues!!
  5. this is very encouraging news!!! My praying for you continue!
  6. KatieB

    rockin' Tarceva

    This is WONDERFUL news!!!
  7. Van, I'm so happy to read your update. It sounds like things are very encouraging for you and going in a good direction. Fatigue is to be expected and not having nausea is a GREAT thing. Please keep us updated on you when you can. We may not specifically "ask", but we are always wondering and praying and sending positive thoughts for each other here. Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts your way. Hugs,
  8. This is WONDERFUL news! 80% of lung cancer are diagnosed in the latest stages because there are usually no symptoms and in those later stages there are fewer options- you've GOT options! I also know that Tarceva has been tried in patients without the EGFR mutation, but if I'm not mistaken only as second or thirdline therapy. Duke will provide much more information and some options for you. Please keep us updated and we will keep you in our prayers!! Hugs,
  9. I love this one. (((hugs)))
  10. KatieB

    Checking in...

    Just a (((hug))) to let you know you are loved and in my prayers everyday. Being "away" from here is ok...taking care of yourself is essential...and we are here for you no matter what. (((barb)))
  11. Susan is right. We are all here for you. I can't know what the next step of the journey will hold for your mom, just know that there is still hope. I still think a second opinion is always a good idea either for more options or to confirm what's already been told. Just a side note- I know a 6 yr extensive stage sclc patient who still smokes, and shes been cancer free for 4 years. Go figure right? Everyones body is different...she is actually afraid to quit now because she has done so well for so long- afraid to jynx her situation. My dad was dx. at about the same time as she was, ext
  12. for small cell, the treatments your mom has had are "standard" so the doctor is right. Unlike NSCLC there aren't as many treatment choices BUT there ARE radiation, cyber knife, gamma knife, etc...options and the combinations of these treatments have been tried in different order and more than once depending on the overall health of the patient AND there may be clinical trials. It could be that your mother's doctor isn't going the extra length to find more options for your mom because she isn't being active in quiting smoking and getting healthy. A lot of doctors may find it difficult to wor
  13. I love this overcast/windy weather. Started bright and early this morning on some much needed yard work. My backyard is not large but I've lots of landscape-trees and various bushes, roses, palms and banana trees that needed to be cut back not to mention lots of pruning and the first real mow of the season. It was so nice and cool out that I did it all in about three hours and took my time and it was pleasant (if you live where it gets 105 in the summer then you know what I mean) I've got a busy day ahead with a little work in the office, taking my daughter to her dance lessons, teaching t
  14. Hi Tracey, I'm so sorry about what your dad and your family are going thru. We have walked this journey on one side of the road or other (either as a survivor or caregiver/familymember) so we do understand and we will be here for you. Saying prayers and keeping positive thoughts for your dad. Please keep us updated and please keep posting. It really does help. ((hugs))
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