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  1. I just had a clean brain MRI and full body CT/PET scan after being diagnosed with lung mets in my brain just a year ago.  I had lung cancer in 2008, right upper lobectomy and 3 months of chemo fixed it.  Then after nine years of NED I started having seizures in June 2017.  Open surgery took out the tumor then gamma knife around the tumor bed fixed it again.  No primary lung cancer present.  Just some of the rascals escaped and hung out in my brain for nine years.  Got em again!  Patience is essential, attitude is everything!

    Love and luck to all of you,


  2. Good news folks.  After being in remission for nine years I went to stage IV this summer with a met in my brain.  Surgery followed by gamma knife on the tumor bed took care of it.  I just finished my second three month CT/PET and MRI and they are all clean.  NED!  Such a beautiful acronym!  So I'm good to go until March.  

    This is the third time that cancer has struck as I had prostate cancer in 2006.  Patience and attitude are requirements in our fight.

    Thank you for being there.

  3. I had brain surgery that removed the lung cancer met intact.  Then gamma knife around the margin to get any little buggers that might be in hiding.  MRI was clean so I am on wait and watch with scans every three months.  Outlook is pretty good because there was only one tumor.  Hoping that it stays that way.  Thanks for being here.

                                                                               *** Patience is essential, attitude is everything.***


  4. Hey folks,  I was here for several years starting in 2008 when I was DXed with lung cancer.  Right upper lobectomy and wedge out of right lower lobe plus 4 rounds of alimta/sysplaten worked fine.  This spring (2017) I developed pneumonia and was hospitalized.  Later I started having seizures and numbness on my right side.  Docs checked for stroke with MRI/CT and found a brain tumor that seems for be operable plus lots of swelling.  They say it is a lung cancer met.  Surgery set for 7/31 unless unexpected turns up.  You all know how that can go.  I went of O2 full time and it really helps keep me going.

    Prostate cancer in 2006 and surgery fixed it.  PSAs all zero since then.

    Heart attack in 2013 and stents fixed that.

    83 years old and have lots of family and friends that have been with me through all of it.  Attitude is half the battle.

  5. Well, one more year of my cancer journey is complete. PSA tests are zeros and lung scans are NED. 7 down for prostate cancer and 5 down for lung cancer. I am so blessed to have a good life with great friends and the opportunity to share my story with others as they do with me. We lift each other up and then we stand tall together in this fight.

    I had another challenge this year. Had a blocked artery in my heart. It was cleared with a heart catherization and two stents. These things come on slow and for a long time I attributed the pain and fatigue to age and wear and tear. Such a simple half hour procedure that produces such marvelous results. I feel like I am 75 again.

    That's my update. I read your posts and take strength and hope from your stories.

    Patience is essential and attitude is everything in this fight.

    Love to all of you,


  6. Hey Joppette,

    Thanks for bringing up this subject. My wife and I never hesitated talking about cancer with anyone interested. It started by visiting forums like this and thus identifying with the people there. Reading their stories made it lots easier to talk about ours.

    I wonder how many "lurkers" (people who read but don't post) there are out there? I bet we'd be surprised by that number. Making that first post was hard to do but once the ice was broken it made the whole cancer experience a lot less lonely.

    We got on a prostate cancer forum as soon as I was dxed so logging into lung cancer forums was easy. And even though the two are vastly different in the side effects of treatment I bet that if you left out the name of the cancer, the posts would almost be interchangeable.

    We told out children and relatives as soon as I was dxed. That was hard because no one likes to inflict pain on a loved one. However, we felt it would be much more painful if we didn't tell them. Then we kept them up to date all through treatment and today we still discuss it with them from time to time.

    I was still working when the prostate cancer came about. I told my boss and anyone else that was interested. Ya know what? I had an instant cheering section from all my co-workers.

    There are some people out there without cancer who just don't want to hear about it. That's fine with us. We never push our story on anyone. We have many friends who have various kinds of cancer. Some like to talk and others don't. We feel we have helped a number of newly dxed folks come to grips with their situation. Doing that is a very rewarding experience.

    With cancer, patience is essential and attitude is everything.

    Hugs to all,


  7. Hey Allan,

    Yeah, we MUST be our own advocates when it comes to working with doctors. Delay is just not acceptable and you did the right thing by finding someone who would respond.

    The other day I fell off of a porch (no not drunk) and broke a couple of ribs. The breaks were found in a chest xray along with a spot in my lower left lobe. The doc said I should get a CT scan and she would schedule one. I said lets get it done NOW. Inside of a half hour I was in imaging. The report came to my doc in about an hour and she said it was not a tumor but something we needed to watch. Big relief!!! But the point is that my wife and I would have gone nuts if we had to wait even overnight. There is no reason for this to happen. We just have to be pushy about our wellbeing.

    Thanks for you story of success. We all need to hear that.


  8. I finished four cycles of Alimta/Cisplatin in November 2008. Nausea and fatigue were my main side effects. I was in my chair for 10 days following each infusion and had to go to the infusion center for IVs after three of them. I had some nerve damage and got over the shaking after a year.

    But, my scans are clean!!! I'm in remission!!! I'd do it again in a flash...

    Good luck,


  9. Hey everybody, I got some good news from my urologist. My PSA test came back zero and its nearly 3 years since surgery for prostate cancer so he put me on annual testing. I'm back to where I was before the diagnosis only the cancer is gone!!!

    Fighting two cancers at the same time was worrisome. Now I can devote all my resources to lung cancer. I'm in remission right now and have 3 months scans, the next is at the end of September.

    Where would we be without each other? Let's get well together!!!

    Jim :D

  10. Thanks to everybody for the kind thoughts and WHOO HOOs!!

    I'm back to my normal pre-cancer self except for shorter breath. I mow the lawn with one rest period which is as good as I was before surgery and am riding my motorcycle for short trips.

    Next scan and blood work is on June 2 and I see the oncologist on June 3.

    Kindness and wellness to all...


  11. :D Hey Everybody,

    My April scan was stable!!! Still in remission. Sometimes I can't believe the surgery and chemo are over but I'll take it!!

    I have a lung scan in June and a PSA test for prostate cancer in July. I had surgery for that in 2006 and have been in remission there too. See what your support and hope can do...


  12. Hello all,

    I had my first post-treatment scan report today and its all good. In remission!!! :D

    I was diagnosed in May 08, had right upper lobectomy in June, stage II, 4 cylces of Alimta and Cisplatin ended in November and the first CT scan yesterday.

    Good luck to all of you.


  13. Thanks for the warm welcome folks.

    My chemo side effects are fatigue (10 days), sore mouth, metal taste, some hair loss and nausea (controlled with meds). I feel pretty good in the third week of the 3 week cycle. Day 2 through 8 are a total loss.

    Yes, I am very fortunate that both cancers were diagnosed early enough for surgery. I attribute this to my excellent family doctor who has kept track of me for 20 or so years.

  14. Hey folks, I was dxed in May this year with stage II NSCLC, had surgery end of June and am currently half way through chemo (Alimta and Cisplatin). Will finish up on Nov 7 with no delays. I am also a 2 year survivor of prostate cancer also stage II and had surgery for that too.

    I am 74 years old and a retired Systems Engineer and math teacher. I ride motorcycles and hunt.

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